December 31, 2005

Merry New Year!

All the best to you the loyal readers and debaters of Real Debate Wisconsin.

A Random Thought.

If Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald is also used in The Justice Department probe into the Bush wiretap leak, will the Democrats still tell us how virtuous and honest he is?

December 30, 2005

Shall I publish the address of Christine Newmann-Ortiz?

I just re-read the editorial piece written by Christine Newmann-Ortiz, Executive President of Voces de la Frontera, in the Racine Journal Times.

A couple of things strike me. In showing up at her door unannounced Newmann-Ortiz says, Members of Voces de la Frontera were practicing the right of free expression and the right to petition a legislator. Politicians come knocking on our doors all the time, especially before elections. Does that mean we should call the police and threaten to pursue charges? An elected official has a duty to hear from and respond to constituents.

Christine, I have asked repeatedly for you to respond as to why a publicly funded 501 (c)(3) is participating so actively in political activity. By law a 501 (c)(3) should not be doing that.

Seeing as you can write editorials and go on radio shows to try and make someone else look bad for your bad behavior, should I not publish your address so people can go to your home unannounced and demand you answer why your organization is using public funds for possibly non-legal political activity?

I know Voces de la Frontera has an office but since that office has not responded to my inquiry, I guess I should show up at your door.

I am sure this is as much a life or death issue as you claim drivers licenses for "undocumented immigrants" as you like to call them. Let me clue you in on something, this is not life or death, this is right and wrong. We should not be sanctioning illegal, note the wording there not undocumented, illegal, persons to be doing anything in this country. This country was built on LEGAL immigration. People doing the right thing, the right way.

You are scamming our systems and encouraging illegal activity. I guess a door knock might be in order.

In the mind of Kurt Vlach (A scary place)

Over the last few days there has been a great deal of information floating about the Journal Times Web Forums regarding new Racine County Democratic Chair Kurt Vlach.

One amazing story has come out of this that I had never heard before.

Apparently at this years Racine County Fair told kids at the Republican table they could come over to the Democratic Party table for free abortions.

The following is an account from Kay Shultz who witnessed the event first hand.

Sometimes I hate how fair I am. I was with Kurt Vlach inside the GOP tent at the county fair at the time of that incident. He was arguing with the guy who was manning their table who made a remark about how we (dems) had to give away things at our booth to get people to come in. We were giving away sun glasses donated by the Tingles that had our website printed on them as well as a few other items. Somewhere during the heated discussion Kurt raised his arms and said pretty loudly "Hey, come on over to our tent we're giving away free abortions". It was in front of about 7 or 8 teen boys between the ages of 14 and maybe 17 who were filling helium balloons, but it was directed at the adult man who was there. The kids were all shocked needless to say. Most of them being from quite religious backgrounds it was very upsetting. I was shocked myself and quickly existed their tent with Kurt. A few of the kids came back to me and expressed outrage and I was thankful that I didn't get a barrage of excited parents over it.

For those who do not know, Kay is a Democratic party member who was among those just ousted by Vlach.

I have no reason not to believe her account, she has been vocal but fair in the forum.

This action at a minimum was in HORRIBLE taste. Joke if you want with adults, but with teen children present?

Heck of a guy who took charge isn't he? No wonder Howard Dean is Kurt's hero.

Justice Dept. Probing Domestic Spying Leak

WASHINGTON - The Justice Department has opened an investigation into the leak of classified information about President Bush's secret domestic spying program, Justice officials said Friday. The officials, who requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of the probe, said the inquiry will focus on disclosures to The New York Times about warrantless surveillance conducted by the National Security Agency since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Question. Are those of you who were exercised over the Valerie Plahme leak as worked up over this? Keep in mind this has actual national security implications.

Kane, insane.

Yesterday we called out Eugene Kane as MIA on the McClain beating.

Today he chimed in. His response, outrageous. His take, we should ignore the violence and focus on the good kids. Read his drivel here.

Eugene misses the point entirely. We have a roving gang terrorizing the neighborhood. He should be calling for severe penalties and swift justice here, not a pat on the back for some community center.

Wednesday we called out McGee Jr, yesterday Kane, today I'm going to ruffle the rappers.

Gangsta rap and its influence can not be ignored here. This "music" glorifies thuggery and the image pushes streed cred. Street cred, what a joke, the badder I am the better my cred? How about the better person I am the more value I am to my community? No wonder people have to hide in their homes and are afraid to come forward with any infromation that would assist the police in solving this horrible crime.

Let us make those responsible for this action responsible for their crime for a change instead of blaming others. Prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

December 29, 2005

Serious Spying Point.

Yesterday I asked the following question: Is it all right to spy on American Citizens who have ties to terrorists on overseas calls?

The response, yes.

The point that people are missing on this is simple. These calls have been intercepted overseas, not in a Domestic manner. The President said the following in his news conference. “First, I want to make clear to the people listening that this program is limited in nature to those that are known al Qaeda ties and/or affiliates. That's important. So it's a program that's limited, and you brought up something that I want to stress, and that is, is that these calls are not intercepted within the country. They are from outside the country to in the country, or vice versa.”

The FISA court, which is what everyone is all excited about, in 2002 had the following to say in regards to the Presidents authority to wiretap for foreign intelligence purposes without judicial warrant. "We take for granted that the president does have that authority"

So I say to you, if we all agree that this is a good idea, and the court that everyone is exercised about agrees the President was acting on legal authority, why oh why is everyone unglued?

RDW coming to the defense of Democrats?

Say it aint so.

Nah it is true.

Check out my guest piece on the Racine Journal Times.

Samuel McClain update.

The Journal Sentinel is doing a good job covering this. Their latest story is here, including before and afterpictures of the victim. I've been struglling with publishing those pictures. If you want to see them, view the JS story.

Mr McClain was apparently on a vent and was in a coma. He is now breathing on his own and sitting up in bed.

Apparently nine people are being questioned, the Police say they are familiar with all of them.

Still absent is any outrage from community leaders against the mob violence occuring here.

Yesterday we called out Michael McGee Jr. Today we will call out Eugene Kane. Just where is Milwaukee's chief print race apologist on this issue? Oh that's right he has not written a word about this. (The full editorial board almost got it right today, they started good but could not avoid the social engineering in the end)

I can tell you this much, when Eugene does get around to this he will blame someone other than the thug punks who did this. He will blame it on jobs, he will blame it on police, he will ignore the code of silence that forces people to live in their homes in fear.

I pray Mr. McClain continues to prove, and I hope beyond hope that for a change we will do the right thing and prosecute the guilty persons to the FULLEST extent possible.

Stepp update.

Americans for Legal Immigration has picked up the Stepp/Voces de le Frontera story.

Interesting recap and a call to action.

Check it out here.

December 28, 2005

Serious Spying Question.

Is it all right to spy on American Citizens who have ties to terrorists on overseas calls?

I am serious about this. Nothing else, just yes or no.

Ladwig - Guilty.

In the realm of fairness we should comment on Bonnie Ladwig.

She entered a guilty plea and accepted the sentence of the court. Her crime, politics in a public office.

Ladwig admitted her guilt and did the right thing.

You can read her comments here. There are some shocking comments that show just how nastily partisan some people are.

Where's Michael McGee Jr on the Samuel McClain beating?

The other night a gang hanging out in the middle of the street pulled a man out of his car and beat him within an inch of his life. We have all heard the story. The outrage trigger, he honked his horn.

Where are all of the people who showed outrage over Michael McGee Jr acting badly then being arrested in response to this issue?

The race of the participants has to my knowledge not been disclosed, however the crime occured at 36th and Hampton in Milwaukee, a primarily African-American neighborhood.

One would think the same people who showed up over that should of shown up and gotten vocal over this.

I guess it is only an issue when white cops arrest a black leader.

UPDATE; This has gone national. CNN has it here. CNN linked to Right from the Right, good discussion there.

In addition, Science Daily picked this up, also San Diego, ABC News, Washington Post, Australia,, Minneapolis, Biloxi, CBS News, Ireland, Canada, Cayman Islands, UK, Forbes, Boston, Miami, I could go on.

Gee this makes our community look just swell. They say any publicity is good publicity. WRONG. Please round up all of these thugs and lock them away. And please all of you community leaders use this opportunity to come out and be critical of the persons who did this, not trying to blame this on anyone else for a change.

Racine Dems old and new.

Check out the new website for the Racine Democratic party.

Now look at the old one.

New is not always better. The old site was a vital alive place where opinion was valued. The new one, well it aint much of anything.

Racine Dems again.

Early this morning I posted some comments in my predictions from Kurt Vlach to the Racine Dems website.
Looks like the Journal Times is reading RDW again. They picked it up. Nice comments going over there, you might enjoy it.
Someone should tell Kurt he aint in charge until '06.

December 27, 2005

Teddy's non-apology.

From best of the web:

"The UMass Dartmouth student who claimed to have been visited by Homeland Security agents over his request for 'The Little Red Book' by Mao Zedong has admitted to making up the entire story," reports the Standard-Times of New Bedford, Mass.:
The 22-year-old student tearfully admitted he made the story up to his history professor, Dr. Brian Glyn Williams, and his parents, after being confronted with the inconsistencies in his account.
Among those who fell for the story, as we noted Friday, was Sen. Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts, who cited it in a Boston Globe op-ed piece (though he claimed the book in question was "the official Chinese version of Mao Tse-tung's Communist Manifesto"). According to a Globe news story on the hoax, the Globe interviewed the shifty student--whose request for anonymity both papers have respected even though he lied to them--"but decided not to write a story about his assertion, because of doubts about its veracity."
Kennedy, meanwhile, apologized for slandering America's dedicated law-enforcement agents by portraying them as totalitarian thugs.
Ha ha, we fooled you! Here's the actual Kennedy response as reported by the Globe:
Laura Capps, a Kennedy spokeswoman, said last night that the senator cited ''public reports" in his opinion piece. Even if the assertion was a hoax, she said, it did not detract from Kennedy's broader point that the Bush administration has gone too far in engaging in surveillance.

RDW 2006 Predictions.

Yeah it is cliche' but so be it. Here we go.

1st District Congressional stuff: Candidate Justin Sowa will drop out of the race and be replaced by Tim Daley of Union Grove. Yeah, Thomas is still running, the 7th time will not be a charm. This will be a nice coming out party for Daley and provide him some nice name recognition, but he will not be able to overcome Paul Ryan's war chest (currently 1.7 million).

Republican Primary for Governor: I must admit this one is a coin flip. Walker plays better in Milwaukee, Green plays better up-state. I'm giving this one to Scott Walker based on primary turnout. I think he will be able to pull more of his base on a traditionally low primary voter turnout.

Governor. Doyle is a one-term wonder. He has never polled above 46%, and in this race it appears like there will not be an Ed Thompson to add a 3rd party vote. Doyle will lose as he has kept killing legislation the people support. This election will be about taxes and spending and Walker will have Doyle's record to run against. Additionally, he will have his to run on. You may not like every cut Walker has made but he has submitted level spending budgets every year. That is powerful mojo. Doyle neend 55% in Milwaukee county to win, he will not get above 50.

Congress. The Democrats will lose two seats in the Senate and five seats in the House. I expect this prediction to draw what are you crazy comments. I'm right on this and all you have to do to figure this out is look at the current leadership. They look unglued ranting and raving and jumping on anything they think can further their cause. Case in point the U Mass student who claimed he was a target of Patriot Act abuses over his library records (The Marquette Warrior has been all over this). He made it up. However, The Carvilles and Kennedys of the world jumped all over it saying see, see, see. See what? Time and again the left is doing this. And the country sees it. The thing is if the left had real leadership and talked about real ideas I think they could take back both houses. All they have though is screamers and reactionists. That is not enough to win. On a side note watch how many new candidates who are really leftists run like staunch conservatives. Then ask yourself, why do they have to hide behind what they really are?

Racine Mayor. New Storm Trooping Racine County Democratic head Kurt Vlach will do everything in his power to unseat sitting Democratic Mayor Gary Becker. He will fail. As an additional fun point to watch, the Racine Journal Times will miss this huge story right under their nose. Back-biting and some of the nastiest politics I have seen in some time are going on right here in Racine and they are oblivious. Case in point to the schism, this request from Kurt Vlach on the Racine Dem's message board (a very good one by the way), I ask that you delete from the home page (and any other page) of any reference to it being the "Home" of the Democratic Party of Racine County. I ask that you cease and desist from using such language to identify the website as such. The website is not to be considered the "Home" of the Democratic Party of Racine County and your prompt attention to this matter is appreciated. Kurt may be right, the new home is the Union hall.

McReynolds vs Lehman. Mac, take it to the bank.

Iraq. I hate this, but politics will play a role. Troop withdrawals will go a bit too far this summer and Iraq will do a backslide requiring more troops to be brought in again. Further good news and progress will continue to be ignored.

Spying. This will go nowhere. Most people will get they fact that spying is going on with people who have ties to terrorists. Clue to you Dems. The people think we should do that.

Brewers. The Milwaukee Brewers youth movement will blossom propelling the Brewers to a 2nd place finish behind St Louis falling just short of the wild-card. However, they will have a winning record.

Packers. Brett Favre will not retire. (until the end of the 06 season). The Packers will take a running back in the draft and Ahman Green will not be back. (Mike Sherman will be)

Racine School Referendum. This years outrage will be defeated soundly not once, but twice. Tommie Hicks will bring it back a 3rd time still not getting the fact that no means no. Kids will be scared and crying and pictures will be on the front page but RUSD will finally be forced to live within their means. (sorry Bil)

Scott. I'll continue to get news from dozens of sources, Scott will remain convinced though I only get news from Limbaugh and Fox News.

Voces De La Frontera. Pressure will come to bear and Voces De La Frontera will lose their non-profit status.

Happy New Year.

I would like to nominate Jennifer Finley for Queen of Integrity.

There was a great deal of speculation as to why Jennifer Finley left as Chief of Staff to newly elected Waukesha County Executive Dan Vrakas.

Turns out the reason was, he's a RINO.

You can read her statement here.