October 1, 2005

The more I find out.... Air America again.

I was reading through a post by Danny Goldberg at the good old HuffPo. Danny is the new CEO over at Air America. Danny was feeding us some fiscal fabulouslessness over how rosy things are at Air America. You can read it here. It is your typical Air America story of just how wonderful everything is there. (Woops he forgot to mention they just got dropped in Phillie)

In the comments section I stumbled across this:

Dear Danny,

I worked for AA as a board operator in LA on Easter Sunday, Apr.11, 2003 at KBLA. Unfortunately, I was never paid the $154 for the work. On June 23, 2005 I was awarded $2487.99 by the Labor Commissioner, State of California. AA continues to ignore this and I still haven't been paid. If you are doing so well, why don't you pay me the money you owe. I know at least three other people who worked there and weren't paid, also.

BTW...I now do a Progressive talk show on a right wing station where I answer Rush. AA is carried on our sister station, KIST. I have been in radio for 35 years, and you are the first outfit that has ever stiffed me for my pay. How about an honesty check for someone who is supposed to be a "Champion of the Little Man"

Posted by: muse7285 on September 30, 2005 at 05:52pm

Muse7285 left just enough information for me to figure out who he is (after some deductive reasoning and significant googling). Paul Berenson an artist out of Santa Barbara. Mr. Berenson hosts a Saturday talk show on 990 am News Radio KTMS Saturdays from 1 to 4pm. You may visit his website here, his art is exceptional.

I have asked Mr. Berenson to confirm his comment and provide me with the contact information of the three other people he mentioned. Update Pending.

I ask one question, can you imagine the media screaming if someone like Limbaugh or Fox News did not pay people for work performed? The Labor Commissioner in California found in favor of this man and still Air America has not paid him for work performed, yet they are bragging about some new multi-million dollar studios?

Now here we have actual evidence of fiscal wrong-doing and this is the first I have heard of it. Meanwhile we have Tom Delay indicted on nothing, absolutely nothing (go ahead read the document, I have, nothing there). Media say Delay evil, blow up story, media say Air America good, ignore continued fiscal wrong doing. No bias there.

September 29, 2005

Racine Concealed Carry Protest.

I attended the Concealed Carry protest this evening.

I wrote about it The Badger Blog Alliance.

Check it out there, and chat it up here.

Carnival of the Badger Version 7.0

Step right up to the The Carnival of the Badger Version 7.0.

The Caribbean Carnival Guide describes it's carnival as, "Freedom and abandonment beyond description", I am not sure if we can handle that during Packer Season. If anyone is curious, America's largest traveling carnival is Amusements of America, founded in 1939 and listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the World's largest traveling amusement park. What might be better for us is The Great Wisconsin Cheese Festival in Little Chute, a great time to be had by all (sorry kids you have got to wait for next summer). For this freak-show we shall search the written word in the little nooks and crannies of Cheeseland, so step right up. Suckers.

For those of you who have been to the Carnival before you will notice several new attractions, let us tour them first, shall we?

First welcome Rob Golub, the Web editor of the Racine Journal Times. Rob on the Road graces the RJT's semi-new web forum. Rob waxes semi-poetic on the politics of kindergarten cupcakes. Welcome to the Midway Rob, you might want to put your wallet in a front pocket.

Entering the House of Horrors we find new Blogger Aaron of Subject to Change barking that Blogging is Bad for Your Health sending keyboard jockeys all over the midway screaming in terror. Aaron is persistent though handing recaps of The Race for The Cure as people flee clutching their laptops for dear life.

Coming out of the House of Horrors we hear loud voices at Herb Kohl's milk barn. It seems Lisa from Right Voices is trying to deliver a letter to Senator Kohl about not adding pork to Katrina relief bills. It seems the Senator is no where to be found. Would someone tell Lisa where Feingold's next listening session is? It seems she has a copy for him as well.

Look up the road from Herbie's Milk Barn and we find the King of Wisconsin Bloggers, Charlie Sykes of 620 WTMJ. As we look at Charlie in the fish bowl he is stuffing in a cream puff and holding up pictures to the window showing passers by pictures that look familiar but somehow different than what we have seen previously. Now I know what a crop circle is. Good to have you at the Carnival Charlie. (I hope the Carnival wins a Right Stuff Award).

Rounding out the new poster parade we find Shana of From Behind The Cheddar Curtain putting down her dollar to throw three darts at a picture of Racine Unified School District superintendent, Tom Hicks. Shana hits the bullseye and walks away with a giant novelty comb.

Over at the Governor's Auction, Sean from The American Mind is trying to get Jim "Needles" Doyle's attention. It seems Sean is a bit exercised over "Needles" dinner party. Sean is wearing a Walker for Gov t-shirt, I'm not sure if "Needles" will pay any attention to him.

The midway is an interesting place, all kinds of nifty people watching to be done. Look at that guy, pulling a red wagon stuffed with books, (mostly on how to play losing poker) and a cooler full of beer. That has to be James Wigderson of the Wigderson Library and Pub. James is mumbling under his breath about the announcement of Waukesha raising property taxes. I think James misses Dan Finley.

Is it snowing? Nope. Tee Bee at the Guide to Midwestern Culture is dropping leaflets from the top of the Ferris Wheel. The Wuzza Dem Factor?!? I usually throw these hand leaflets out, you might want to read this one.

Plenty of trash accumulates from the carnival, it has been said one man's trash is another man's treasure. Chris at On the Border Line is regaling the Carnie mechanic the tale of his spiffy new red lawn mower. I wonder if Chris is that guy who cruises my neighborhood every Sunday afternoon looking through the junk? Probably not.

Remember that huge computer looking thing with all those blinking lights, the one that put like 16 meg of raw computing power to spit out your horoscope? Well Dean at The Thoughtful Conservative has a new spin on things. Dean's wonder machine spits out your ideology in a political test after a retinal scan or some such thing. I saw Folkbum came out as a socialist, I took the test and rated as a Strong Republican, no surprise there for regular readers.

Scott at the Brewtown Politico can be found burning up the old ring toss. He's been there the whole time I have been around the carnival. Wondering what the fascination is Scott tells me the prizes man, the prizes. The sign reads, win the 10 most challenged books of 2004 . Hmm, "The Chocolate War", sounds right up Mrs RealDebate's alley.

Hey see that guy wearing the blue ribbon? Meet Jay Bullock, the Folkbum himself. Jay chimes in fresh after kicking my butt in the MKEonline Blog of the Week Semi-finals. Jay spent some time with 8th Congressional District Candidate Steve Kagen last week. Jay is too busy to play carnival games, but that sure is a pretty ribbon. Jay tells us Kagen is a Doctor and has some great ideas on health care reform. I hope he can cure indigestion after that last corn dog.

Your humble carnival host walks around with his XM walkman on, listening to Air America wondering when they may address the $875,000 "loan" from the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls club. Nothing yet, but you can buy a tote bag for $250 or get a few bumper stickers for $100.

Lance Burri can be found holding court by the tilt-a-whirl. Apparently Lance has a Bon Jovi thing going on. Lance is trying explain the inner working of the mind of Russ Feingold. Good luck Lance, I'm not sure anyone knows what ole Russ is up these days.

Wearing his TABOR T-Shirt 2nd Assembly District congressman Frank Lasee is in line at the kiddie roller coaster getting peoples opinions on 4-year old kindergarten. It would seem Frank is concerned about the price tag. One must always question when someone tells you how spending more money will actually cost less. Huh?

An odd sight at the dunk tank where Random10 is hurling fastballs at Wisconsin Democratic Party Chairman Joe Wineke. Apparently Joe is putting his 2 cents in about gasoline prices with selective indignation, and Randon 10 don't like it.

Entering the fortune teller tent we find Brad, ya know the Island Pundit, gazing into his crystal ball. It seems Brad is seeing Diane Sykes in a different courthouse. Nice thought Karnack.

One face not seen at The Carnival of the Badger Version 7.0 was last week's host Paul of Public Brewery. It would seem Paul almost missed he deadline due to Drinking Liberally. Paul reports there was a spirited hootie hoo over Tom Delay and the drinking cries of college students.

By the way, Paul did a fabulous job last week, I hope you have enjoyed this carnival as much. You can find an archive of links to previous carnivals here. Additionally, this traveling link show could use a few more hosts lined up, as it is we are good to go for two more weeks. I'm looking at you Tom McMahon.

Next week this traveling opinion show gets a feminine touch from Belle at Leaning Blue. Good luck Belle.

Now that you folks have found the joint, come back and visit now and again. We'll leave the right, uh light on for ya.

September 28, 2005

Tom Delay

Michelle Malkin has a ton of stuff about the Tom Delay indictment and the partisan prosecutor who is bringing the charges. I've done some research on this and read the indictment, you can see it here.

Frankly I could add nothing to what Malkin has already said, check her out here and come back and light it up!

September 26, 2005

In case you missed this weekends protest.

I'm not quite sure what to say about that. A little early for Halloween?

Nice to see the mainstream represented

I keep forgetting it is all about Israel.

I thought environmentalists said we could not build levees?

The truth is out there. X-Files reruns are on late night on FX

Starting to look like 1/2 the people were there to advertise not demonstrate.

Hey start them down the left path young!

Which part of non-violent did they leave out of the training manual?

And abortion has exactly what not to do with a protest about people dying?


All smiles, Cindy Sheehan gets arresting for pulling up some curb in front of The White House.

The fury of a second hurricane kept attention off her Washington protest over the weekend while .000344% (thanks for the stat gbfan) of the populace showed up for the protest.

She must of been upset over the complete lack of coverage, getting arrested seemed to be just the thing. Ever seen someone so happy at being busted?
Me either.

Air America acting like NPR.

Yeah i know nobody cares about Air America but me.

Hit this link.

Air America is soliciting funds from listeners now to stay afloat. All of their posturing over how great they are doing has just been hot air. Things are bad there, and I have my doubts as to how long they will be able to stay on the air. No wonder they had to rip off a Boys & Girls Club for $875,000

Their ratings stink everywhere and many stations can not sell any advertising. If there are so many "Progressives" (I hate that word, if you are a lib call yourself one) out there, why are they doing so badly?

I did not mention it but there was a story earlier this month of a station in California that started with them, in three months they had sold no time. You can see that story here.

I just wonder how long the press that has been supportive of them will continue to ignore this?

And one more thing. Why did Air America not do everything within it's fundraising power to raise the $875,000 they need to pay pack the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club instead of this silly money-grab attempt? If you answer that question honestly it is because they are more concerned with their own survival than paying back these kids they riped off. They may not have huge ratings but over 70 affiliates you would assume they have some listeners who might help them out if they were asked.

September 25, 2005

Packers get Reffed.

I usually hate it when teams blame the officials. However, the Tampa, Green Bay game was horrid from an officiating standpoint.

The Griese fumble should of never been blown dead, that play should of been a Packer Touchdown. Additionally, the noncall on the Griese intentional grounding would of taken the Bucs out of field goal range. That is a ten point swing all die to lousy officiating.

Add on 4 shoulda-been points from Ryan Longwell and we should of been looking at a Packer victory by a score of 27-14.

What a rip.

Nuggets from Justin Sowa

I visited Sowa for Congress this morning wondering if the 1st District Congressional Candidate would ever answer my inquiries.

I found this as to how to pay for Hurricane relief:

1. Turn over control of Iraq to the UN, and pull our troops out. This should have happened a long time ago, but we now have a desperate need for both our soldiers and the monies being spent in Iraq here at home.

2. No one likes to here it, but, roll back the tax cuts to pre-2000 levels. President Bush pushed through Congress several tax cuts for the wealthiest 1% totaling in the trillions of dollars over 10 years. It is now time to ask those people with the most to sacrifice a little to help the people of the Gulf Coast.

A couple of quick responses. Good idea Justin, the UN has a long history of doing things right. No one supports pulling our troops out now, even Russ Feingold says we should wait until the end of 2006. I'm wondering if Justin is in DC with Cindy Sheehan? As to tax cuts, we need our economy to thunder forward, increasing taxes will have the reverse effect. Oh and Justin, no one wants to hear it, not here it.

I have heard Bill Clinton all week saying we should raise taxes on people like him. I agree, we should pass a bill immediately to raise taxes on Ex US Presidents.

Now Candidate Sowa adds this.

My Experience
I have received several emails over the last few months regarding my experience. To give you an idea, below is an email I received today:

"I'm confused as to why you are qualified to be a Congressman. It seems all you have done in life is be a college student. To me, I don't want someone whose only experience in life is as a college student. Maybe I misread your biography, but if there is some reason why you are more qualified than a multiple term incumbent to hold office, could you please enlighten me?"

I can take corrective criticism. I have, unfortunately, not been as clear regarding my experience as I had hoped. Below is the email I was planning on sending to the author of the above message, but feel I can reach more people by including it here.

I was unaware that being a college student, and having no more experience, disqualified one for being considered for public office. Did you vote for the sitting Member of Congress in 1998? He was the same age I am now. His experience was exclusively working on the Hill. That is not what I would call real world experience. As for me, I have a degree in political science from Louisiana State University, specializing in Russian politics and American campaigning. I wrote my thesis on the role of the KGB in the fall of the Soviet Union. Since graduating, I have worked in international business, helping companies compete in a global manufacturing environment, while keeping as much of their manufacturing in their plant as possible.

I presume you are of voting age. Does one need experience or qualifications to vote? Constitutionally, all one needs is to be 18 years of age. Likewise, to run for the United States House of Representatives, one only need achieve 25 years of age and be a citizen of the United States of America for seven years (United States Constitution, Article 1, Sec. 2). I fit both of those requirements. I am 27 years old and have been a U.S. citizen my whole life.

Since becoming a Member of the House, my opponent has gained experience I do not have. I will freely admit that. For example, I do not have experience in voting for tax cuts for the rich while budget deficits are at record levels. I do not have experience in voting in favor of trade agreements that unfairly hurt American workers (CAFTA). I have not voted to end environmental regulations to ease the restraints on large corporations to log in OUR National forests. I have no experience in voting to allow anyone, including those without disaster training, to become head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. And I really have no experience in destroying the single most successful social program in U.S. history, Social Security.

No, Mr. X, I do not have my opponent’s experience. However, given his experience, many people, including myself, would rather have someone with NO experience.

Thank you for your email and your interest in my campaign. FYI, I will be updating my website every month with an in-depth analysis of an issue that matters to the people of Southeastern Wisconsin.

Please check back often.

Best Regards,
Justin Sowa

A couple of more quick responses.

I am dying to read this thesis on the KGB and the downfall of the Soviet Union.

I did not write that email, my emails were polite and simply asked for his resume, all have gone unanswered.

I find it odd that Candidate Sowa could not address the question without attacking his opponent. It makes it seem as if he is ashamed of what he does. It does make some sense in regards to the email he responded to, but I am looking at this through the filter of my communications with him.

Working in International Business is his response. I still don't know where he works, or how long he has been there, or what exactly he does. I know all about Paul Ryan's work history, he shared it with the Electorate.

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