October 26, 2006

Breaking News: Governor Doyle to Wisconsin Realtors, endorse me or else!

I have obtained a fund-raising memo sent out to Wisconsin NAIOP members. From their website, the NAIOP is "a national association with an extensive chapter network that represents the interest of developers and owners of industrial, office and related commercial real estate throughout North America"

In this memo Wisconsin Chapter NAIOP President Michael Mooney makes a startling allegation in regards to Governor Doyle while he was doing a fifteen-minute presentation in front of The Wisconsin Realtor's Association (WRA) political board that Mooney also serves on.

The WRA political board interviewed Governor Doyle and Congressman Mark Green in order to determine which candidate to endorse.

The following paragraph is directly from this memo: The short story is that Green would be as good for our state’s economy and, therefore, our industry, as the best years of Tommy Thompson. Doyle would be the opposite. He obviously knows his case with us is weak because he both began and ended his presentation to the Committee with threats that if the real estate industry didn’t support him, or at least stay neutral, we would be on the outs with his entire administration.

You read that right. According to Mooney, Jim Doyle threatened the WRA board saying if they did not endorse them, or stay neutral on the matter, they would not receive any positive treatment from his administration.

These people are the business development and real estate development professionals of this state. This is how our Governor treats them, with threats?!? He should be bending over backwards to find ways to work with the WRA, not to threaten them.

This activity on behalf of Jim Doyle is outrageous.

I spoke with Michael Theo of the WRA about this matter; he declined to comment on the Governor's statement but did confirm that the entire board voted to endorse Congressman Green by a 35 to 2 margin.

Mooney's memo said the same thing: After thorough review of the entire picture of each candidate, and despite the political blackmail threats, the Committee and, later the full WRA Board, overwhelmingly (35-2) voted to endorse Mark Green for Governor. The Wisconsin Builders and the Metro Builders have done the same. Threats or not, it was quite clear that this was the right choice for our industry and, really, the right choice for the economy of our state.

This seems eerily close to pay for play to me. You ask for an endorsement, you make your case for an endorsement, you sell your case for an endorsement, you do NOT threaten business leaders into an endorsement.

I've had this story for a week. I understand this came from a fund raising letter and that in itself made the story suspect to me. I took my time and confirmed every step of this and believe it to be true.

This is your Governor, Wisconsin. One whose relationship is so bad with business leaders in this state that he has to attempt to threaten them into an endorsement. Thankfully the WRA board was strong enough to not bow down to this blackmail.


Scott D. Feldstein said...

It does sound horrible, I agree.

So is there any evidence that any of this actually occurred other than the word of a guy on the political board of an organization that supports Green? I'm not saying the guy's a liar, but I would be a lot more upset if I could see or hear Doyle's actual words on the record.

realdebate said...

The meeting was not audio or video taped, but I confirmed from multiple sources.

Scott D. Feldstein said...

What sources? Anyone going on record?

Ron_L said...

Yep! Need to get that on tape, video, multi-sourced before anything can be discussed. I'm sure Dick Chenny and Carl Rove are relieved to see the Move-on thugs have a new operating procedure. Oh wait, that level of evidence only refers to Democrat crooks, opps governors.

Steveo said...

I know Mike Mooney. I've done millions of dollars of development work with him (through my community.) I don't say this about many (few) developers, but he's an honest man who, frankly, doesn't play politics. If he says he's been threatened by Doyle, he's been threatened.

realdebate said...

I believe Mr Mooney is on the record Scott.

Also the guy at the WRA Did not deny anything.

publius said...

I, too, know Mike Mooney and second steveo's remarks about his integrity.

A good, honest man with no overt political agenda...

And Scott - I enjoy your remarks and almost always find them challenging and intriguing. But on this one, you really do sound petty.

Amy said...

Now let's just hope that Doyle loses. Otherwise Mooney and the entire industry will be in severe trouble.

How dare they confront Darth Doyle!

grumps said...

Boy, there's a whole bunch of nothin' here. Mark Greem has been in the pocket of the Realtors and homebuilders for a long long time.

For one of their number to make a statement of something that he described as a "threat" without providing the substance of that threat is nothing more than puffery.

Show us the substance of the threat. Let us decide. Otherwise this is nothing more than WMC's sudden concern about families. The fundraising letter punk'd you, Fred.

Amy said...

But I'm sure if the roles were reversed, scott and grumps, you would believe that Green threatened them without any evidence, sight unseen.

I love how that double standard applies to Republicans but not Democrats.

realdebate said...

A-Men Amy. I wish they had taped the meeting, they did not.

It is amazing the depths some people will go to in order to excuse this mans behavior.

Sykes calls him the most corrupt Governor in Wisconsin history.

Some people are not willing to look at anything.

I call this selective alphabetical blindness.


Ron_L said...

Hey Grumps,

I'm still waiting for a comment of any substance at all on the Stem Cell thread. Have none? Didn't think you would.

On this issue, typical Dum response. If a Dum does it it's a petty charge. If a Republican does it off with his head. Hypocite is the word that comes to mind!

steveegg said...

Fred and Charlie - doing more before 9 am than most people do all day.

still Unreal... said...

"Boy, there's a whole bunch of nothin' here."

Isn't that the whole Dum (thx, ron for the lexicon clarifycation) mentality and methodology?
Foley wrote inappropriate emails to an underage page. Reps force him to resign (for those of you that think he did it on his own, get a life and quit pontificating of politics). Dums predict a landslide for their side while calling for every Rep leader in sight to resign.
Studds has actual sex with underage pages and not only do the Dums turn a blind eye (censure this), he is re-elected ...6 times was it?
Do you really want me to get into the Kennedy thing? 'Cause that was murder.
(anti-gambling pre-election, pro-gambling expansion, post-$$$$....sound familiar?)

Even when the Dums are confronted with..oh my God, say it isnt so!.. an honest man, men and/or witnesses, they cry that its unsubstantiated. Where are your facts, they cry?? The video?? The tape???
Kinda like Marion Barry, right?

Sleaze begets sleaze. I cant wait to vote this guy out and have him stop representing my state.

BBG said...

Way to go Fred. I suggest everyone "leak" this news to your local papers. They will probably do what they always do NOTHING unless it is a conservative in question.

LEAK it anyway you never know

tim said...

Oh, because Republicans are never biased to their side either. Get over yourselves. I hate political parties for the most part, democrat and republican, and one side calling the other sleazy is like the pot calling the kettle black. Neither of you have the general populace in their best interests, you just have your constituency in your best interests, and it makes normal people sick.

香魚烘蛋Tata said...