August 10, 2006

Bucher, Van Hollen Debate

Charlie Sykes is hosting Paul Bucher & JB Van Hollen for a debate right now.

As I'm listening Bucher sounds desperate.

For a long time I have felt momentum was moving towards Van Hollen, this kind of confirms it.

In my opinion both of these guys are light years ahead of the Democratic candidates and I will support whichever comes out of the primary next month.

In tone it sounds like Van Hollen is trying to address issues and Bucher is just trying to attack and bring things down. Everything changed when Van Hollen loaned his campaign a ton of cash (if memory serves around $350K).

The question remains; who has the best chance of winning this thing? Cash seems to be the answer to that question.

I want to support Bucher, I really do. He is more local, I have met and like him, I think he is the areas best DA, and his wife has been very nice to me and my little blog over time.

I still have not made up my mind, but if tone matters Van Hollen is picking up points this morning. Tone matters, especially in a medium without a visual component.


The Game said...

off topic:
are you going to have the fantasy football league again?
If not, can you help me with how to get people the proper passwords to sign up...

Anonymous said...

One of the best things Bucher has going for him is that he is married to Jessica McBride, host of absolutely the WORST talk show in the Midwest (AM-620). With any luck a Bucher win will produce a move to Madison and McBride will go along. That will allow WTMJ the opportunity to give the McBride slot to someone who has at least an once of talent. Caveat--She must come cheap or she'd have been long gone by now. VOTE BUCHER!

rdw on the road said...

Game, I had post after post of the fantasy league and it is full.

Anon. Your comments on Jessica are mean, unfounded and waaaay off topic.

Anonymous said...

RDW-My comments re: McBride are . . . 1) objective. WTMJ talkers are minor league whiners. Sykes and Wagner are better than McBride because of their airtime experience, but just as bland, just as dull. None of them has a sense of humor nor an aggressive approach to the issues confronting us. Conservatives in this area deserve better. Listeners deserve to be entertained, not lectured to. People like Belling and Don Wade in Chicago leave the 620 group in the dust. 2) a lot more on topic than the post on fantasy football.

Fred, I knew you wouldn't be too happy with my post because of your personal relationship with the parties mentioned. At the same time I thank you for your site and for the opportunity to participate on it. Conservatives can't possibly agree on all issues, but should continue to speak out with their beliefs. One of my beliefs is that McBride best represents the cause as a print journalist and blogger.

BBG said...

I totally disagree with the your

"As I'm listening Bucher sounds desperate"

This is what debates are supposted to be like. It was very clear Bucher was on message, on target and JB was sitting there unable to even defend his terrorist in Wisconsin position.

Just more proof Belling is correct in what he said on his Sunday show. A law and order guy vs. the Mike McCann of western Wisconsin.

Much like a deer caught in the head lights of an on coming car (train) with out the protection of sound bites JB was left tongue tied.

realdebate said...

That's a beautiful thing Bob, two people listen to the same thing and come to very differing conclusions.

Peter said...

Anonymous is probably a man who is frightened by a strong, independent woman with intelligence.

You know, the same argument the Left uses against us when we say we don't like Shrillary.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, with my job, I am unable to listen to radio during the day. I just finished listening to the podcast and could not believe what I was hearing. Paul Bucher was childish and rude by constantly interupting and not letting JB Van Hollen finish a sentence. As I listened to his rants, I actually thought he did "suck" in his style.

JB clearly showed and told why he will make the best AG. Today, he got my vote!!!

Anonymous said...

Peter-I posted the 1st and 2nd anonymous comments, but not the one immediately after you. Please note that I am also critical of Sykes and Wagner. I don't think any of you out there would describe either of them as "strong independent men". I'm fairly closely aligned with the 'TMJ 3 philosophically. It's their radio skills I question (especially McBride). Just give her show a listen (if you can tolerate it for more than 10 minutes). It's the quality of radio you'd expect from a recipe swapping program in Waupaca.

Peter said...

Actually Anon, yes I would describe Sykes and Wagner as strong, independent men. As I would myself.

It's you cowardly liberal girly men who can't even sign your blasted names that I have an issue with. You cower in front of a tyrant like the Hildebeast yet you rip strong, independent, conservative women.

You fear them. You are afraid of them simply because they don't kowtow to the NOW Gang and Feminazi rhetoric that comes of out of the Shrillary owned Left.

I bet your wife wears the pants in your household.

Anonymous said...

Peter-Next time before you go off all hot and bothered try reading all the threads on the topic. I specifically refer you to my second thread where I favorably comment on conservative talkers from other radio stations. I am a strong conservative, but like my conservative friends to be strong too.

Both Sykes and Wagner are constantly whining and complaining. They beg for calls. They offer few solutions. These are not the characteristics of strong, independent people. Both have great credentials as conservative thinkers, but their styles are ineffectual and bland.

By the way, Charlie Sykes was a small time newspaper guy married to a big time lawyer who brought home most of the bacon. She, of course is now a Federal Judge and no longer married to Charlie. Jeff Wagner is a former prosecutor who is married to a partner in a large Milwaukee law firm, who again, brings home most of the bacon. I've also had the opportunity to meet Mr. Wagner and shake hands. Peter, have you ever grabbed ahold of a wet dish rag? So much for your strong independent men.

still Unreal... said...

"They offer few solutions."

Peter, you forgot 'insane' in your discription.

Anon...what the f*** are you talking about?

The Game said...

how can the person who was told he sucks be the rude one?
I didn't listen to it, but I talked to a high up in the capitol and he said Van Hollen doesn't have much upstairs...but he has more money so he will win