October 7, 2005

Packers to win NFC North

Espn writer Jason Whitlock says the following:

The 0-4 Green Bay Packers will win the NFC North.

OK, the division might be the worst in the history of the league, but I envision the Packers going 8-4 or 9-3 the rest of the season. The Packers are not as bad as their winless record.

Had the Packers huddled and taken their time before their final fourth-down play against the Carolina Panthers, Brett Favre and the Packers would've finished off their rally and upset the Panthers on Monday night.

The Packers will win their next three -- vs. Saints, at Vikings, at Bengals -- and finish the season on a five-game winning streak -- at Bears, vs. Lions, at Ravens, vs. Bears and vs. Seahawks. In between those strings of victories, they'll grab a win on "MNF" against the Vikings.

Will the Packers still fire Mike Sherman after he leads them to a division crown? Probably


Hypothetical Reality Check

Yesterday while flipping around the radio dial I settled on the Ed Schultz show on Racine’s WRJN. Ed was interviewing Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and the subject was, what else, Bill Bennet.

The Congresswoman was calling for the FCC to remove Dr. Bennet from the airwaves for his recent on air comments we have discusses previously. She indicated other members of the Congressional Black Caucus would join her in pressuring the FCC to censure Dr. Bennet.

As discussed in the most recent Hypocritic Oaf Award Dr. Bennet was debunking a book by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner, Freakanomics. That book floated the original premise that abortion had contributed to the decline in the crime rate.

Again, the comments as to black persons was ridiculous but added with an immediate response the entire premise is ridiculous and morally reprehensible. But them again that would not serve the real purpose of trying to silence another conservative voice.

Dr. Bennet spoke a to hypothetical, but in reality 1.5 million real babies are aborted annually, 562,000 of those babies are black. Why isn’t the Congresswoman outraged about that?

I guess the hypothetical is worth more anger than the reality.

October 6, 2005

What's worse 2

Looks like former National Security Advisor Sandy Berger may be going to jail. Seems Sandy has a bit of a heavy right foot that is a violation of his parole for stuffing classified documents in his Jockeys. Details.

I ask again, what's worse, stealing classified documents or legally moving money around?

21st District Dem Dance

Classic double speak going on down in Racine folks.

State Rep Lehman came out with this after Racine County Exec Bill McReynolds announced he is running for the State Senate:

Usually Wisconsin legislative races don’t begin 13 months before election day, but the dual announcements of State Senator Cathy Stepp and County Executive William McReynolds have changed this.

For those who have not noticed, Lehman has been nipping at Stepps heals for the last year or more and announced a couple of months ago.

A few more choice nuggets:

I have supported Governor Doyle’s responsible property tax freeze that was enacted into law, keeping property taxes down while protecting education.

Yeah, that is working real well holding the line on taxes John. I'll send you a copy of my increase when it gets here.

Yadda yadda, tripe tripe, oh here we go:

Finally, I need to say that I’ve know Mr. McReynolds for a long time and I trust that we can enjoy a very civil debate on the issues facing our state. I challenge him and others to engage in an open and healthy debate and avoid the mudslinging we have previously seen.

Immediately follwing that release we get these juicy excerpts from the state party:

McReynolds Just Another Republican Out of Touch With Wisconsin Values MADISON – Legislative Republicans unveiled today another out-of-touch Republican to run for the Racine County State Senate seat being vacated by Republican Cathy Stepp... “There may be a new Republican candidate in Racine County, but the song and dance remains the same,” said Joe Wineke, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. “The Republican majority has been driving its agenda of misplaced priorities for too long, with total disregard for Wisconsin values. Now they want another Republican clone to help them advance their extremist agenda in Madison.....The people of Racine County don’t need another out-of-touch Republican to represent them in Madison,”

Sounds like a very civil debate to me John.

October 5, 2005


I'm sure you have all heard about Tom Delay, more about that later.

How many of you have heard of the Chuckaquiddick scandal? Here it is in short. Two staffers working for NY Senator Charles Schumer (D) ordered a fraudulent credit report on Maryland Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele. The staffers, Katie Barge and and Lauren Wiener, are political veterans and know better than doing this. Or is this just the first time they got caught?

Michael Steele is a rising star in the Republican party and is running for the senate seat being vacated by retiring Senator Paul Sarbanes . It would seem the Democrats fear Conservative African-American males more than the threat of jail time, which is exactly what these two could face. The two did admit to this in July. This crime is being further investigated by the FBI and the D.C. U.S. Attorney's office.

The mainstream media in Full out Delay, Bennet mode is completely ignoring this story. Can you imaging the outcry if the roles here were reversed?

Delay is accused of moving money from here to there, Schumer's operatives have admitted to invasion of privacy of a Lieutenant Governor, tell me what's worse?

Speaking of Delay.

Very interesting article in the Austin American Statesman. You can read it here. I am telling you, I am surer that I have been on anything before this prosecutor is on a witch-hunt. He is Ahab to Delay's Moby Dick. And in the MSM, not much about him.

I ask you though, seriously, why is the media giving Schumer and his office a complete pass on this? Go ahead those of you who keep telling me the media has this right wing bias, come on you can admit it.


From, Byron Calame, the public editor for The New York Times, I’ve been asking editors since Monday about the situation involving the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and confidential credit records of Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele, a Republican. The Times now has reporters looking into it.

(that was 9-30, still nothing)

You heard it here first. 21st dist politics.

Racine County Exec Bill McReynolds has an announcement scheduled at 4pm this afternoon.

There is a great deal of speculation out there, but I have confirmed McReynolds will run for Cathy Stepp's seat in the State Senate.
tate Rep Lehman is already slinging mud at McReynolds, claiming "He has the philosophy of small government, watching taxes. And the question is if that philosophy will best serve Racine County when it comes to creating jobs."

That's a bad thing?

This should be fun. Good Luck Bill!

October 4, 2005

Delay Indicted Again.

Okey Dokie Ronnie Earle is at it again.

Scott this is for you, since you have been critical of every word I have said on Delay but admitted you have not bothered to read the first indictment.

Here is everything you need to know.
  • Delay was indicted for "laundering" $190,000 from corporations through a pac, then funneling that money back to 7 Texas candidates from a different fund in 2002.
  • That practice was made illegal in 2003.

If you do not get that go back up and read the following points again. Earle has indicted Delay for something that was LEGAL at the time he was accused of doing it.

Ok Scott, now you can go on your little rant and tell me how non-partisan Ronnie Earle is and how my arguements after reading the available material are less worthy than your opinions based on nothing other than your dislike for Delay.

Hypocritic Oaf Award

This award goes out in broad scope to everyone who has attacked Bill Bennet without telling the whole story.

The discussion on Dr. Bennet's program was in response to Freakonomics, a book by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner. That book floated the original premise that abortion had contributed to the decline in the crime rate.

Planned Parenthood would apparently agree, they published a whole long report on it. Find that here. Like an excerpt? States with high abortion rates have seen a greater fall in crime since 1985, even after taking into account other factors that would be expected to influence the crime rate. Kill more babies, cut crime.... Ooh not that is not controversial at all is it? And my guess is this is the first you have heard of this.

One more thing. Dr. Bennet's background is as a philosophy professor. The basic premise of philosophy is throw out hypotheticals, and then discuss the ramifications of said hypotheticals. Dr. Bennet threw out this hypothetical and immediately added how terrible the premise would be.

Is using the example in relation to black children in bad taste? Of course it is. Would Dr. Bennet wish even one black baby to be aborted? No, Dr. Bennet is pro-life. Quite the contrary, the left that is taking his conversation out of context and latching onto only a few words are the ones that want babies to be aborted. Oh they will tell you they want it to be rare, but they do not seem to be upset that 1,540 black children are aborted daily in this country. I would not exactly call that rare.

So to all of you who have taken just the little piece of this for your own little partisan gains, shame on you, and enjoy your Hypocritic Oaf Award.

October 3, 2005

Stepp Update

Well it was big fun being the first one out with the Cathy Stepp story last night, I thought I had another Scoop but the Journal Times beat me to it.

County Executive McReynolds may run for Cathy Stepp's seat

Racine Unified Outrage, Yesterday and Today.


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported yesterday RUSD is missing out on "millions of dollars in federal school-based Medicaid reimbursements over the past seven years"

What we have here is about 1 quarter of a million dollars annualy that could of flowed to RUSD that they just ignore. It is so much easier to just send the kiddies door to door crying crocodile tears to fund their foibles. (Thanks Wiggie for pointing this out)


I am afraid I have to pull a Judy Miller and keep my source on this confidential. However, many RUSD students are still waiting on new curricula to reach their classrooms. This is nothing new for RUSD, they tend to place orders late, and not count on the mess in organization and distribution to the schools. Yes it is October 3rd and we still do not have all of the books where they belong.

Now President Bush was supposed to save New Orleans in a day, but Racine Unified can not manage to get books into their classrooms.

Yep, they deserve more of my money.

Get a clue Racine Unified, try and do things right for a change, get the books in the classroom. There is no excuse for the correct book not to be in the correct room by the 6th week of school. The next time I hear about excellence at RUSD I may drive my car into a telephone pole from the laughter.

And for this we gave Dr. Hicks a raise.

October 2, 2005

Cathy Stepp announces retirement.

I got this from Cathy Stepp a couple of minutes ago.

Cathy will be missed she has done a great job.

Yo! Reince Priebus are you listening?



I’d like to thank the citizens of Racine County for giving me the honor of serving as your elected State Senator for the last few years. It is with mixed emotions and a good deal of contemplation that I announce my decision not to run for re-election.

I said many times when I was running for office that I thought one of the main problems in politics today was the lifelong politician who holds tight-fisted to the position graced to him. That when too much time was spent “under the dome” perspectives could get lost and passionate mission could be dulled. I also believe that there are many energized minds waiting in the wings who should have the opportunity to bring their experiences and vision to a place where they could try to make a difference.

You gave me an incredible opportunity to go to work to put the state on better footing financially, to fight for economic development initiatives that will help us here at home and to stand firm in the face of adversity on numerous social issues. I worked tirelessly on all three fronts. I never lost sight of the fact that this job was a gift of your trust in my abilities that I accepted humbly.

To my supporters who were there with me from the beginning and those whom I have met since, I give my deep thanks for your confidence and trust. You allowed me into your hearts and made a safe place for me there. Thank you for being my extended family.

To my colleagues in the Senate and Assembly, staff, and friends around the state, I thank you for hearing my concerns for my district and being tolerant of my impatience as I entered the dizzying political world from the private sector. While I can smile now at the culture shock I endured, you softened the blow for me by supporting me with your friendship, knowledge and laughter. Thank you for believing in my ideas and abilities and for sometimes taking a chance by supporting them. While I have enjoyed many successes with the help of my staff and colleagues in Madison, it is time to focus my attention on my primary responsibility to be a wife and mom devoted first to those who have been entirely devoted to me.

My husband, Paul, and my children, Hannah and Mitchell, have been generous in their surrender of “Mom” for the last few years. They supported me through my struggles and were there to cheer my triumphs. They patiently sacrificed my attendance at ball games, field trips, and plays while quietly enduring too many fast-food dinners and late-night homework sessions. I will be forever thankful to them.

We are blessed to live in a community like Racine. I have met so many of you who emit beams of hopeful light in a community that has struggled greatly over the last few decades. You put others before yourselves and have collectively illuminated the hopes and dreams for a greater and kinder Racine. You shared your love of community with me and made me a better person for it.

I will continue to advocate for our community over the duration of my term and look forward to working on behalf of us all. May God continue to bless us as we face evolving challenges and new representation.

With deep appreciation,

State Senator Cathy Stepp

More Sowa Nonsense.

1st Congressional District Candidate Sowa is at it again. Seeing as Mr. Sowa does not allow posts on his blog we shall have to discuss them here.

His latest post:

Yesterday, now former House Majority Leader Tom Delay was indicted on criminal conspiracy charges by the state of Texas. Paul Ryan has long been a political ally of Tom Delay’s, donating $1,000.00 to Tom Delay’s Legal Defense Fund from July 1, 2000 to December 31, 2001. Not only has Rep. Ryan donated to Delay’s legal defense fund, he has also accepted more than $25,000.00 from ARMPAC, Tom Delay’s political action committee. Rep. Ryan, give that money back!

This indictment is just the tip of the iceberg in this administration’s culture of corruption. I think it is time for the people of this community to demand that their representatives in Washington hold themselves to the highest standards of honesty and integrity. It is becoming more and more obvious that we do not have that now.

My email to Justin Sowa. (I have to post this as well as he never reponds to me)

Mr. Sowa.

I read with interest your comments on Tom Delay.

You are running to be my Congressman and am curious if you have heard of the concept innocent until proven guilty? Have you read the indictment? I have. There is nothing there Mr. Sowa. Do you not think it would be wise to let this play out in the courts before you attempt to take political advantage of it? Or, has Tom Delay already been tried and convicted in your mind? Are you aware there are serious issues as to the prosecutor's history and motive?

You ask for honesty and integrity Mr. Sowa. How do you feel about the rule of law? Does not Tom Delay deserve his day in court before you claim his guilt?

To date you have returned none of my emails. I'm not sure why. But I ask you to be considerate of my position and provide me with an answer.

I'll let you know if he responds, but do not count on it.