January 21, 2006

A Memo to Spiceblog.

Bloggers do weekends.

Sorry Jim Concealed Carry Would Create Jobs.

In Doyle's veto yesterday he left us with this reasoning.

"The bill does not create a single job, help a single Wisconsin citizen afford health care or improve schools for a single Wisconsin child. The Legislature should spend more time trying to get jobs into our communities instead of more guns."

Xoff agrees and adds this, He could make that first sentence a mantra for many of the Republican-passed bills he's vetoed, whether it's voter ID, birth control, That's what they have in common; they do nothing to solve the state's real problems.

First off, anyone filing for a concealed carry permit would have to go through classes to get the necessary training to get the permit. Those classes do currently exist, ergo someone would have to teach them. That would be a NEW job.

Tell me how does say environmental legislation help to educate children? It may be worthwhile, but is this the standard the Governor wants to hold us to.

I know the teachers union has bought and paid for the Governor, but does education have to be the standard to which every piece of legislation's worth is based upon?

Voter ID could have bearance on education. For example, our future history books could point to the culture of cheating promoted by a lack of ID requirements in past elections as a learning tool in how to behave in an ethical manner in promoting a culture that it is harder, not easier, to cheat.

Tell me Jim and Xoff, how does an ethanol mandate further education?

How do automatic tax increases further education?

This kind of rhetoric is just stupid. But please, go on, keep spewing it. It really shows you for the kook ideologues you truly are.

Blog 'O Da Week.

Belle is up for Blog O Da Week.

We like Belle, go vote.

Updates and an Announcement.

I had a very busy week, and as such have not commented on several issues.

Concealed Carry. Gee Jim pulled out the veto pen on a Friday, what will be a shock is when he pulls out the veto pen on a Monday. I am saving opinion on this for Monday.

ANNOUCEMENT: Tune in Monday for a special point - counter point on this issue with a special guest writer!

The Milwaukee 5 - Here we have jurors who refuse to see the evidence in front of them. I guess the prosecution should of asked do you listen to talk radio as well. Only they should of asked about McGee Sr. I do find it odd that this interesting angle has not been touched by the MSM. Jessica has the best analysis of this. Peter is putting jury misconduct out there. For me, I would hate to be Robin Shellow and the other defense lawyers when Justin Howell walks scott free, and the others will face some consequence. I would not be the least bit surprised if the judge ordered jail time anyway.

Racine - Per capita, more people may die from murder this year than Milwaukee at this rate.

Doyle - State of the state was nothing more than the kick of his campaign. It was a joke, also the over-blown analysis of this was for the most part a joke. Walker made a great point this week. He is within the margin of error and he to date has not spent a dime. Jim, pack your bags.

Sykes - Most of you I am guessing heard Charlie's choice ad. The thing is, Charlie is the only one getting serious flack for this (all from Xoff with his chest puffed out). The reason why? The truth hurts.

Osama - I love the truce talk idea. Invite him for discussions, and if he shows up, arrest him.

Xoff - Dude, slow down think before you write. You are a joke and nothing but a flame throwing apologist who tries to knock down mountains of slime for Doyle while trying to make mountains out of ant hills for his opponents. You have not a fair analytical bone in your body, and everybody knows it.

Patrick. Beautiful production work on the Sykes choice ad. Patrick is a keenly insightful observor and the behind the scenes technical wonk for most of the cheddarsphere. We appreciate you more than you know.

Tom McMahon - Thanks for the addition to the blogroll Tom. We love Tom, he is warped, but in a good way.

Carnival of the Birthday Boy - Kudos to Elliot for a superb carnival this week. Next week it takes a spin through Layton Park.

Nagin - Will someone please make this idiot go away.

Hillary - Will someone please make this idiot go away.

Consider this an open thread. Talk about anything you like. And try to be original, do just call me an idiot and wish I would go away. I may be an idiot but I ain't goin' nowhere.

Who is the Credible Candidate?

Earlier this week, the State Dem Chair announced they would put up a credible candidate in the 1st. (Sorry Justin he was not talking about you)

The credible candidate is Steven Herr, a businessman from Kenosha.

This guy is a ghost, I can find nothing on him.

To my knowledge this is another RDW Scoop. Someone should pay me for this.

January 19, 2006

Cozy Bed Fellows: Wisconsin Citizen Action & Voces de la Frontera

See two pages of a fascinating flyer put out jointly by Wisconsin Citizen Action & Voces de la Frontera. Now remember, VDLF is supposed to be a harmless little 501 (c) (3).

For those who may not know, WI Citizen Action is a front name for a left-wing advocacy group.

Let us look at some of their positions:
  • Republican Senator Tom Reynolds is holding hearings to voice support for the Voter ID bill. We want to beat them at their own game, so to speak, and have more people there who are in opposition to the bill. (Remember this, we will come back to it)
  • TABOR is a proposed amendment to Wisconsin ’s Constitution that would limit spending by all governments in Wisconsin to a specific formula. School Boards, city councils, county boards and the state government would be limited in what they spend—and how they raise the money. If they want to go over the cap, then it must be approved in a referendum. Sound like a good idea? (hint, they mean no)
  • A typical 20-year-old Wisconsin worker will lose $152,000 during retirement if the president’s Social Security privatization plan is enacted
  • Who We Are - Wisconsin Citizen Action is the state’s premier public interest organization, dedicated to social, economic and environmental justice for all. Citizen Action unites the political clout of its 74,000 individual members and 207 affiliate organizations into a significant grassroots force for social change around key issues and elections in Wisconsin. (that is left-wing issues)

And where is WI Citizen Action on vote fraud? Others, including the head of the American Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin and the group Wisconsin Citizen Action, condemned the voter ID proposal. "The way to prevent fraud is more and better poll workers," said Larry Marx, co-executive director of Wisconsin Citizen Action. "We want to make it easier to vote and harder to cheat. The photo ID bill makes it harder to vote and harder to cheat." source

Harder to cheat they can not support. Okey Dokey.

Let's see, remember this one?

Hundreds of public schoolchildren, some as young as 11, are taking time out of regular classes to canvass neighborhoods in Milwaukee, Madison and Racine in a get-out-the-vote effort organized by Wisconsin Citizen Action Fund - a group whose umbrella organization has endorsed John Kerry for president. Full article.

Here is how they were selling it. Wisconsin Citizen Action Fund's biggest volunteer opportunity at the moment is registering voters. In partnership with the New Voters Project and the Go Vote Coalition, our non-partisan Voter Registration and Civic Engagement Program aims to motivate new and infrequent voters to go to the polls in November. The first step to this, is registration. We have a goal of 125 registrations per week and we need involvement from volunteers to achieve that. We are targeting low-turnout wards in Madison, which are often in low-income areas and in communities of color.

Anything strike you about that? This group has never done anything non-partisan, and they highlight areas in which they think their actions will lead to greater turnout for one particular party. (You figure out which)

And here we have little non-threatening, non-political 501 (c)(3) Voces de la Frontera. Right along side WI Citizen Action. Look at the one page of the flyer. See any partisan rhetoric there?

Choose schools over jails... What the heck does that mean?

Want to end unfair immigration laws... I wonder who put that in there?

Want to choose health care over drug company profits... Honestly what does one have to do with the other? Are people being denied health care?

Tell me these people are not making partisan observations.

We documented earlier the allegations Voces de la Frontera had in front of it for registering persons to vote who had no legal standing to do so.

Pay attention now, we are about to draw this together.

What can people register to do, legally, if they hold a Wisconsin Driver's License? Hmm? Do we have to draw a line for you? All they have to do is tell one little fib on the box.

Very good.

Buy Sudafed? (well that too)

They can register to vote of course. In my opinion this is what all of this about. Adding persons to the vote rolls friendly to their cause. And Voces de la Frontera is using the Mexican Consular ID to that end right now.

Their rhetoric will call anyone who disagrees racist (More on that in the next day or two), but this is what this is all about. Taking illegal persons, making them appear legal and then getting them to the polls to support the agenda of Voces de la Frontera, and apparently WI Citizen Action.

Is any of this sinking in yet?

Easy question.

Attached you will find a fund raising letter from Voces de la Frontera.

I have one question.

Is this a non-profit engaged in political activity?


Is it?

Half an hour interview for one puny quote?

...and they did not even spell it right.

All that, and Gwen Moore speaks.

January 18, 2006

RUSD The Debate

We have been dissecting the recent RUSD reports as by now you are aware.

We chided regular commenter Scott on our last post as he has been failing to see where this is all going, how does this help education he keeps asking.

A fair question.

Out of the comments of our most recent item we got this from semi-regular, Jeffff.

scott: Welcome to Racine!!

All some of these people want is to pay less in property taxes. We all know that throwing money at a school district doesn't solve anything, but they are of the belief that taking money away from it will!! I think their reasoning is the same for this as it is for all tax cuts: Cut property taxes so that the payers have more money, which will attract businesses from the glorious 'private sector'. This in turn will give all the Racine high school drop outs a place to work...

I thought Jeffff's comments were worthy of a post of their own. It is time to put in written word where this is going.

Jeffff fails to see the point. No Jeffff, we pay property taxes, and you can not dispute the point that they are high.

In Racine we have the 2nd worst performing public school system in the State. (Only Milwaukee is worse). All we really hear from the school system is we do not understand and our perceptions are wrong. We hear things are cut to the bone and we hear about what cuts have been made.

The Deloitte report points out, like it or not, a pattern of mismanagement, waste and angst among all the various points of the school system. These people are supposed to be working together for the common goal of educating our children. They clearly are not.

This community is more than willing to pay for good schools. This district craves good schools, this district is crying out for good schools.

This district is paying for lousy schools, and has lost faith in the leadership of our school system. And we are not just talking about Central Office. We are talking about Unions that are more interested in protecting their own sweet deals than working together towards the betterment of our students.

What this district needs is a fresh start, if the community saw any progress they would get behind the district. What they see is the same old same old, crummy results, blame passing, and the district there with their hand out again saying we need cash we need cash we need cash.

At a point people tire of paying more and more for the same crummy results. I believe this community is at that point.

This community needs leadership and vision. What we have is fighting and begging.

There is a threshold. We have reached it.

You liberals just seems to think we are against higher taxes. We are willing to pay. We are willing to pay more if necessary. We are not willing to pay more for a failing school system. Remember the definition of insanity, doing the same thing and expecting diferent results.

UPDATE: Randy is ticked.

A bad day to be candidate Sowa.

Oh is sucks to be Justin Sowa today.

The Journal Times gives us this today.

Democrats will run a credible candidate against U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan in the fall, the chairman of the state Democratic Party said Tuesday.Ryan, a four-term Republican incumbent from Janesville, is up for re-election in November. He's easily won his past three elections, which had minimal opposition from the Democratic Party.

Joe Wineke, chairman of the state Democrats, said his party would run a candidate against Ryan in November, though he declined to say who would run.

So according to the State Chair Justin Sowa is not credible?

I think they will put Justin's picture next to the word dissed in the dictionary. Should they ever add said word of course.

January 17, 2006

RUSD Series: Hicks' Solution.

We have been disecting the commission and Deloitte reports and reporting the findings here over time. There is still much analysis to be done. Scott is still trying to figure out how all of this leads to better education.

Well Scott, here is the next big clue.

The response of Supernintendo Hicks to the reports.

We need to hire a consultant to study the consultants report.

That should tell you everything you need to know about the Racine Unified School District.

H/T Peter.

Turning Illegal Aliens Legal, or What Voces de la Frontera has really been up to.

In the wake of the assault on the privacy of Senator Cathy Stepp, (Yes, the more I learn, the more comfortable I am with that description) , we have breaking news on the group that used that in-bad-taste tactic.

First, some background.

The Mexican Consulate has the ability to issue I.D. cards. These cards are intended for use by Diplomats, and/or Consulate employees. These are accepted I.D. cards for various functions within our society. You can board a plane with them, and yes, you can get a drivers license with them depending upon where you live.

The Mexican Consular I.D. card is accepted identification to get a drivers license in the following states: Pennsylvania, Delaware, North Carolina, Tennessee, Indiana, Michigan, Iowa, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Utah, New Mexico, and yes, Wisconsin.

According to Steven McCraw, assistant director of the FBI's intelligence office, "The Department of Justice and the FBI have concluded that the matricular consular is not a reliable form of identification. There are major criminal threats posed by the cards and (a) potential terrorist threat."

These cards are being issued to Mexican citizens in the US whether or not they are here legally.
The Chicago based Mexican Consulate has been right here in Racine twice distributing these cards. Unbelievably they are doing this through local churches. That we are aware of, the Consulate passed out cards once at Primera Iglesia Luterana church and once at Cristo Del Ray church. Some 3,000 people turned out for the three day Consulate event at Primera Iglesia Luterana Church to get their ID cards.

We all know Mexican President Vincinte’ Fox is doing nothing to curb the flow of illegal immigration into this country, now we are learning his consulates are helping illegals gain legitimacy in our society. The drivers license is, like it or not, the acceptance key into our society. Is there any wonder why the Voces de la Fronteras of the world are so passionate about this? They are trying their best to make the actions of illegal persons appear legal.

Quite the Houdini act they have going on there. When you get in the line, you are illegal. When you walk through the line, abra cadabra you have a Mexican Consular I.D. card. And you can bet your bottom dollar, the recipients of those cards go straight from that line to the line for a drivers license at your friendly neighborhood DMV office. In Wisconsin you can trade that worthless hunk of plastic for an I.D. card that will grant you inner acceptance into legal society: a Wisconsin Drivers License.

This past Sunday there was a meeting at Saint Patrick’s church. The purpose of the meeting, led by Voces de la Frontera, showed illegal aliens on how to obtain a drivers license, how AB69 will affect them and what the Real ID Act is.

We have reported with outrage about how Voces de la Frontera can keep their non-profit status when they are clearly engaged in so much political activity.

Well now we find not only are they using their $200,000 + in public funding to lobby, they are using their $200,0000 + in public funding to teach people how to defraud the system.

This activity is completely outrageous, and though I am no legal genius, my guess is it is possibly illegal. We are not yet done with Voces de La Frontera. We are still digging, and are awaiting the report on the trespass of the home of Senator Stepp from the Racine Sheriff’s Department.

I am calling out our local political leaders right here, right now to end immediately the practice of issuing Wisconsin Drivers Licenses from Mexican Consular I.D. cards. I would also love to hear from our candidates for Governor and Attorney General on their feelings for this issue.

I am also calling out the local press. Why is some guy in Racine sitting at his laptop bringing this to the public attention? This group, and their practices are out of control. And instead of digging into Voces de la Frontera when they thrust themselves in the spotlight, you just got little quotes from them about how the Senator was not responsive.

This is a group using public funds for possibly illegal purposes to teach illegal persons how to appear legal. At the same time, they are hiding as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit doing political activity that organizations who hold that status are not supposed to do. Which part of outrageous don’t you people get?

UPDATE: We have asked the four AG candidates and the three candidates for Governor for response. As we hear anything back from them, we will report it.

Who's Pro Choice?

Jessica absolutely hit on out of the park here.

January 16, 2006


I just updated my blogroll. I'm trying Blogrolling.com and seeing how I like it.

It really ^&*^#&)!#^&!_ my site up, took way to long to straighten it out.

If I missed your blog for some reason or if you would like a link, feel free to email and bleg.


Governor to give State of the Election Speech.

H/T Owen.

The Governor's campaign is touting his State of the State Speech as the laying out of his political agenda, and hitting folks up to sign petitions, write letters to the editor, and donate to the Doyle campaign.

Is not the State of the State speech supposed ot be about the State of the State, not a campaign event?

See the release announcing the immediate release after the speech with the two things turning into three you can do to help here.

Yes, after you read it you will be a litte less confused.

AP Poll: Blacks Likelier to Celebrate MLK


Nagin Speaks for God.

Mayor of New Orleans Ray Nagin has this to share with us on the day set aside to honor the legacy of Martin Luther King. (A leader who used his references to God in the proper context)

NEW ORLEANS - Mayor Ray Nagin suggested Monday that Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and other storms were a sign that "God is mad at America" and at black communities, too, for tearing themselves apart with violence and political infighting.

"Surely God is mad at America. He sent us hurricane after hurricane after hurricane, and it's destroyed and put stress on this country," Nagin, who is black, said as he and other city leaders marked Martin Luther King Day.

"Surely he doesn't approve of us being in Iraq under false pretenses. But surely he is upset at black America also. We're not taking care of ourselves."

Tell me folks are not the words of Ray Nagin at least as strange as the words of Pat Robertson?

Last time I looked in my Bible, there was no book of Ray and no book of Pat.

At least when Pat Robertson is all nutty he is just nutty, Old Mayor Ray is nutty for political attack (or his own perceived gain).

Maybe Ray, just maybe God gave you all the school busses you needed to evacuate, and you ignored him. Maybe Ray this was God's way of showing what an ineffective leader you are so you could be voted out of office. Maybe you are thwarting the will of God by acting with your Governor to have elections called off. Yes you can put together Mardis Gras and extend it by two days, but an election... now that is just too much for us to handle.

Yes of course my statements were factually possibly true put not anywhere near as silly as Nagin's. I use them to show how silly he is.

Now we have every liberal MSM outlet in the world all over Robertson everytime he says something stupid in the name of God. Will they come out in equal numbers for Nagin?

A brand new quarter says nope.

Spiceblog, welcome to the party pal.

We took the contrary view when Spiceblog premiered.

It seems that new car smell is wearing off.

Welcome James and Jessica.

I do not think Spicewatch is necessary.


Best poem of '06 so far.

We love poetry. Twice we tried to get people interested in a Friday Haiku idea that fell mostly on deaf ears (kudos Scott & Bil). Then of course my feeble attempt during the Christmas Carnival.

I saw this from a poster, happyonahorse, at Jenna's blog.

by Tarzana Joe

Welcome Judge, your honor
To our little tete a tete
We’re really pleased to have you
On hand with us today

I have several thousand questions
That I want to put to you
So that if you join the SCOTUS
I’ll know what you will do

My questions are important
Listen—and you’ll find--
That every word I utter
Reveals what’s in your mind

I’ve been thinking since I met you
Of some hypotheticals to test
So the folks who watch on C-span
Would see me at my best

And frankly I’m just puzzled
By the answers that I’ve heard
I’ve been speaking for an hour
And you haven’t said a word

I hope you don’t mind me having
Um, having my little say
But to use a baseball analogy
Rome wasn’t built in a day

Now let’s get down to business
The public needs to know
On every vital issue
Which way your vote will go.

I’ve devised a tricky question
From which my genius you’ll infer
I see your wife behind you
When did you stop beating her?

Heh-heh, I thought that I could trap you
But you wouldn’t take the bait
I thought that you might drop your guard
While I pontificate

And I’m frankly disappointed
By the way you’ve kept your head
And I don’t believe a word of
Everything you haven’t said.

Don’t think that you’ve convinced me
Don’t think that it’s been fun
Thank you judge for coming
I see my time is done.


January 15, 2006

The soldiers load.

This was published in the NYT by Andrew Exum, soldier.

Interesting perspective.

This week Senator Hillary Clinton, citing a secret Pentagon report that suggested some marines killed in Iraq might have survived had they been wearing more body armor, became the latest in a long line of politicians to castigate the Pentagon for a supposed failure to adequately protect our fighting men and women. Well-intentioned as the senator might be, the body-armor issue, like so many in war, is just not that simple.

From 2000 until 2004, I was an infantry officer in the Army. I deployed with a light-infantry platoon to Afghanistan in 2002, then with a platoon of Army Rangers to Iraq in 2003 and back to Afghanistan in 2004. While I can testify that soldiers usually appreciate the protection body armor gives them, the load shouldered by the average infantryman often hinders his ability to fight - especially at high altitude as in Afghanistan.

But in Iraq, as well, the "soldier's load" is often unbearable. Most studies recommend that a soldier should not be burdened with more than one-third of his body weight. But if you take a 160-pound soldier and put 40 pounds of Kevlar and body armor on him and then he picks up an automatic weapon, ammunition, water and first aid equipment, it's not long before he is carrying half his body weight - and he is then expected to run, jump and fight insurgents, themselves carrying little more than a 10-pound AK-47. All of this, of course, often takes place in 120-degree heat in the cities of Iraq.

Lost among the politicians' cries for more extensive armor for the troops is the fact that most soldiers, in my experience and based on discussions with many, feel they have enough armor already - and many feel they are increasingly being burdened with too much equipment. And the new supplementary body armor unveiled this week in Washington doubles the weight of the equipment - worn over the torso and, now, the upper arms - to 32 pounds from 16 pounds (for a medium-sized soldier)...

Dennis York, solved.

We had some fun Friday on the true identity of Dennis York.

Well the identity of several of the areas anonymous bloggers continues to be an issue, I did some investigative work and have uncovered the true identity of the Clown Prince of the Cheddarsphere.

I did a yahoo photo search for Dennis York, and lookie what I found.

So there we have it. Dennis York is obviously the Father of Belle of Leaning Blue. Now all we have to do is figure out who Belle is.

Kane almost gets one right.

We have spent too many keystrokes lately on Eugene Kane. Well today, he almost got one right.

His column today, March against gangster wannabes, not the cops, makes some good points.

Here's a memo to the usual suspects who are probably busy planning the next march and rally to protest the shooting of an unarmed African-American man by Milwaukee police last week:
Let's cancel this one, please. Frankly, this is just not the time.
Not after the shooting of a precious 9-year-old girl and a near-record homicide rate in 2005 that can't be blamed on cops at all.

Absolutely right Eugene.

Then he goes somewhere not entirely necessary.

This isn't a message to discourage the family of Joseph A. Evans from pursuing an inquest into his death. He's the 40-year-old man who was fatally shot by police Wednesday after being stopped for questioning in an alley.
The family has every right to request more information into the incident that left their relative dead. Police said he struggled with officers who were about to give him a ticket after he admitted urinating in the alley.

According to police, Evans tried to grab an officer's gun, which led to his being killed.
It doesn't matter that Evans has a criminal past. Whenever police kill someone and there are lingering questions, it's perfectly reasonable to demand answers from the department. However, the Evans family should be prepared for the inevitable frustration.
In Milwaukee, most inquests run by the district attorney's office end up exonerating the officer, no matter how questionable the circumstances.
(Here's a memo to the candidates in the upcoming race to replace retiring District Attorney E. Michael McCann: Make sure to tell voters how you intend to fix an inquest process that many Milwaukeeans feel is suspect.)
I am aiming this advice at the community-activist types who like to use cases of alleged police brutality against unarmed citizens to rally members of the black community who are concerned about the frequency of the police shootings.
The Evans death was the first police shooting since November; in recent years there has been an uncomfortable spurt of such incidents, even leading to an investigation by the U.S. Justice Department.
It hasn't always been African-Americans shot by cops or white officers doing the shooting, either. It's been a troubling mish-mash of incidents, which are rightfully cause for concern.
This time, my suggestion is to simply cancel any plans to get the black community riled up over the Evans case.

This is what I do not get, if it is about the little girl, why spend so many column inches rehashing this stuff? This could of been a seperate column.

My reason is simple. It's all about the innocent little girl, coincidentally with the same last name, who escaped tragedy the same day Evans was shot dead:
Shauntae Evans.
This 9-year-old student at Mary McLeod Bethune Academy near N. 35th and W. Cherry streets was shot in the neck after gunfire broke out near the playground where she was playing.
She miraculously escaped serious injury or death by the merest of fractions.
It's another case of a brain-dead criminal deciding to put the lives of innocent children in jeopardy because he didn't have the common sense to understand that firing a bullet near children is an inexcusable action, even if it didn't kill anyone.
The real tragedy is that this isn't the first time a child has been caught in crossfire in Milwaukee. The excuse is always the same: "I didn't mean to hurt a child."
That just doesn't cut it anymore.
I don't want to see any marches for Joseph Evans unless members of the black community also march against the gangster wannabe who shot little Shauntae.

Absolutely correct, but where are the marches for Samuel McClain?

It's a stance some readers will probably criticize; it may be the first time I've advocated non-action in response to a questionable police shooting.

Why is that Euegene? Is every police shooting questionable in your eyes?

So be it. My only explanation is, sometimes enough is enough. Better late than never.
I do understand why community activists march against police; sometimes police officers are easier targets for protest events.
Cops wear uniforms. They have precinct houses and police headquarters. You know where to find them.
When black men with guns shoot at each other, it's a lot more difficult for law-abiding members of the community to band together in a show of force to send the message that it won't be tolerated.
How do you march on someone who lives right down the block?
After a near-record year of homicides, it's time to acknowledge that 100% of the homicide victims in Milwaukee during 2005 were not killed by Milwaukee police officers.

That bears repeating and highlighting.

After a near-record year of homicides, it's time to acknowledge that 100% of the homicide victims in Milwaukee during 2005 were not killed by Milwaukee police officers.

It's troubling whenever a police officer kills someone under questionable circumstances, and even more troubling that the system of justice never seems willing to hold cops accountable.
But stacked against the toll of misery in some areas of black Milwaukee that continues unabated into 2006, it no longer makes sense to blame Milwaukee police officers for most of the violent death on our streets.
It makes even less sense to start marching against police brutality - again - in a time when the most brutal deaths in our city are seldom caused by cops.
Better we march on behalf of children like Shauntae, and be thankful this time that it won't be a march to the graveyard.

Here we go again. Eugene should cops be held accountable for shooting the bad guy? No. I can tell you this Eugene there is absolutely 0% chance I will ever be killed by a cop. Why? Not because I am white, but because if I am ever in the position of being confronted by the police I would cooperate and give them the respect they deserve. Remember, Rodney King had a passenger who they never laid a finger on. Why? He gave them no reason to.

I would never say ever police office is as pure as the fresh fallen snow, but they as a whole are not bad people. They are protecting us from the bad people.

This opinion is not meant to attack Eugene Kane, for the most part I think he got this one right. We have been critical of him of late, it is only fair to bring to attention a relatively good column on his part.

Weekends Off. News takes a rest.

There has been much pontification lately about how newspaper circulation is down, and more people are getting their news online.

Major papers run 24-7-365. Our local paper down here in kringle land phones it in on the weekend.

Peter has an interesting post up comparing the editorial take of the Alito vote by The Milwaukee and Racine papers. The problem with the Racine paper, nothing is online yet.

The Journal Times is and will continue to be a minor league paper if they continue to make their web prescense only a weekday deal. I wonder if they will show up tomorrow, or take the MLK holiday off?

Feingold endorses Socialist, Will he endorse Alito?

I must admit I was stunned when Russ Feingold voted in favor of Chief Justice John Roberts.

Now Russ Feingold has come out and endorsed Bernie Sanders, a socialist for Senator.

Everyone knows the career ambition of Feingold; is endorsing socialists the best way to get there?

I am absolutely certain he will NOT vote for Alito.

Feel free to opine.

Jessica vs Eugene... Round 2

Jessica McBride is beating down Eugene Kane bad again.

I read his column, and I agree with her 100%.

This is worth a read.