May 10, 2006

The Iranian Letter Story; A Summary.

Iranian Diplomat: Psssssst we sent a letter to Bush.

The Press: Oh what wonderful diplomacy from Iran. We have not seen such grace in leadership in at least….. 5 years.

The Letter: We hate you, we despise you, we will develop nukes, we will blow Israel off the face of the map, we hate you, there ain’t a damn thing you can do about it, Bono moment. Have a nice day.

Rice: Nothing new in that letter.

President Never Wears a Tie: I await a response.

Russia: US rejects diplomatic overture.


Scott D. Feldstein said...

Actually what I kept hearing repeatedly on NPR was exactly what you're saying: there was no proposed solutions in the letter, only a historical-religious tirade. Perhaps TV watchers can better relate to your description of "the press," but somehow I think maybe you're mischaracterizing their response.

realdebate said...

I am speaking to the press Scott in order as to before we actually knew what was in the letter, but knew that it had been sent.

Scott D. Feldstein said...

So someone characterized the letter as 'wonderful diplomacy' 'and 'grace in leadership'? I realize these are not meant to be direct quotes, Fred, but did someone actually gush foolishly like that over it? If so, I'd like to see.