February 18, 2006


Well the ole' Weather Bug tells me it is 2 sunny degrees outside and I am on my way to run a few errands.

Among said errands is a stop at my favorite lottery joint to pick up my ticket for tonight's Powerball drawing.

I play rarely, and when I do I buy a ticket (sometimes two). It is worth a buck or two for a $360,000,000 dream. I could finally be held among the rich the left assumes you to be a member of if you are a conservative.

So consider this an open thread for lottery discussion. Do lotteries do more harm than good? Is the tax break worth it? How many tickets do you buy if any? Scratch-off or lotto games? And of course the big question, what would you do with $360,000,000 dollars?

Or any thing else you can think of.

UPDATE: There was one winner of the Powerball jackpot. It was not me.

February 17, 2006

Cheney's Replacement

Sean has a great thread going on who should replace VP Cheney should there ever be a need to replace him.

Great comments there.

So who would be your replacement suggestion, and why?

Finally a Bi-Partisan Bill Both Parties Can Get Behind.

Much has been said in the recent months about the divided nature of Congress and how the left and right can agree on nothing.

Well in a monumental move yesterday 96 Senators got behind the USA Patriot Act. This is common sense legislation that moves to protect our Country and let law enforcement cooperate and share information.

Opposed, Senator Jeffords, Senator Byrd, and of course Senator Feingold who will NEVER support this legislation.

I am encouraged the Senate has finally found an issue they know is necessary and are putting aside partisan bickering to the betterment of the country.

February 16, 2006


Peter has an excellent Caddyshack Carnival of the Badger up.

Sorry Pete, I completely forgot to post this week.

A suggestion folks, open this before reading.

Update to Asplund Story.

As a service to the voters of the first dsitrict, I would like to share the resume of Rick Asplund, the man hired to bring home a victory at any cost against Paul Ryan.

Notice anything interesting?

He and candidate Sowa should get along splenderificly with their apparent fascination with all things Russian politics.

Media Reaction to Cheney Interview with Hume.

CNN, commentator Jack Cafferty called the interview "a little bit like Bonnie interviewing Clyde. ... I mean, running over there to the Fox network -- talk about seeking a safe haven."

Yeah kinda like all the Clinton cronies going to CNN.

The media is just ticked at Fox because they got the plumb interview.

Oh and better ratings than the rest of the cable newsies combined.

A Public Service in the Interest of Free Speech

I got an email this afternoon from Robert, a Journal Times Blog participant. Robert for some reason has been banned from the Racine Journal Times Blogs and he asked me if I would pass along his comments. I am not a fan of banned speech, ergo I will post his comments without commentary or edit. I try to be fair in what I do here, my own personal feelings should not go into what I post for commentary.

My posting this is NOT a personal endorsement of his position, however I think the Journal Times should let his, and every voice be heard.


I am messaging for two reasons. First because the Journal Times doesn't want intelligent debate on issues that they are trying to foster in our community, they have banned me from posting on their webblogs. I have never used any language that would cause a stir in church, but I have asked them to stop equivocating issues through their very biased reporting staff. I am not usually interested in engaging what is an otherwise Springeresque process of blogging on the JT. However, on 3 occassions I felt they went too far in distorting and presenting what they called news. I responded in those three instances, and as a result, having exposed Rob G., Dustin B., Randolph B., and Steve L. as the lying propagandists they are, they have banned me. This is how they win debate ... remove any effective adversaries. I wouldn't have known except that I wanted to reply to Dustin's provocation on the new bill dissallowing children from access to State Funded Services without parental notification, and was e-noted back that my reply wasn't accepted due to my being banned ... following was my commentary:

"The most obvious issue after reading this blog, so thoughtfully initiated, is that we are falling short of truly caring for those we claim to care about. We have so many deaths and injuries, every day, due to children driving while they are distracted by drugs and drinking. We have known forever that telling them not to do drugs or drink doesn't work, they always have and always will do it anyway. What we need are civic centers that supply the drugs and alcohol, along with the proper unsupervised atmosphere so that they don't have to drive under the influence. After we get that done, hopefully the JT Staff has a way for us to allow for theft without violence programs ... they are going to do it anyway."

I guess I'm hopeful you could post in my behalf ... and if not I still wanted to vent my concerns with this papers obvious "controlled" debate.

Good Day

The post Robert was discussing can be found here.

February 15, 2006

Breaking News: State Democratic Party Hires Attack Dog for the 1st.

Rick Asplund, a long-time Democratic activist, has been retained by the State Democratic Party.
His sole job, to help get a Democrat elected to Congress in the 1st Congressional District.

This is an unprecedented move. We are still in the primary process and there are as many as 5 candidates running. We have reported here exclusively that Steve Herr and Ruth Bradley have recently entered the race.

What this shows is the State Party has no confidence in any of the current candidates, or their campaign teams in running an effective campaign against current Congressman Paul Ryan.

Mr Asplund has been around a while, he ran Russ Feingold's first State Senate campaign in 1982. His job here is apparently to be a hired attack dog against Paul Ryan so the 5 candidates running to oppose him can concentrate on their own campaigns and their primary opponents.

In all seriousness this is going to boil down to Herr and Sowa. Sowa will appeal to the more radical leftists in the party, while Herr's appeal will be to the more centrist Democrat and undecideds. Party support will likely flow to Herr, as we reported earlier Sowa is out of favor with the State party.

Supporting your candidates is one thing, but hiring someone this early to defeat an incumbent in this kind race is new territory. Ryan is a 600# gorilla, and the State and National parties know it. This new strategy exists to knock a rising star down a peg or two, nothing more. Look for Asplund to put out press release after press release attacking Ryan on everything he can dream up over the coming months. (also look for the Racine Journal Times to run them all with glee)

I have confirmed this story through multiple sources and am doing more research. I plan to have an update later tonight.

Islamic Violence Attacks Ronald McDonald.

No I am not kidding, they are burning down harmless little KFC's too.

The full article here.

February 14, 2006

Breaking News Again.

No post tonight folks, but I am working on yet another scoop. I have the story done but I am working on background material.

This is interesting stuff kids tune in tomorrow for the story.

(No Aaron this has nothing to do with Voces de la Frontera!)

February 13, 2006

Diamond Jim Doyle has issues folks.

AP Report:

Employees of at least seven companies donated to Gov. Jim Doyle's re-election campaign around the same time the state picked their firms for no-bid contracts totaling more than $36.1 million, according to an Associated Press review.

They include two IBM salesmen who gave Doyle more than $11,000 over a three-year period as the business won more than a dozen contracts worth more than $6 million.

Also, three Oracle Corp. employees gave Doyle $3,250 within days of the company winning a contract that could be worth up to $29 million to provide software and technical support to the state.

Some $16,000 in donations from employees of the other five companies in the AP review were given to Doyle around the time their firms won work.

Doyle has been under fire over the last several months as federal, state and local prosecutors review a contract won by a travel agency whose executives gave $20,000 to Doyle shortly before and after the deal took effect. A federal grand jury last month indicted a state employee involved in selecting the firm, alleging she manipulated the process to help the company beat out a competitor to "cause political advantage for her supervisors."

Mike McCabe, executive director of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, said a culture has developed in Madison that vendors feel they must make campaign contributions to enhance their chances to win state work."They've almost been trained like rats," McCabe said. "You push the right button, and out comes a treat." (rest of article here)

Questions for Debate:

For my friends on the left, are you starting to worry yet that all this may stick to the Guv come election time? You do know his opponents will use all of this, and the news media is not turning a blind eye to this anymore.

For my friends on the right, are you just a bit over confident given all Doyle's issues of late? What are the real issues that will drive this race? Sticking to all this contract stuff and ignoring real substantive issues will be a mistake.

1st District Congressional race gets more crowded.

Rumor has it there is yet another candidiate to be the punching bag of Paul Ryan in the 1st.

Ruth Bradley, age 71, apparently a very sweet woman. As far as her politics are concerned, i have no idea.


Jenna & Aaron's badcast for the week is up.

The first five minutes are just spectacular!

Point Counter Point.

PCP will be taking a week off as Belle is getting her new house in order.

I like the new digs Belle!

In the interim this will have to do.

February 12, 2006

Trade Secret, oh and Cheney shot a guy.

One thing I look at to gauge interest is Yahoo News.

If you go to Yahoo News then click over on the most popular stories link they will tell you how many times something has been emailed and how long ago the story broke. By now I am sure you are all aware Cheney accidentally shot someone this evening, as of this posting the latest Cheney story is 57 minutes old has been sent 2,540 times. That is a HUGE number.

Over at The Texas Hold 'Em Blog, he is quoting the conspiracy theories already coming from the Kosites and such that this was done on purpose to get his resignation from office.


It was an accident, it was tragic, by all reports the gentleman the Veep shot will be fine. But do we really need conspiracies on this?

Ok, I'll throw down on this.

This was hatched as Condi was showing no real interest in entering the race for the big job. This way Bush can nominate her to replace Cheney and she will say yes out of loyalty to Bush. The NAACP & Now will claim she is neither black or a woman as they could not let Bush go down in history as nominating the first Black and Female VP in our history. (which as we all know was supposed to be Hillary's designation but as the first black woman president.... hey Bill was the first black president right?)

Now, this will convince Condi (who will become mad with power) she should run for the good of the country as the war on terror will be far from over by the end of Bush's term. In this way Cheney can work behind the scenes manipulating everything and still retain power, as he is the brains of this outfit and has been telling Bush what to do since 1999.

Or something like that.

Olympic thought.

Is luge the coolest sport on the face of the Earth?

85+ MPH down an ice track 6" off the surface steering by subtle weight changes in the shoulders and legs, come on, these people are a special kind of nutty.

So what is your favorite Winter Olympic Sport?

I think Aaron's is Curling.

Thought of the week.

He who laughs last, thinks slowest.