January 27, 2006

Racine Deomcrats Scammed by the State Democratic Party!

Apparently the Union Takeover by Kurt-Vlach of the Racine County Democratic party was against the bylaws in force. The State Party knew about it and kept quiet until it was too late to protest the election.

So what we have here is the State Democratic Party condoning election fraud against other Democrats.


This is from the Racine Democrats website. The comments are interesting to read as well.

"We were scammed!" according to the State Democratic party headquarters in a recent statment regarding the November elections/takeover in the Racine County Democratic Party.

New information has been discovered regarding the November elections in the Racine County Democratic party. In October 2005, the state party approved the 1994 version of the bylaws of the RCDP which had months previously, been challenged by Earl Christianson, a member of the Unity Slate and now a current member of the new executive board. After months of controversy, Joanna Beilman-Dulin, an employee of the State Democratic party headquarters instructed the then current leadership of the RCDP they must follow the old 1982 version of the bylaws for the elections since the records for the 1994 had been mysteriously lost by the state party. A move that many people find a little too coincidental.

According to sources at the state party, Kurt Vlach and his "unity slate" were informed prior to the elections in November that the 1994 version was in fact the valid version to be used for the elections but used the old invalid version in full knowledge it was illegal for the elections.

For those that do not have any idea as to the significance of this - if in fact the 1994 version of the bylaws (which had been used since 1994 until Earl Christianson challenged their authenticity in 2005) the election would have been completely null and void. In the 1994 version of bylaws, new memberships on the day of elections are not allowed to vote, as well as multiple names on the ballet for Chair, Secretary and Treasurer are not allowed. The entire "unity slate" would not exist, instead, they would have had to go through the democratic process of turning names into the nominations committee.

The time to contest the election has come and gone. The former executive board had never been informed, the state party knew the election was illegal and the wrong version of bylaws were being followed, yet the state party allowed the election to proceed illegally. Representatives from the state attended meetings prior, during and after the election and did not reveal they knew the wrong version of bylaws were being used.We truly were scammed- we were scammed by the Wisconsin State Democratic party and we were scammed by Kurt Vlach and the "unity slate".

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