November 11, 2005

Thoughts on Michael McGee Jr.

I've read and heard just about everything on the Michael McGee Jr story, it is worthy of comment.

Let us begin in the BlockBuster parking lot shall we? McGee pulled up and stopped, car running lights on by the front door, after the store was closed. In Mcgee's own statements he has no idea why this was a bad thing to do. Having worked in retail management before let me tell you why. This is a favorite tactic of robbers, either in plain sight or in a sly manner to hang out by the entrance at closing. My employees would of called the police on him as well, black or white. That is what they would be trained to do.

The police came and checked things out and asked McGee to move along. Incident over. Nope, enter the how dare you tell me what to do side of McGee. The don't you know who I am side. Tell me Michael, if you are that important how come you are sitting in a parking lot of a closed store at 10:15 at night, don't you have something better to do? Instead of just doing as the police asked, he had to throw a few agitated F-bombs before he went. The store called the cops again, prompting his second stop.

That is really all we need to know. Michael McGee Jr is a jerk. He behaved like a jerk. Apparently he was treated like a jerk upon the second time the police stopped him.

One more thing. They are making some big deal out of the fact that this was Wauwatosa. This was 60th and North Ave folks. I know the area very well. And trust me on this, there is plenty of black populace in the area and I am sure at that store. They are trying to make this sound like Wauwatosa is some lilly-whites only community, nothing could be farther from the truth.

Did the cops punch him? I'm not sure, I do not really care if they did, black or white man. If you have an encounter with the police, don't be a jerk. If you listen to McGee he will tell you he was just exercising his 1st amendment rights, but I am sure he was doing so laced with attitude and f-bombs. No doubt about that. I am also fairly sure he resisted much more than he is indicating in his public statements. All of his statements would seem to obsolve him of everything.

So the net effect of all this. He was being a grade-a full blown jerk and he was treated like one. Most likely he deserved to be. This was NOT about race, no matter how much he will scream it was. Michael was not busted for DWB, was busted for BAJ (being a jerk).

November 10, 2005

Carolina Panther Cheerleader Gate

Ya know something has been bugging me about this story, you all heard it so I will not rehash it.

How did the Cherleaders get fired immediately, and the Minnesota Vikings involved in the "Love Boat" scandal have nothing happen to them yet? Can anyone say Ray Lewis?

This kind of double standard can not be allowed to continue. I say we need a National Cheerleaders Union. This is my new cause celebre!

Yeah I would of posted "the" picture, but come on you have already seen it.

November 9, 2005

What you are not hearing about the '05 election results.

All over the news you hear it, DEMOCRATS KICKED BUTT, LOOK OUT FOR '06!

Here is the reality of the situation. The Democrats held onto two Governors seats they already held. Interestingly both candidates had to run to the right to win. This is a net zero.

In California, all conservative propositions lost in a liberal state. Does this bode well for the Governator? Of course not. Is it all over for his re-election? Of course not. There is still a year left.

What you are not hearing is the left lost HUGE in Ohio. There were a total of five election themed referenda that were supported in a major way by Reform Ohio Now, a liberal group. Tons of cash and hundreds of hours were spent on these initiatives to loosen electoral laws that would of had the net effect of making it easier to cheat.

These issues went down by a 2 to 1 margin, a stunning defeat for the left.

You are not hearing about that by the liberal press in their euphoria over keeping the seats they did have.

I bet you did not hear that Republicans have won Lieutenat Governor and AG seats in Virginia either.

The point of all this, it aint as rosy for the Dems as you are hearing out there folks. Did they have a good day? Absolutely. Does this tell us anything? Not really. The big issue to me is the Ohio thing, and there they lost huge.

Chat it up, call me an idiot, whatever. Let's debate.

Joe Wineke is a disgrace.

Joe Wineke, the head of the Democratic party in wisconsin, sent the following letter to the President of The United States.

All I have to say is Joe Wineke is a little sarchastic sniveling weenie. And that is as nice as I can say it. Congrats Joe, you guys held onto two seats you already had. I guess that is the first election in some time where Dems have not lost ground.

Joe Wineke has absolutely zero sense of decorum, or respect for the office of the President. He should be ashamed, he should be removed from office, and if you want to defend this gutter tripe, then you deserve a swift kick in the arse.

By the way did you ever notice in the eyes of Dems, when Repubs win elections they cheat and when they win it is this great victory? Funny how Wineke forgot to mention that all the stupid so-called voter reforms in Ohio that would of made cheating easier went down huge. Good job Ohio.

His letter:

Dear Mr. President,
First of all, I would like to extend my greetings in what has to be a difficult time for you and your Administration.

With many of your top advisors under investigation and facing indictment – and your support plummeting around the nation – I think it is a testament to your dedication to electing Republicans that you traveled on their behalf in the days before yesterday’s elections, visiting Virginia the day before the election in an unsuccessful effort to elect a Republican governor in a southern state that just a year ago you won by eight percentage points.

In that vein, I would like to extend an invitation for you to visit Wisconsin on behalf of Republicans the day before our general election on Tuesday, November 7, 2006.

Whether it is because of the record deficit amassed by you and your Republican allies in the Congress such as Wisconsin’s Mark Green … or the bungling of the war in Iraq … or the cloud of scandal that has settled over the top levels of your Administration, voters around the country are making Republicans pay the price.

In addition to the big win for Democrats in Virginia last night:· Democrats also won the Governor’s Office in New Jersey after your performance and agenda were linked to the Republican candidate· Voters rejected all four of Republican Governor Schwarzenegger’s ballot initiatives · Voters dumped eight Republican school board members in rural Dover, Pennsylvania, who supported your “intelligent design” as a teaching tool in public schools. They were replaced with solid Democrats.

It is my guess that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Democrats are offering a better vision to protect freedom, families, and fairness. We are energized and working hard to re-elect our incumbent Governor Jim Doyle and Democrats up and down the ticket.Again, let me extend a personal invitation to come to our great Badger State. You visited us a number of times last year – particularly to promise to extend the MILC program which helps our great dairy farmers. Your rubber stamp ally Mark Green traveled with you to promise MILC would continue in the years to come, which so far is not the case. Some might call that a lie.

But I guess it will be up to the voters here in Wisconsin to reject Green and his say-one-thing-and-do-another Washington values.

Early November can be a beautiful time of the year in Wisconsin. Again, I extend an invitation for you to come and rally our troops, as well as the independent voters who are now steadfast in their opposition to you.

Come to Wisconsin. A blue state … since ’88.
Yours very truly,
Joe Wineke
Chair, Democratic Party of Wisconsin

November 8, 2005

State of Emergency Declared in France

President Jacques Chirac' declared a state of emergency Tuesday, paving the way for curfews to be imposed on riot-hit cities and towns in an extraordinary measure to halt France's worst civil unrest in decades after 12 nights of violence.

Is it me or does this guy make Michael Brown look like Mario Andretti?

France Burns

I have been watching with horror the riots in France. At first I snickered, if many of you are honest you will admit the same. Islamic youth insighting violence against the French who preach all this tolerance of their opinions, the irony seemed delicious.

But this is spreading and getting worse daily. Reports of the same type behavior have spread into Germany and Hungary. If they do not get a handle on this quickly it could spread to the rest of Europe.

I'm not quite sure how to think about this. Two youths were hiding from police in a power sub-station and got themselves electrocuted. Sad, yes, but nothing good ever happens when you elude the police. As usualy personal responsibility has been left by the wayside and they seem to want to blame everyone else.

I guess I am still formulating an opinion on this, but I thought it a subject worthy, and overdue, of discussion. The standard Neo-Con talking point has been to point out how many press stories have burried or ignored the fact that this is Islamic rioting. Interesting yes, but there are bigger issues here than that.

November 7, 2005

Slow news day? Seems like it.

This morning I clicked onto the Journal Times' website. I was somewhat bemused to see the lead story, center photo lead headline and everything. It went something like this:

Have you ever noticed that at lunchtime the large-screen TVs in the Downtown Johnson Building are always tuned to Fox News?The building has a spot for lunch open to the public each day, across the street from Monument Square. People buy their lunch, sit down in a foyer area, and enjoy Fox News. CNN and MSNBC present themselves as objective while Fox News presents itself as "Fair and Balanced" with a wink. It's clearly tilted to the right.Whatever you may think about that, the formula works. Fox News routinely destroys CNN and MSNBC in the ratings. Maybe that's why the Johnson Building is all-Fox all the time. Or maybe there's some other reason ...

Of all the things going on in the world Fox News being on in the common area of a private business got the shackles at the Journal Times raised. Is this news?

Let's see just what The Journal Times passed on for their front page to report this great social injustice as the #1 story.
  • Kathleen Falk announces run for Attorney General against someone in her own party. Nah nothing juicy there.
  • Bush says "We do not torture", nah they talk about that all the time.
  • The Milwaukee paper refuses to come off its Thomas comments. Prime complain about talk radio stuff? Pass.
  • France is burning? Too complicated.
  • Lakeland press story about Doyle fracturing the truth on gaming agreements? Nope.
  • Big elections turning nasty, vote tomorrow? Not in Racine, don't care.
  • First Congressional District Candidate gets the whole leak-gate thing factually incorrect? Nope, we don't even know about that.

A small sampling I realize, but there would seem to be plenty to talk about today. In the comments section of this incredibly important new expose' we find this:

As the electronic communications officer for Johnson Bank, I am delighted that the Journal Times has taken notice of our plasma screens in the Johnson Building. I'd like to point out that, while we primarily keep the Fox News Channel on, we also do occasionally turn the channel to local sports games and to other news outlets that may be featuring our organization. Sometimes, we even turn on the Disney Channel - such as during "Bring your Child to Work Day." In addition to showing the news on the two lower screens, we also use the top two screens to publicize local and downtown Racine events.

Keeping the Fox News Channel on is not a political statement by our organization. This channel is on primarily because it is the most requested news channel by our associates. As a Workplace of Choice, it's important that we keep our associates feedback and ideas in mind as we leverage these types of technologies.

Best regards,

Aleisha Djuricic, Electronic Communications Officer, Johnson Financial Group

What a startling relevation, the most requested news channel by your associates. Well stop the presses. Something must be wrong with those people.

The amazing thing, by mid day, the sets had been changed to TV land, and The Journal Times wanted Fox News back!

Fox News was up on the TV screens this morning on the main floor of the Johnson Building. Fox News has always been on the TVs there, at least every time we were there.But, suddenly, perhaps because of the below Internet post, the channel has been changed. A lunchtime check found the televisions tuned to TV Land.TV Land??? Is that really necessary? Perhaps somebody at Johnson is trying to punish us for our innocent observation and meaningless banter, subjecting us to the Andy Griffith Show, Leave it to Beaver, and Highway to Heaven.Oh, Heaven help us and, please, bring back Fox News ...

And this my friends is what passes for front page news in the Racine Journal Times, web edition anyway. Maybe our old buddy Rob Golub will stop by and comment on this.

There is an interesting dynamic here. While the Journal Times has a great website and a very progressive and active web forum (heck they even let me write articles for it). Sometimes they forget they are a newspaper and have the awful stigma of journalistic credibility to them. This would apparently be one of those times.

I am so grateful I can just be a snooty know it all blogger.

I wonder what's on in the lobby at the Sheraton? Maybe I should write a letter.

Political Pontification, or how dirty is this going to get?

Tomorrow voters will be going to the polls in several key elections.

The nastiest races have been for the Governor's offices in New Jersey and Virginia. Allegations have been flying back and forth on corruption and infidelity from Senator Corzine (D) and Doug Forrestor (R) over the New Jersey seat. Corzine has a 7 point lead in that race. In Virginia Jerry Kilgore (R) and Tim Kaine (D) are running to take the office of Mark Warner who is term limited from running again.

Our prediction, Corzine and Kilgore shall win.

The interesting point to be discussed from this is just how nasty these races have been. It kind of acts as a crystal ball and I'd like to discuss the upcoming elections for Wisconsin Attorney General and Governor.

First, Kathleen Falk entered the fray today announcing she will run against sitting AG Peg Lautenschlager. Early polls show Lautenschlager has a huge problem. She only has a 55% approval among Dems, while general approval ratings are in the 40% range state wide. These are bad numbers for a sitting office holder. The thing is this is solely a tinkling match because Doyle does not want Lautenschlager elected again.

What will be interesting in this race is how badly Falk and Lautenschlager rip each other. Politically they are about the same with Falk being perhaps slightly more liberal than the AG.

Sitting in the wings are Waukesha DA Paul Bucher and JB Van Hollen, a Federal Prosecutor. Each have good name recognition in their areas and both are well respected, but from a Statewide stance neither has as good a name recognition as the sitting AG or Falk who ran against Doyle for Governor.

Our prediction, we will see a cat fight between the ladies and it is going to be nasty and expensive. The gentlemen will squabble a bit and keep it civilized. I think Bucher will have the edge based on a better campaign structure but neither will spend the money in the primary giving the Republican winner an edge in funding going into next years general elections.

We all know about the Governors race. Green or Walker against Doyle. Doyle is a 500# gorilla stacking up huge amounts of money to make whoever his opponent is look like the son of Satan.

Doyle dropped another 2 points in the latest Zogby poll hovering at about 46%. I think scandal is starting to catch up to him, and on the heel of the Chvala conviction, Doyle is starting to look quite similar in method, just larger in scope. One thing is sure, there is plenty of mud lying around to sling.

From a national perspective The righties see Doyle as vulnerable so money will flow in for the eventual nominee. I wish Green would of run against Herb Kohl freeing Walker to concentrate on Doyle, but oh well we can not have everything.

Our Predictions. Falk vs Bucher, Bucher gets 54%. Walker vs Doyle, Walker wins with 52%. Doyle will veto that result, but finally lose an override.

Yes I know, making predictions a year in advance is silly, but my real question is just how nasty these races will become. I think they will be the nastiest in Wisconsin history.

Oh for my wild-card prediction...... Tommy Thompson will come out of retirement to run against Herb Kohl. He'll win too.

The Warrior

Earlier this weekend I wrote about vandalism against the creators of Marquette's new paper, The Warrior.

I read their first edition, if you would like to do the same, click this.

The Milwaukee Journal wrote about them Saturday and apparently had some factual issues.
This is from The Warriors website:

Saturday’s edition of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel features a story about The Warrior, the new student-run and independently funded alternative publication at Marquette University.

The story is riddled with inaccuracies and contains untrue, unverified and misleading information:

1) “The Marquette Tribune did not favor a return to the Warriors
nickname...The Tribune's position upset several Republican students so
much that they decided to launch an alternative publication in May devoted
to their own coverage of the nickname debate.”

The Marquette Tribune published a staff editorial against the warrior
nickname May 5. The first edition of The Warrior was released April 28.

2) “With funding from the Delaware-based Intercollegiate Studies Institute,
the Republican students printed 1,000 copies of a 10-page publication and
decided to call it The Warrior.”

The Warrior has no affiliation whatsoever with this organization. In
actuality, it received backing from The Leadership Institute, based in
Arlington, VA.

The first edition of The Warrior, released in April, was 12 pages, not 10...
publications typically print in increments of four pages.

3) “A group of Republican students launched The Warrior...”

Megan Twohey, the Journal Sentinel reporter, never asked The Warrior
about the staff members’ political affiliations. The Warrior does not state
in any mission statement or letter from the editor any affiliation to a
particular political party, and not all of the staff members adhere to the
same political ideology.

“It’s ironic that The Warrior’s mission is to promote accuracy, and yet Milwaukee’s major
newspaper botches the story on its Saturday front page,” said Diana Sroka, Editor-in-Chief.

I encourage you to read the warrior. Check out their website, then answer the following question. Is anything there so objectionable as to create so much angst as this is causing among the liberal students at Marquette? Because if there is, I don't see it.

November 6, 2005

Journal Responds to Thomas Comments.

You can read the whole Article here with tons of response from readers.

You can read my response here, I took this one National it is so outrageous.

Chat it up folks, this paper is out of its mind.