February 25, 2006

What is wrong with government?

No common sense, that's what.

Obviously Tuesday was an election day, what I found the most interesting story of this election got no coverage.

In little Paddock Lake a few years ago a new ward was created in order to put the Union League Boys and Girls Camp ot the sewer service in the village of Paddock Lake.

In Tuesday's election there were two voters eligible to cast votes in this ward, both of them cast absentee ballots.

Local officials were curious as to whether or not they had to open the ward up for votes and sought an opinion the state elections board.

Their answer, you not only have to open the polling place but keep it open all day and staffed with at least 3 people.

3 workers, 13 hours $10 an hour, that is $390 of mandatory government expense for the express purpose of no one to vote.

Now that is your government in action folks.


Rumor has it this weeks Blogger Audio featuring Aaron, Jenna and guest star Belle got a little f-bombie.

Listen at your own risk.

The left exposed.

Yesterday I posted a story on the IRS coming down on non profits who are abusing their 501 (C)(3) status. Check out some of the comments:
  • From Bushslastbraincell. Really though if a church is on fire, since they don't pay taxes like the rest of us should they be praying for rain instead of using valuable taxpayer resources like the fire department?
  • From Kbarkley77. Not only is the headline misleading, the first paragraph must be read carefully. At first glance it seems that there are many offenders, but then you see that the number is not too large after all. Considering all the corruption in government and big business in the "soft money" arena of contributions, this seems insignificant. But as always, "the world" is "watching, that they might accuse". Whatever happened to "free speech"? Guess that's only for "the world".
  • From Bilbo_66. Its time to make churchs pay taxes, or simply start putting fundie christians in the nut house.
  • From agnesbojaxhiu2000. with large donations of tax money via new GOP government faith based programs. Of course, if you check the largest GOP contributors in your area, don't be surprised if it is not some minister with a church. The government donates to the church and the church gives to the GOP. That way, we can fund our campaigns with nearly and unlimited supply of tax payers dollars and along with the tricked up electronic voting machines, win in nearly every election. The only votes not affected by the new improve GOP type elections are those who vote absentee where votes are counted the old fashioned way .. by hand.
  • From Chicofaraby. Tax the churches, they are scams. Tax them and use RICO to break them up.
  • From zerawcam. Who the hell didn't know these radical churches were blatantly tampering with the 2004 elections?? I say people need to be a lot more vigilant and report these "churches" to the IRS. It's too bad the IRS didn't impose harsher penalties. Between the boy molesting churches and the Taliban squads in the South, we could use a few less houses of supposed worship.
  • From ndabq2003. I'm going to Hell, and here's why: Because I sure as f#ck do not want to spend eternity with evangalistic a$$holes.
  • Also from nbadq2003. BAN THE BIBLE/KORAN/TALMUD They only compound EVERY PROBLEM this world has by glorifying belief that "my invisible friend is better than your invisible friend"

Go read the whole story, was clear in saying that this problem was spread across all spectrums. And this thread immediaely degenerated into bash Christians. There are well over a thousand comments on this story already I would guess 80%+ are just bashing Christians in this society.

These are your compassionate people, your so-called progressives. Tell me what is progressive in wishing harm on churches practicing their faith?

The dangerous thing is these are the people who push the agenda, these are the people the left are pandering to. In reality these people should not be anything but dismissed and roundly ignored for their outrageous ideas.

I didn't look for the worst I just pulled a few at random in the first couple of pages. If I really dug I could find worse.

So for my more left leaning readers I have a serious question. Will you defend this message or will you paint these nut-burgers as nut-burgers?

This sounds familiar

This is from today's Washington Times.

Immigrant group to picket watchdogs
By Keyonna Summers

A taxpayer-funded immigrant advocacy group says it will picket and keep a close watch on the homes and businesses of members of a local illegal-entry watchdog group that monitors day-laborer sites in Maryland.

"People should not expect in a modern society to engage in a campaign of intimidation without having a response," says Kim Propeack, a spokeswoman for CASA of Maryland, which runs taxpayer-funded day-laborer centers in Takoma Park, Silver Spring and Wheaton.

"So if [the Maryland Minuteman Civil Defense Corps] want to come to CASA de Maryland, it's perfectly legitimate of us to go to the Minutemen's homes and also protest.



Miss Propeack's comments follow those of CASA Executive Director Gustavo Torres, who was quoted in a published report this week as saying his group will target the Minutemen in a "specific way," in addition to videotaping them as they monitor day laborers.

"We are going to picket their houses, and the schools of their kids, and go to their work," Mr. Torres told the Gazette community newspapers. "If they are going to do this to us, we are going to respond in the same way, to let people know their neighbors are extremists, that they are anti-immigrant. They are going to hear from us."

Gee where does their money come from?

CASA of Maryland, the state's largest immigrant advocacy group, receives about 51 percent of its $3.6 million annual budget from public sources, such as county governments.

Using taxpayer money to picket people in their homes and threatening their children's schools. Gee isn't that special.

Stephen Schreiman, president of the Maryland Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, yesterday said Mr. Torres' comments about picketing the schools of their children are "over the top."

"It's just unbelievable that an organization that's supposed to be representing the interests of a group of people would turn around and threaten another group because they don't like the actions they're doing that are perfectly legal," Mr. Schreiman said. "They're basically using public funds to harass and intimidate and deprive us of our free speech."

Ya think?

Miss Propeack yesterday said Mr. Torres' comment about targeting schools was a "misstatement."

"I would say that we're certainly not going to target anyone's children ... but we are looking very seriously at ways in which Minutemen who are harassing our clients can also be targeted," she said. "We're not going after their kids, but their homes and businesses are perfectly OK."

I am oh so close to publishing the home addresses of Christine Newmann-Ortiz and Maria Morales.

The Minutemen have called for the U.S. Justice Department to investigate CASA for violating its civil rights. They also are urging Montgomery and Prince George's counties to withdraw funding and support for the day-laborer centers.

Gee who's side do you think the ACLU will come to? DUH!

CASA is planning other centers in Baltimore, Gaithersburg and Langley Park.

The Maryland Minutemen's nearly 100 members began photographing and videotaping employers hiring workers at day-laborer sites two weeks ago. They plan to report those who hire illegal aliens to state and federal authorities for tax and business licensing violations. The group is the second Minuteman corps in the region. Another, with about 125 members, monitors activities at a taxpayer-funded laborer center in Herndon.

Casa sounds so much like Voces it is not even funny. They have the rhetoric down much better than Voces though. Looking at their website they refer to illegals as "Central American Refugees", much better sounding than Voces tired old "Undocumented" line.

They are all over the driver's license thing as well. Check this out.

These people are apparently out of control all over the country.

Let me say this once. The only right an undocumented person, a Central American refugee or an illegal allien has is to get their butt shipped back to where they came from.

I am a HUGE supporter of LEGAL IMMIGRATION. What we are doing here is having tax payer supported dollars going to assist people who have no right to be here and by their very presence have proven themselves to not give a flying rats patootie about our laws.

I hope this group is willing to start a chapter in Wisconsin. I'll be happy to stand watch.

(BTW, Casa is a 501 (c)(3) too)

February 24, 2006

IRS: Charities Overstepping Into Politics

Can you say Voces de la Frontera?

AP Tax Writer

WASHINGTON - IRS exams found nearly three out of four churches, charities and other civic groups suspected of having violated restraints on political activity in the 2004 election actually did so, the agency said Friday.

Most of the examinations that have concluded found only a single, isolated incidence of prohibited campaign activity.

In three cases, however, the IRS uncovered violations egregious enough to recommend revoking the groups' tax-exempt status.

The vast majority of charities and churches followed the law, but the examinations found a "disturbing" amount of political intervention in the 2004 elections, IRS Commissioner Mark Everson said.

"It's disturbing not because it's pervasive, but because it has the potential to really grow and have a very bad impact on the integrity of charities and churches," Everson said in an interview.
The tax agency looked only at charities, churches and other tax-exempt organizations referred to the IRS for potentially violating laws that bar them from participating in or intervening in elections, including advocating for or against any candidate.

Those referred to the IRS represent a tiny fraction of more than 1 million tax-exempt organizations organized under section 501(c)(3) of the tax law.

The IRS examined 110 organizations referred to the tax agency for potentially violations, and 28 cases remain open.

Among the 82 closed cases, the IRS found prohibited politicking and sent a written warning to 55 organizations and assessed a penalty tax against one group. Those organizations included 37 churches and 19 other organizations.

In the three additional cases in which the IRS recommended revoking tax-exempt status, none of the organizations were churches. The agency did not identify the three.
The IRS found tax violations unrelated to politics in five cases. Examinations of the 18 remaining groups did not turn up any wrongdoing.

In some cases, the IRS found flagrant violations of the law. In others, charities did not understand their obligations. Many activities fall into an ambiguous area that requires closer scrutiny of context and timing.

"There are very few places where you can draw bright lines," Everson said. "People have to think about this."

Among the prohibited activities, the examiners found that charities and churches had distributed printed material supporting a preferred candidate and assembled improper voter guides or candidate ratings.

Religious leaders had used the pulpit to endorse or oppose a particular candidate, and some groups had shown preferential treatment to candidates by letting them speak at functions.
Other charities and churches had made improper cash contributions to a candidate's political campaign.

The IRS said the cases covered "the full spectrum" of political viewpoints.

The tax agency set up a task force in 2004 to review allegations of improper political activity. The special procedures, revealed shortly before the election, drew criticism from some tax-exempt groups.

An audit by Treasury inspectors found nothing inappropriate in the examinations, but it faulted the IRS for creating the appearance of political motivations by waiting too long to announce the project and contact organizations.

The IRS said it plans to continue using the task force, and its speedier procedures, for this year's election and in the future. It also released detailed guidance to charities and churches about the prohibitions against political activities.

Updates on several things.

  • My guest appearance on the Jessica McBride show tonight has been pushed off a bit. Most likely I'll be on next week sometime, update later.
  • Our PCP buddy Belle is making a guest appearance this weekend on Blogger Audio. Jenna was a bit potty mouth last week, but I failed to give her and Aaron a mention for week 4. Aaron only emailed me about it 572 times.
  • Speaking of PCP, a new topic will be out on Monday. It is about blogging folks, make sure to tune in. Belle will be hosting. (as always a courtesy copy will be posted here.) I am not sure what we are going to have Belle suggested two words and we are each going on from there.
  • This weeks carnival is up, go take a look. (It is a quick but good read). A gold medal performace.
  • Sykes Insight '06 broadcast this week got deservedly big play, if you missed it he has audio download available.
  • The US currently has 21 olympic medals. Seven of those are from snowboarders. I guess cross country ski competition is not cool enough for the X crowd.

February 23, 2006

AB69 passes. Big freakin hairy deal.

So AB69 passed the Senate today, big freakin hairy deal.


Hey RealDebate weren't you calling for this to fail four posts ago?


This legislation essentially puts us into compliance with Federal Regs, however this will NOT stop illegal aliens from getting driver's licenses.

Voces de la Frontera in conjunction with the Mexican Consulate is still handing out Mexican Consular ID cards. In case you missed my post on this topic on January the 17th, I'll repost here exactly what I am referring to.

The Mexican Consulate has the ability to issue I.D. cards. These cards are intended for use by Diplomats, and/or Consulate employees. These are accepted I.D. cards for various functions within our society. You can board a plane with them, and yes, you can get a drivers license with them depending upon where you live.

The Mexican Consular I.D. card is accepted identification to get a drivers license in the following states: Pennsylvania, Delaware, North Carolina, Tennessee, Indiana, Michigan, Iowa, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Utah, New Mexico, and yes, Wisconsin.

According to Steven McCraw, assistant director of the FBI's intelligence office, "The Department of Justice and the FBI have concluded that the matricular consular is not a reliable form of identification. There are major criminal threats posed by the cards and (a) potential terrorist threat."These cards are being issued to Mexican citizens in the US whether or not they are here legally.

The Chicago based Mexican Consulate has been right here in Racine twice distributing these cards. Unbelievably they are doing this through local churches. That we are aware of, the Consulate passed out cards once at Primera Iglesia Luterana church and once at Cristo Del Ray church. Some 3,000 people turned out for the three day Consulate event at Primera Iglesia Luterana Church to get their ID cards.

We all know Mexican President Vincinte├é’ Fox is doing nothing to curb the flow of illegal immigration into this country, now we are learning his consulates are helpingillegalss gain legitimacy in our society. The drivers license is, like it or not, the acceptance key into our society. Is there any wonder why the Voces de la Fronteras of the world are so passionate about this? They are trying their best to make the actions of illegal persons appear legal.

Quite the Houdini act they have going on there. When you get in the line, you are illegal. When you walk through the line, abra cadabra you have a Mexican Consular I.D. card. And you can bet your bottom dollar, the recipients of those cards go straight from that line to the line for a drivers license at your friendly neighborhood DMV office. In Wisconsin you can trade that worthless hunk of plastic for an I.D. card that will grant you inner acceptance into legal society: a Wisconsin Drivers License.

AB69 or no AB69.

If this bill is to mean anything at all we need to repeal the acceptance of the Mexican Consular ID as legal tender for obtaining a Wisconsin Driver's License. So Diamond Jim can go ahead and sign this with a wink and a nod knowing illegals (Mexican ones anyway) can still obtain a driver's license.

February 22, 2006

The Game says Ethanol may be going down.

The Game is reporting that the ethanol mandate vote may very well be dead.

I hope he is right.

I have contacted my Senator, have you?

Bloggers find the coolest stuff.

Owen has a post up on a website that tells the #1 song on any important day on your life.

My Birthday: "A Hard Day's Night" by The Beatles

My Wedding: "Red Red Wine" by UB40

Not bad. So what are yours?

Rumor has it.

Rumor has it a certain blogger may be a guest on a certain radio show Friday night somewhere in the 9 o'clock hour. Hmm I wonder what show?

UPDATE: This is being pushed off until next week sometime......

AB69 Coming to the floor.

AB 69 is scheduled to come to the State Senate floor for a vote on Thursday.

You remember AB69 don't you? This is the bill that sent Christine Newmann-Ortiz and Voces de la Frontera into an assault on the privacy of State Senator Cathy Stepp. (more on that later)

For those who are not sure of exactly what AB69 is here is a summary.

Under current law, a person who wishes to receive a driver's license or an identification card from the Department of Transportation (DOT) must provide certain information to DOT, including the person's name, address, date of birth, and physically descriptive information. A license or an identification card that is issued by DOT includes a picture of the person, identifying information, the person's signature, and physically descriptive information. Under this bill, an applicant for a driver's license or identification card who is an alien resident of this state must present documentary proof that the person is legally residing within the state and the date on which his or her status as a legal alien expires. The bill requires DOT to include on the person's driver's license or identification card the date on which the person's status as a legal alien expires.

There it is in all of its glory, this is what has enraged so many. You have to be here legally to get a driver's license.

As you can see by the Voces de la Frontera propaganda posted here if you are not in favor of this you must be a racist.

If this legislation is not passed and signed into law the State of Wisconsin will be out of compliance with Federal regulations and a Wisconsin Driver's License will NOT be considered legal identification. So don't try and board a plane with just your DOT issued license. I am not sure if it would still be considered legal for the purposes of purchasing Sudafed or voting. (wait a minute scratch that last one)

Now for a Voces de la Frontera update. We have no update. The prosecution of the trespass case has been deferred to DA Wambach in Jefferson County. To my knowledge there are still a couple of questions to be answered. It seems there have been a couple of questions to be answered for weeks now. Remember the incident occurred back on December 16th, it would seem to me there has been plenty of time to issue or not issue charges by now.

After the lobbying is done on AB69 I am sure Voces de la Frontera will go right back to their other primary job, registering people to vote along side liberal mainstay Wisconsin Citizen Action.

By the way am I the only person in Wisconsin who has noticed that Voces de la Frontera is fighting like crazy to get illegal alliens ID's and registering people to vote?

Ok here is a point . __________________ . And here is a point.

That thing between them would be a straight line.

February 21, 2006

UAE Security Contract and another thought.

Yesterday it occured to me the same people who think we should not let the UAE lease some port space are the same ones who are opposed to racial profiling by airport security.

Today it occured to me those same people are the ones who say we are damaging our image with other countries. What are we doing here if a company doing legitimate business in shipping throughout the world that was vetted properly is now turned down due to political purposes/fears? Will that not harm the perception of our Country abroad? Are they trying to purposely make our country look bad so they can then turn around use that as a campaign issue. (Machiavellian ain't it)

I still am not 100% sure where I come down on this. I am still learning about this but have some thoughts.

1. The UAE has not had the greatest record in terrorism or terrorists support. However, of late the UAE has been a staunch friend in the war on terror.

2. Many people are squaking how come an American company did not win the bid? None bid on it. So shut up or start your own company.

3. The government has completely researched this and the company is, to date, clean.

4. Jimmy Carter supports this (reason enough to think this may be a horrible idea)

On the whole, I am leaning towards upporting this effort. But I really think the people who are squaking the loudest about this (Schumer, Clinton et all) are really looking two-faced. While at one moment shouting how this country is viewed throughout the world, then out of the other side of their mouths refusing a company (apparently legitimate) strictly based on where they are located.

Racine School Board Election Results.

Tony Baumgardt 3,593 19%
Gretchen Warner 3175 17%
Don Nielsen 2,497 13%
Joyce Gregg 2,168 12%
Eric Marcus 1,782 9%
Elizabeth Petrakis 1,577 8%
Roger Pfost 1,412 7%
Diana Garza Garcia 948 5%
Sharman Turek 875 5%
Ed Possing 690 4%
Daud Ahmad 132 1%

This is a sad day for RUSD, this slate of candidates is pretty much the status quo education slate. The only remaining candidate who would be somewhat decent is Eric Marcus.

I am overjoyed Diana Garcia did not make it through. However, the one candidate who spoke for accountability time and again in the education and administration establishment, Roger Pfost was voted down.

I am amazed Duad Ahmad got 132 votes, he dropped out of the race for cryin out loud.

We'll stay on this towards the general election.


I tend to vote at the same time, this gives me a good idea of how turnout is going to be.

Well this morning at 9am I was voter #19. (in the Pesidential Election I had to wait in a two block line and was #900 something.


This community deserves the crummy schools it has if no one will get off their butts and vote!

I reserve the right to speak, I vote.

Michael McGee should be removed from office.

It seems Michael McGee Jr. has Cindy Sheehan disease, he has fallen head over heels in love with Chavez.

What person in their right mind would think this is a smart thing to do?!?

February 1st, 2006
President Hugo Chavez
Palacio de Miraflores, Avenida Urdaneta, Caracas 1010

Fellow Revolutionary:

I am writing to first congratulate you on a job well done. I am proud to know that The Revolution is still alive and strong. Recently, a group of Afrikans in America led by the Honorable Harry Belafonte visitedyou in Caracas. When Mr. Belafonte exclaimed that President George Bush is a terrorist, and that millionsof Americans support the Bolivian Revolution, he was not bluffing.

I, like you come from a strong, Revolutionary, political and social family. I currently am a City Councilman in the City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I represent one of the most economically depressed areas of the city. Government policy has for decades, given special privilege to corporations over the struggling impoverished citizens of Milwaukee. The disenfranchised citizens that I represent experience poverty; the dissolution of family; and the reverberating effects of United States neo-colonialism and expansion every day. Milwaukee has one of the highest unemployment rates for Black and Latino men (59%), as well as increasingly high rates of murder; drop out rates, and drug dependency in the United States.

As we approach the celebration of Black History Month in the United States, I am asking for your support and unity as we are both oppressed brethren of the same corrupt system- white supremacy, and European imperialistic hegemony. Similar to the oppressed people of Venezuela; Black People have made significant contributions by way of inventions and free slave labor that make Western culture, and imperial expansion the economic success it is today. We must unite and we must be compensated! (EDITORIAL COMMENT: SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!)

We will be working diligently with your Honorable Ambassador, Mr. Bernardo Herrara and Consular General,Martin Sanchez regarding forming a Sister City relationship between Milwaukee and Caracas in the near future. I close by repeating a pledge that Simon Bolivar made on the slopes of Monte Sacro in Rome in 1805, words every Revolutionary should live by, “I swear before you, and I swear before the God of my fathers, that I will not allow my arm to relax, nor my soul to rest, until I have broken the chains that oppress us…”

Peace be with you,

Alderman Mike McGee, Jr.

Michael, if you hate Milwaukee so much, move.

Scott Walker Announces Ethics Reform Agenda.

On the day the Doyle slime machine started the negative campaign trying to divert the public from his own issues, Scott Walker released his ethics reform package.

Looks like Walker is leading the race on substance.

• All appointed employees will be prohibited from contributing to Scott Walker's campaign committee. (100 Day Agenda and Walker's current policy in county government)

• All appointed employees will be prohibited from organizing or participating in fundraising for Scott Walker's campaign committee. (100 Day Agenda and Walker's current policy in county government)

• Scott Walker will not accept any campaign contributions (from any source) from the time he takes office (January 3, 2007) until the state budget is signed into law. (100 Day Agenda)

• Scott Walker will call on Legislative leaders to enact a similar policy for all elected state officials. (100 Day Agenda)

• Scott Walker will push legislation that prohibits contributions to his campaign from firms that are seeking to do business with the state while the contracts are being bid and awarded. (Walker's current policy in county government)

• Scott Walker will require every member of his administration to attend ethics training every two years to ensure that all executive staff members are aware of ethics standards and laws

• Scott Walker proposes a five year ban on paid lobbying of the agency they worked in for all members of the administration, Legislature and legislative staff.

• Scott Walker will push legislation to combine the State Elections Board and the State Ethics Board

• Scott Walker will call for legislation to prohibit state candidates from accepting political contributions from the owners, operators or managers of casinos and racetracks. (Walker proposed similar legislation in 1997 and 1999)

• Scott Walker will propose legislation to prohibit closed caucus meetings and to require that all votes in Legislative committees take place in public.

• Scott Walker will push for term limits on all state offices of no more than 12 years (3 terms for Governor, other constitutional officers and State Senate and 6 for State Assembly).

• Scott Walker will push for a return to a part-time Legislature.

• Scott Walker will propose legislation to prohibit the transfer of funds from federal campaign accounts to state campaign accounts.

February 20, 2006

Racine School Board Endorsements

I have been looking at reading and listening to everything I can on the multitude of candidates for Racine School Board. Well time is up as TUESDAY FEB 21 IS ELECTION DAY!!!!

If you want status quo, go the following way. Don Nielsen, Eric Marcus, Joyce Greg or Tony Baumgardt. (This is the REA endorsed slate)

The really interesting person in this race is Roger Pfost. Roger's message is consistent and worthy he wants more accountability among the educational and business side of the district. How radical. Roger you have my vote.

Outside of Pfost my next favorite candidate is Sharman Turek, she seems to be an honest to goodness conservative. If you must take a third try Ed Possing, he is the lesser of the education establishment candidates left.

Beyond that I can not really throw my endorsement behind any other candidate.

I warn you, a vote for Diana Garcia is a vote for Voces de la Frontera. Hopefully for Diana the fourth time will not be a charm.

One very interesting discussion in the WRJN candidate forums was a discussion of adding Chinese language classes. I almost feel down I was laughing so hard when I heard this. RUSD really needs to concentrate on reading and math scores before adding this kind of curricula.

So go vote Racine, the establishment is hoping for a low turnout in order to get through candidates friendly to the norm. This district needs drastic change, forward thinking reform minded individuals like Brian Dey could go a long way towards improving the quality of education in Racine.

Journal Times Editorial Board: We Support Hamas.

In an outrageous position by the Racine Journal Times an editorial today says we need to support Hamas and give them time to get organized.

Journal Times do I need to remind you that Hamas is a professed terrorist group that wants Israel erased from the earth? Apparently.

See the whole thing here.

UAE Port Security Contract

Just an observation I do not know enough about this yet for a full post.

Are not the same people who say we should not let a company owned by the UAE handle port security the same people who say we can not use racial profiling in airport security?

Thought of the week.

You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say will be misquoted and used against you.

February 19, 2006

Lies. Who should we believe?

I’ve had as much as I can take with the rhetoric coming from the left and the MSM in regards to the President, his Administration and anyone who has an R after their name. What we are hearing is a coordinated effort to distort the truth to the betterment of the Democratic party. They are being allowed to say pretty much anything they want because they are sick, tired and angry about being the minority.

Sometimes what you do not say is just as indicative of your lies as what you do say, we will look at this from a variety of issues and site examples of the lies coming from the left and the MSM.

Valerie Plame. If you have read it once you have read it a thousand times. Undercover operative Valerie Plame.

This is from a Bloomberg report dated 2-17-06: Plame's identity was disclosed after her husband, former U.S. diplomat Joseph Wilson, questioned the administration's assertion that Saddam Hussein was seeking nuclear weapons material. It is a federal crime to knowingly disclose an undercover CIA operative's name.

This much we know. At the time of this “leak” Valerie Plame had not been undercover for at least six years. This leak came from the VP’s office telling Time Magazine they needed to check their sources as the report coming from Plame’s husband had factual issues.

We also know Plame got her husband the job to go to Niger and later lied about it. We know much of what Joe Wilson came back and reported was proven wrong and Wilson has been shown to be a hyper-partisan who went to prove a pre-conceived notion in regards to the famous sixteen words in the President’s State of the Union Speech. Joe Wilson was allowed to leak his finding to the press and not sign a confidentiality agreement with the CIA (A broach of standard operating procedure).

What we find again and again is the Democratic Leadership and the Main Stream Media continue to perpetuate the lie that Valerie Plame was an undercover operative, they also ignore the rest of the story about Plame’s lies and the lies of her husband Joseph Wilson.

They lie to minimize the perception that the leak was an honest attempt to question the since proven side of the story that Joe Wilson’s story, and the way in which he got this assignment were less than on the up-and-up. The leak may of be non-intentional, it may of been in bad taste, but it was not of an undercover operative.

The simple point of proof of this is again and again the press and the Democratic leaders refer to her as an undercover operative when she was clearly not that. Valerie Plame is not an agent, she is a desk-jockey, and they are well aware of it. To tell any different is a lie.

It seems to me all the lies are coming from the press, and the Democrats.

WMD’s. Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction, Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction, Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction, Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction, Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction, Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction.

Did he now?

It has been argued time and again that Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction. That in itself is a lie.

First, every major intelligence operative in the world thought Iraq had WMD’s, practically every major Democrat has been heard bloviating from the floor of the House or Senate at some point in their career about Iraq’s WMD’s and how Iraq could not be allowed to keep them. Of course they do not say that anymore that they deem in politically a dangerous position to take. Now they are running from the debate screaming Bush lied Bush lied Bush lied Bush lied Bush lied Bush lied Bush lied Bush lied, all the while expecting us to turn a blind eye to their positions.

I could make a long list of Democrats who made those statements, but we all know who they are.

There is a book out by former Iraqi Gen. Georges Sada. General Sada was the #2 in the Iraqi Air Force under Saddam. His book contends Iraq’s WMD’s were moved into Syria before the US invasion. The weapons were supposedly shipped out by truck and two converted Boeing cargo jets.

Syria is led by the Baath party and its leader Asaad was one of Saddam’s closest allies. Does one book a case for WMD’s make? Of course not. However, compare the willingness of the Democrats and the MSM to talk about this book to say anything Richard Clark said.
We had Richard Clark shoved down our necks for weeks. He was on every interview show multiple times and his book was touted from the rafters by the press and sited as Biblical in its truth by the Democratic party.

My guess is the first many of you have heard about General Sada.


He appears very credible, but if his message is allowed to be heard it would completely topple the house of cards the press and the Democrats are trying to build about Bush lies just before the November elections.

We could not have that now could we?

And whatever you do, do not throw up the so-called Downing Street Memo. Remember the reporter who broke this admittedly destroyed the original. That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. If you really had some political dynamite to copy it then destroy the original is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. That original was The Pulitzer prize, no journalist would knowingly destroy it.

The long and short of WMD’s is this. The press and the Democrats love to tout WMD’s as the sole reason we went to war against Saddam. I heard the President’s speech laying out the case for war as did they, he laid out multiple reasons including Iraq firing at our planes enforcing the no-fly zone, and the enforcement of multiple UN Security Council orders. The press and the Dems do not like to talk about those.

So the question is why did they immediately accept as credible Richard Clark and not General Georges Sada? Because Clark fits their preconceived template.

It seems to me all the lies are coming from the press, and the Democrats.

Cheney. I do not even know where to start with this.

The press and some Democrats were completely unglued over the last week about the VP’s hunting accident.

Talk Show Host and possible Senatorial Candidate Al Franken is running around every where he can be heard laying out the case of how VP Cheney was probably drunk when he shot Mr. Whittington. There is no evidence of this, Franken is taking ultra-partisan shots without any evidence. These are serious allegations and he should be rebuked.

He will not be, the MSM loves anyone who will come out and say anything against Mr Cheney.
As a matter of fact Time & Newsweek are planning front page stories on the Cheney incident this week trying to keep an already dead story alive for another week.

The only real issue here is the 20 hours or so until the press found out about this. I need to remind you that the death of Vince Foster was not reported for 30 hours. This is what the New York Times had to say about that:

In contrast to White House assertions that there had been no signs of trouble, Vincent W. Foster, Jr., the longtime friend of President Clinton who apparently committed suicide last week, had displayed signs of depression in the final month of his life according to Federal officials and people close to Mr. Foster.

Nothing about his office being scrubbed, nothing about the delay in the report to the press. Now certainly Vince Foster was not the VP, but he certainly was highly placed and close to the President. And remember Cheney didn’t kill anybody.

It would seem to me that the template is different here in regards to how the press covers a Republican administrations “delay” to a Democratic administrations “delay”.

It seems to me all the lies are coming from the press, and the Democrats.

I think I am making my point here so I will just add a few more brief examples to further my point.

  • Delay. Prosecutor Ronnie Earl had to try three grang juries before he could find one to convict Delay. In addition he has made public statements he was going to "get" Delay for the Democratic party. Every story on this issue lists the allegations against Delay, should they not also list the prosecutors issues? Not if you were trying to perpetuate a lie of your own.
  • Abramoff. I have said from the start of this that this will be a largely Republican scandal, however many Democrats will also be pulled into this. That is a fair statement, you will read no such thing in the MSM or hear it from any Democrat. They think this is a purely Republican scandal. Why? Because it fits their template. Just go ahead and ignore the Senate Minority leader he is nobody..... Right? Not if you are trying to perpetuate a lie of your own.
  • Domestic Spying. I stopped talking about this at RDW because the lefties were driving me nuts. They have the President tried convicted and impeached on this. The fact of the matter is we do not even know everything on this. You can not believe them though, vetting the facts and determining where powers lie they do not have time for. You see they have an election to win in November, no time for legality, just time to slime. This case is going to take years through the courts because the issue is not really about domestic spying it is about Presidential authority. As usual the left want all of that when they have the office and none of it when they do not. Does this necessarily show a lie, no. This does show an outrageous spin, and the MSM is going with it 100%.

I think there is a "culture of corruption" in Washington. I think there is a "culture of corruption" right here in Wisconsin, but while the left here is screaming about Abramoff nationally, they are turing a blind eye to what is going on right here in the Governor's Mansion. Money can corrupt, always has, always will. But clue in on something here friends, all corruption is bad, not just Republican corruption. I'm not making excuses, I am calling for equal justice and equal condemnation.

I hate to tell our angry friends out there on the left this, but the people can see through what is a lie and what is a distortion and what is the truth.

Point Counter Point: The Games of the 2006 Polympiad


This weeks Point Counter point is taking the political Olympic.

Welcome to the 2006 Polympics.

Introducing your 2006 Polympic Democratic team. (by Real Debate)

John Kerry. Snowboard Cross. Yeah ole John may look silly and finish dead last in this event but the man actually snowboards. No matter what you think of him, that’s cool. Did you know he served in Viet Nam?

Michael Moore. Ice Hockey. Position, Goalie. Moore will lead whatever team he chooses to serve to the gold medal round as all he has to do is take a seat in front of the goal.

Jim Doyle. 4-man Bobsled. Jim acts as the sled pilot, he has a bit of an unorthodox style though. Jim starts the race already sitting in the sled and lets a representative of the Potawatomis, WEAC and the trial lawyers push the thing down the track. His success solely depends upon their efforts.

Jay Bullock. Men’s Downhill. Say what you want about Jay but Jay is cool. Any guy who plays out and bangs on an acoustic guitar is ok by me. Men’s Downhill is cool, so that is where I see Jay.

Al Gore. Curling, alternate. The most ineffective position on the Olympic team Irrelevant and having to go half way around the world to find a friendly audience, this is the position for Al Gore.

Introducing your 2006 Polympic Republican team. (by Belle)

Arnold Schwarzenegger -- Snowboarding. Watch the governator on the half-pipe. He'll grind the rail if you ask nicely. Don't worry if he falls, he'll be back.

Dick Cheney -- Biathlon. Ok, I can't resist. He gets to carry a gun (don't shoot your competitors!). As in all Olympic events, there's paramedics all along the way...so we're ok if he has a heart attack while cross country skiing...

Aaron Kreel -- Ice Dancing. With partner, Jenna (from Right Off The Shore), this sassy pair will make you think you're watching ABC's Dancing with the Stars. Watch the way he twirls her. It will take your breath away. It's like interpretive dance...on ice. With very flamboyant costumes.

Mark Belling -- Speed Skating. Watch out, Apollo Anton Ono -- He'll get yah. And your little dog, too.

Tommy Thompson -- Ski Jumping. The former Director of Health and Human Services is in such great shape...he can pull off crazy flips with the blink of an eye. I hear he can even do them while riding his Harley.