March 4, 2006

That crunched up Ferrari story just became fascinating.

Ferrari Case Takes New Twist With Possible Tie to Bus Agency

The trail leads to a nonprofit operating out of a Monrovia repair shop. More puzzling is its police force and 'anti-terrorism' unit.

By Richard Winton and David Pierson, Times Staff WritersMarch 3, 2006

As sheriff's detectives investigate last week's crash that destroyed a $1-million Ferrari, they are now looking into an obscure nonprofit organization that provides disabled people with transit in the San Gabriel Valley.

The car's owner, a former video game executive from Sweden, told Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies at the scene of the Feb. 21 accident in Malibu that he was deputy commissioner of the San Gabriel Valley Transit Authority's police anti-terrorism unit, detectives said Thursday.

A few minutes after the crash, two unidentified men arrived at the scene, flashing badges and saying they were from "homeland security," according to Sheriff's Department officials.

Deputies allowed the men into the accident scene, where they spoke to Stefan Eriksson before leaving, Sgt. Phil Brooks said.

Sheriff's officials on Thursday said they now want to question them."We would like the public's help with any information about these men or the crash," Brooks said.

The rest is here. (H/T Peter)

Democrats Want Immediate Vote on Port Deal

By ERICA WERNER, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON - Democrats used their weekly radio address Saturday to scold the Bush administration over the Dubai ports management deal.

The address also gave a national stage to the party's candidate to replace former Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham, R-Calif., who was sentenced Friday to eight years and four months in prison for corruption.

Francine Busby, a school board member in a San Diego-area district, said Democrats want an immediate vote on the controversial ports deal, an increase in the screening of arriving cargo and more resources for the Coast Guard.

Now I have no idea who Franics Busby is, but the Democrats gave her enough respect to deliver their weekly radio address.

The $64 question, I thought they had agreed to a 45 day vetting process in order to have a "proper" Congressional investigation.

There is only one reason to ask for an immediate vote. The politics in play are more important to them than any actual questions they want answered.

March 3, 2006

Thanks Jessica

It was fun to talk about blogging a bit with Jessica McBride tonight.

In case you missed it you can catch the audio here.

(Thanks to Patirck at Badger Blogger for the audio catch!)

RDW on your radio.

I'll be a guest tonight on Jessica McBride's show.

9 to 9:30pm.

Duke Cunningham got 8 years.

Not enough, he should of gotten more time!

I mean taking money to influence policy and get bids awarded, that is horrid behavior for an elected public servant.

Woops. Sorry Governor Doyle, I'll stop talking about this.

A Friday Funny

It has been a rough week.

We could all use a little giggle. Give this a click.

H/T Tutal's Esotropic Tome of Tenatious Toothpics (A blogname classic)

In the blink of an eye.

One minute you are cruising at over 100 mph in your red Ferarri Enzo, valued at a little over a million bucks.

The next minute you walk away with a cut lip from crashing it into a telephone poll.

Man I would to see this idiots insurance bill.

Stunning Double Standard at the Journal Times

About 3 seconds after the story came out that there was a tape of President Bush discussing Katrina and the levees around New Orleans the Racine Journal Times posted the AP account and threw up the copy on their weblog for comment.

This is typical of The Journal Times whenever there is a story that could be spun critical of the President.

Last night news broke there is a video of Governor Blanco saying the levees had not been breeched 45 minutes or so after they had indeed been breeched and her people had been notified.

The Journal Times briefly had a link to the story on their webpage, but have not added it for comment on their weblog. In fact that story is now absent completely from their main page.

Considering how huge and immediate of a splash they made on the Bush story giving a Blanco story so closely related to the Bush story a more or less complete pass is ridiculous.

I do not bring this up the rehash Katrina, (However, if it is time for a new Katrina post I would be welcome to open one) I bring this up to point out yet again the startling double standard and liberal bias of the Racine paper.

I could do this every day, if I had time I would start a seperate blog just to deal with the Journal Times spin on things.

March 2, 2006

Rude Boorish Behavior OK

I heard this morning no charges would be filed against Michael McGee Jr in his little Tosa Blockbuster Video episode.

Just a reminder. He was sitting in front of a closed store with his lights on. The employees (Black ones at that) called the cops as they were uncomfortable. The cops talked to him and asked him to move along.

When the cops left he went on an F-bomb tirade to the scared employees in the store causing them to call the police again. At that point Mcgee Jr got into an altercation with the police releasing F-bombs on them as well.

This is disturbing the peace if I ever heard it.

So we have two cases of politically attached folks this week acting badly with gutless wimp DA's refusing to file any charges against them.

If I have learned anything from Supreme Court confirmation hearings it is that precedent matters.

Apparently in Wisconsin it is completely acceptable to be a foul mouthed jerk on someone else's property while raising a ruckus.

Why do we even have disturbing the peace laws?

Topics of discussion

Today on the Journal Times Weblogs the topics up for discussion are:

Any major local issues missing? Perhaps dealing with the State Senator from the area?

I guess the Mexico Headlines section on the homepage takes up so much room there was not enough space to post anthing else.

RDW Field Surveillance Team in Action at TPA Meeting.

Yesterday there was a public hearing in regards to the TPA.

Gary Becker was there (For the politically challenged, Gary Becker is the Mayor of Racine.), he said "local government officials have done a good job of holding down taxes and cutting spending. The problem, he said, is that Wisconsin relies too heavily on property taxes to pay for services, and a more equitable funding system is needed."

Oh my word that is funny. Oh yeah local folks do a fine job. Falling out of chair.

This is direct from the Milwaukee Journal's piece:

Bob Geason of Burlington drew applause from the crowd when he said the constitutional amendment is needed because politicians just can't say no to new spending proposals.

"I'm just one of the guys who keep paying the bills, and you're spending my money," he told legislators. "That's the problem; we can't trust you. We have to put limits on to protect ourselves from politicians. We as taxpayers can't afford you guys saying 'yes' to everything that comes down the pike."

"My wallet's empty, you guys," he told committee members. "You're bleeding me dry."


Bob is actually a charter member of the Real Debate Wisconsin Field Surveillance Team.

Journal Times Comes to the party.

The Journal Times is finally covering the Stepp/Voces story.

The following is a list of new information they have added.

Thanks for covering it!

March 1, 2006

Cheney may get Medal of Freedom.

WASHINGTON, D.C. - A White House source stated Congress is considering awarding Vice-President Dick Cheney the Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian commendation, for his act of bravery in shooting an attorney. The source was quoted to say, "All Americans have wanted to shoot a lawyer at one time or another and Cheney actually had the guts to do it."

In a related story, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, which issues hunting licenses, said it will start requiring hunters, wishing to bag a lawyer, to have the new "lawyer's stamp" on their hunting license. Currently, Texas hunters are required to carry stamps for hunting birds, deer, and bear, at a cost of $7 annually. The new "lawyers stamp" will cost $100, but open season will be all year long. The department further stated that although the "lawyers stamp" comes at hefty price, sales have been brisk and it is believed it will generate annual revenues in excess of $3 billion the first year. Other states are considering similar hunting stamps.

(Thanks to CyberDad)

Financial Times: Bill Clinton helped Dubai on ports deal

Bill Clinton, former US president, advised top officials from Dubai two weeks ago on how to address growing US concerns over the acquisition of five US container terminals by DP World.

It came even as his wife, Senator Hillary Clinton, was leading efforts to derail the deal.

Mr Clinton, who this week called the United Arab Emirates a “good ally to America”, advised Dubai’s leaders to propose a 45-day delay to allow for an intensive investigation of the acquisition, according to his spokesman. World agreed with the White House to undertake the lengthy review, a move which has assuaged some of the opposition from the US Congress.

However, Mrs Clinton remains a leading voice against the deal, and this week proposed legislation to block it, arguing that the US could not afford to “surrender our port operations to foreign governments”.

Mr Clinton’s spokesman said: “President Clinton is the former president of the US and as such receives many calls from world leaders and leading figures every week. About two weeks ago, the Dubai leaders called him and he suggested that they submit to the full and regular scrutiny process and that they should put maximum safeguards and security into any port proposal.”

He added that Mr Clinton supported his wife’s position on the deal and that “ideally” state-owned companies would not own US port operations.

Mr Clinton’s contact with Dubai on the issue underscores the relationship he has developed with the United Arab Emirates since leaving office. In 2002, he was paid $300,000 (€252,000) to address a summit in Dubai.

The backlash against Dubai’s takeover has seen some lawmakers in Washington highlight the UAE’s alleged role in helping to finance September 11.

Holy marital strife Batman, things must be a bit chilly in the Clinton house.

Rumor has it II

Rumor has it your humble blog host will be a guest this Friday evening from 9 to 9:30pm on Jessica McBride's radio show. (620 am WTMJ)

I think we are good on the scheduling this time.

Tune in and listen to me make an idiot out of myself!

Racine Journal Times on no charges filed.

Some 21 hours after RealDebate broke the story that no charges would be filed against Voces de la Frontera (an eternity in a news cycle), the Racine Journal Times had the following to say.

Well you have to hand them one thing, their coverage has been remarkably consistent.

Moonbat Alert System: New Moonbat Replaces Sowa.

I mentioned last night that there is a new Moonbat to replace Justin Sowa in the first.

Check out

Here is a sample of Don's rhetoric.

When some Pentagon Neo-Con-Knuckle-Scraper in a suit passes down orders to uniformed soldiers to abuse and torture, it is the role of Congress to step in and protect, both the American that wears the uniform and the principles of American decency they represent to the world.

Now that is some fine Statesman like talk.

It seems we will not miss Justin at all.

Breaking News: The Letter

This is the letter sent by Jefferson County DA Wambach deciding not to issue charges.

Remember, he NEVER spoke to Senator Stepp or her Husband before reaching this decision.

He did say of Neumann-Ortiz, "the idea to go to Senator Stepp's home on the date and time in question, was ill conceived, exhibited poor judgement and was carried out in a problematic method and fashion" DUH.

Breaking News: Wambach = Wimp

Jefferson County DA Wambach never even spoke with Ctahy Stepp or her husband before deciding not to issue any charges.

I would think that would be a basic step in his decision.

This DA bowed to pressure, nothing more nothing less.

It appears to be ok to bang on peoples windows and yell into their homes.

I have said before I was tempted to post the address of Christine Newmann-Ortiz or we could go bang on her windows and yell into her house and scare her family. I said that to make a point, I was never seriously considering doing that.

Now, I am seriously considering doing exactly that.

February 28, 2006

Commentary on the lack of charges in the Stepp/Voces incident.

Earlier today we broke the story there would be no charges filed against Christine Newmann-Ortiz and her "advocacy" group Voces de la Frontera.

Why? Two positively gutless prosecutors.

Let me remind you folks of how this all started. Voces had targeted Cathy Stepp as she had announced she was undecided on AB-69. They pushed her and lobbied her hard. Her final decision was to not support the bill.

This outraged VDLF and they went to her Madison office to confront her on it.

Not finding her there they drove to her Racine office. (107.5 miles)

After a 2 hour drive they did not find her at her Racine office.

Someone had the bright idea to go to her house. A phone call was made to the Racine Sheriff's office asking about rules against PROTESTING a persons private home.

So they drove from her Racine office to her home to confront her there.

Now, this is where the story changes.

The VDLF story. Four people walked calmly to the front door and politely rang the doorbell. Senator Stepp's deranged lunatic husband came to the door screaming and yelling at them telling them to leave their property. And VDLF left without further provocation.

Now tell me this, considering all the effort and energy expended by VDLF after Stepp decided against their position on AB-69, would any sane person believe that while VDLF was so ticked off that they chased half way across the state because they just had to contact her that day instead of waiting for her office to open on Monday just knocked politely on the door and then left after Stepp's husband was supposedly rude?

Because that is what they have been saying.

Let me tell you what really happened that day. VDLF was ticked, I mean Grade-A boiling mad ticked. They chased around the state looking for her and the more they could not find her, the madder they got. The more they fueled each others anger. When they got there they pounded on windows, they shouted out loud and they scared the living crap out of Cathy Stepp and her family. They acted as enraged individuals do.

Did Mr Stepp confront them and yell at them and tell them to leave? I sure as heck would, but I would not do that to someone who knocked on my door and was polite, and neither would Mr. Stepp.

This is nothing more than common sense and human behavior. Were their actions as bad as Senator Stepp described them? I don't know. Maybe not. What mother when confronted by an enraged mob would not react emotionally when she felt her kids were threatened.

In my earlier post today this question was asked in the comments, in response to Peter Digaudio by Eduard who is a Voces apologist, "Peter, tell me what voces has done that even remotely approaches domestic terrorism."

I'll answer that Eduard and right out here on the main page not in comments that not everyone reads.

Voces used fear and physical intimidation to the attempted furtherment of their agenda. That is not strapping a bomb to yourself but that IS terrorism.

Eduard if you are honest and if you know anything about human behavior my read on this situation is 100% accurate, and you know it.

I wrote on Saturday about Casa of Maryland. They are promoting and proud of the fact that people who are watching them to see they are in violation of labor laws are going to be targets of Casa for protest. They intend on loud protests at their homes, places of work and even their children's schools.

This is EXACTLY the same kind of boorish behavior Voces de la Frontera participated in.

This story is not over, nor is the behavior of these types of groups.

I broke this story, I pushed it and I ain't done with it yet. It is my firm belief this group is not in compliance of the law in regards to their 501 (c)(3) status. There is other shady activity there as well that if you can draw a line it is easy enough to figure out. And I am going to keep on shouting about it until someone listens!

The Racine DA was a wimp to pass this out to Jefferson. The Jefferson DA was a wimp not to issue charges. And one more little breaking news factoid for you folks. He made the decision on last week Thursday and did not let Senator Stepp know until late Tuesday afternoon. How is that for gutless?

(BTW this must be the 4 millionth time I have scooped the Journal Times)

Point Counter Point.

PCP is up at Leaning Blue.

Sowa Quits

Justin Sowa threw in the towel today. A pity really he was such an easy target.

This is his statement.

Today, February 28, 2006, Justin Sowa is ending his campaign to represent the people of the First Congressional District of Wisconsin in the United States House of Representatives. “At this time, I do not feel I could adequately represent the people of our district in Congress. I do not believe that I could be both a good legislator and a good husband and eventual father; there simply are not enough hours in a day. To me, there is nothing more important than my family, and I want to be there for them,” Sowa said. “I would ask all those who supported my campaign for Congress now support Steve Herr. I believe he has the best chance to win this seat back for the people of the district. I hope to help him in his efforts this fall.”

To my knowledge no one has covered the fact the Steve Herr is running. (other than RDW of course)

No worries though, there is a new screwball to replace Sowa, more on that later...


This just in. No charges are to be filed in the Voces de la Frontera assault on the privacy of Senator Cathy Stepp.

More to follow.


Point Counter Point: Corporate Blogging.

Pount Counter Point is due out yesterday (yes I meant the grammar to say that) at Leaning Blue. Belle had a nutty day so she promised it will be up at some point today. She seemed pretty frantic about not getting the post up yesterday, you might say her feathers were ruffled.

Go check it out later, it is going to be a good one.

Oh and Xoff, you are really going to want to read it.

February 27, 2006

New addition to the RDW lexicon

In a joint effort Aaron and Belle wrote a long rambling post about long rambling posts. They both admit to being headline scanners.

This has inspired me to to develop an addition to the RDW Lexicon.

PDS, or Peter Digaudio Syndrome. Writing long but interesting blog posts that the short attention spanned can not possibly absorb.

From Senator Cathy Stepp

I got the following note from State Senator Cathy Stepp this morning in response to my post over the weekend about Casa in Maryland and the strangely familiar tactics of Voces de la Frontera.

Her comments are posted with her permission.

The reality is appearing to be that illegal immigrants certainly DO have rights in this country--rights that aren't even extended to LEGALLY elected officials in this country. They have been passively granted the right to intimidate, harass, frighten and bully people into changing laws to suit their taste. I attribute it to the false fear that exists among prosecutors. I guess I can't blame them for not wanting to happen to them what happened to me. Problem with that: enabling only emboldens. Another nugget of wisdom spoken by our President, "We don't negotiate with terrorists." If only we all followed this policy, our country would be safer today.....

Why wouldn't they start stalking elected officials kids at school?! Why wouldn't they resort to more serious tactics each time they suffer no consequences for their actions? Those of us with kids understand that when you don't discipline/rectify a child's behavior, the outcome is predictable.

A brilliant analogy Senator. These groups are essentially throwing temper tantrums when they do not get their way. If we do not hold them accountable they will just become more emboldened.

Thought of the week.

A clear conscience is a sign of bad memory.

February 26, 2006

Point Counter Point

Our Point Counter Point this week is on corporate blogging.

Belle is hosting.

A hint you want? Ok.