February 4, 2006


A new word for the RDW lexicon, badcast.

Podcasting is catching on, badcasting is Badger generated podcasting.

Two new badcasts are up. Jenna & Aaron have the 2nd installment of their joint venture up. (we are curious why it took them 30 seconds to mention Real Debate)

In addition Sean at the American Mind has a badcast featuring Peggy Noonan speaking at an Ethics in the Media conference at Ripon College.

Give them a hear.


The Game said...

man, had to turn it off after 30 seconds
this stuff makes my radio show sound better than rush

Scott D. Feldstein said...

Heh. "Better than rush."

Hey, what about Dawn and Drew? They're podcast pioneers and they're from Wisconsin. (It's not a family show, mind you.)

realdebate said...

i'll check it out scott