February 25, 2006

This sounds familiar

This is from today's Washington Times.

Immigrant group to picket watchdogs
By Keyonna Summers

A taxpayer-funded immigrant advocacy group says it will picket and keep a close watch on the homes and businesses of members of a local illegal-entry watchdog group that monitors day-laborer sites in Maryland.

"People should not expect in a modern society to engage in a campaign of intimidation without having a response," says Kim Propeack, a spokeswoman for CASA of Maryland, which runs taxpayer-funded day-laborer centers in Takoma Park, Silver Spring and Wheaton.

"So if [the Maryland Minuteman Civil Defense Corps] want to come to CASA de Maryland, it's perfectly legitimate of us to go to the Minutemen's homes and also protest.



Miss Propeack's comments follow those of CASA Executive Director Gustavo Torres, who was quoted in a published report this week as saying his group will target the Minutemen in a "specific way," in addition to videotaping them as they monitor day laborers.

"We are going to picket their houses, and the schools of their kids, and go to their work," Mr. Torres told the Gazette community newspapers. "If they are going to do this to us, we are going to respond in the same way, to let people know their neighbors are extremists, that they are anti-immigrant. They are going to hear from us."

Gee where does their money come from?

CASA of Maryland, the state's largest immigrant advocacy group, receives about 51 percent of its $3.6 million annual budget from public sources, such as county governments.

Using taxpayer money to picket people in their homes and threatening their children's schools. Gee isn't that special.

Stephen Schreiman, president of the Maryland Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, yesterday said Mr. Torres' comments about picketing the schools of their children are "over the top."

"It's just unbelievable that an organization that's supposed to be representing the interests of a group of people would turn around and threaten another group because they don't like the actions they're doing that are perfectly legal," Mr. Schreiman said. "They're basically using public funds to harass and intimidate and deprive us of our free speech."

Ya think?

Miss Propeack yesterday said Mr. Torres' comment about targeting schools was a "misstatement."

"I would say that we're certainly not going to target anyone's children ... but we are looking very seriously at ways in which Minutemen who are harassing our clients can also be targeted," she said. "We're not going after their kids, but their homes and businesses are perfectly OK."

I am oh so close to publishing the home addresses of Christine Newmann-Ortiz and Maria Morales.

The Minutemen have called for the U.S. Justice Department to investigate CASA for violating its civil rights. They also are urging Montgomery and Prince George's counties to withdraw funding and support for the day-laborer centers.

Gee who's side do you think the ACLU will come to? DUH!

CASA is planning other centers in Baltimore, Gaithersburg and Langley Park.

The Maryland Minutemen's nearly 100 members began photographing and videotaping employers hiring workers at day-laborer sites two weeks ago. They plan to report those who hire illegal aliens to state and federal authorities for tax and business licensing violations. The group is the second Minuteman corps in the region. Another, with about 125 members, monitors activities at a taxpayer-funded laborer center in Herndon.

Casa sounds so much like Voces it is not even funny. They have the rhetoric down much better than Voces though. Looking at their website they refer to illegals as "Central American Refugees", much better sounding than Voces tired old "Undocumented" line.

They are all over the driver's license thing as well. Check this out.

These people are apparently out of control all over the country.

Let me say this once. The only right an undocumented person, a Central American refugee or an illegal allien has is to get their butt shipped back to where they came from.

I am a HUGE supporter of LEGAL IMMIGRATION. What we are doing here is having tax payer supported dollars going to assist people who have no right to be here and by their very presence have proven themselves to not give a flying rats patootie about our laws.

I hope this group is willing to start a chapter in Wisconsin. I'll be happy to stand watch.

(BTW, Casa is a 501 (c)(3) too)


RoseIndigo said...

Yeh, RDW, there are organizations like this all over the country. You are just beginning to become aware of them. We, in the Southwest, have been aware of them for a long, long time. They are becoming more and more aggressive because our government has no clear policy about illegal immigration and doesn't enforce those policies that we do have, including against those who knowingly hire illegals.

It's a natural human psychological phenomenon. When someone wants something, and the other person does not state a clear "NO", the first person believes he is right and that what he wants is OK----and in a way it is, since no clear boundaries have been set. It's like a child testing parents to see where the boundaries are and what will be enforced and what he can get away with.

Much of this is our own government's fault for not enforcing the laws that are already on the books, and tightening the laws where they are too loose.

Until we do tighten the laws and actually enforce them, we have put ourselves into the position of being overrun by more and more aggressive entities. It's our own fault! And until people like the minutemen get some support with proper laws and enforecemten of those laws, it will continue to become more and more confrontational.

What I find interesting is that the Department of Immigration used to be pretty consistent in enforcing immigration laws. Somewhere along the line the liberal/lefty policies were instituted because those enforcement laws were called "unfair". Hell, I'm an immigrant, and I never thought they were "unfair".

RoseIndigo said...

Here's an article about the City of Costa Mesa in California trying to get rid of criminal illegal aliens and the sort of brick wall they run into: http://www.sacbee.com/content/news/story/14223085p-15048299c.html

When you look at the numbers of these criminal illegal aliens and add up what it costs, along with all the other illegal costs, it's no wonder we have the national deficit that we have. No way this should be allowed.

But the article also has some ideas of how local police departments can be trained by the immigration people to identify illegals for departation. It might be a good idea to train some Wisconsin officers for this task, even though the usual "illegal rights" advocates are screaming that it's UNFAIR.

RoseIndigo said...

I meant "DEPORTATION" above.

Scott H said...

The Supreme Court has upheld city ordinances prohibiting picketing at people's homes (was an abortion doctor in that case). I believe most cities have such ordinances, or have similar laws against harrassment and disturbing the peace. You cannot picket at the mayor's house, or the CEO's.
In other words, I wouldn't expect this picketing to last long before it is deemed illegal and stopped.

realdebate said...

Scott go to search this blog and put in the words voces.

You will see how far off you are.

RoseIndigo said...

I just love the story I heard last week of the Oregon sheriff who had some illegals in his jail. He sent a bill to Vincente Fox for their keep and maintenance. He never heard from Vincente, of course, but he was trying to make a point. The news media did hear from a representative of Vincente's claiming that illegals add more to our economy than they cost and so the bill is irrelevant. The cheek of that is beyond comprehension, especially since we don't even know what the balance of payments is, let alone Vincente's henchman.

When the sheriff tried to get other sheriffs in other Oregon counties to do the same thing and present a bill in unison, they all chickened out.

Last I heard he's still sending his bills. I just love people who think outside the box!!!