September 23, 2005

Bush Finally Defends Himself.

President Clinton (the old one not the new one) has been out bashing GWB all week. Well apparently Mr. Bush had enough of the ole you don't bash me, I don't bash you unwritten rule of Presidents.

I'm glad Bush finally decided to defend himself.

Thursday, Sept. 22, 2005 11:15 p.m. EDT
President Bush: Clinton Weakness Led to 9/11

President Bush fired back at ex-president Clinton on Thursday, saying the weak U.S. response to terrorist attacks that took place mostly during the Clinton administration encouraged al Qaida to launch the 9/11 attacks.

"The terrorists saw our response to the hostage crisis in Iran, the bombings in the Marine barracks in Lebanon, the first World Trade Center attack, the killing of American soldiers in Somalia, the destruction of two U.S. embassies in Africa and the attack on the USS Cole," Bush noted, after getting an update on the war on terror at the Pentagon.

"The terrorists concluded that we lacked the courage and character to defend ourselves and so they attacked us," the president added, in quotes picked up by United Press International.

Four of the six terrorist attacks cited by Bush took place on Clinton's watch, with the first two coming during the presidencies of Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan.

Bush's decision to invoke Clinton's poor record on terrorism comes just five days after the ex-president slammed him for attacking Iraq without just cause. "The administration . . . decided to launch this invasion virtually alone and before the U.N. inspections were completed - with no real urgency, no evidence that there was any weapons of mass destruction there," Clinton complained to ABC's "This Week."

"I did not favor what was done," he added.

Point Break

This idiot has lost his mind. I suppose it is GWB's fault.

Surfer Arrested Off Shore Of Galveston As Rita Approaches
POSTED: 11:47 am EDT September 23, 2005
UPDATED: 2:23 pm EDT September 23, 2005
A surfer off the shore of Galveston, Texas, was arrested Friday for not adhering to evacuation orders and surfing the large waves created by an approaching Hurricane Rita, according to a Local 6 News report.

The man, who was not identified, was taken into custody by police after coming out of the surf.

Carnival Time

Well it is Carnival time here at RDW. We will be hosting the Carnival of the Badger next week.

You can see this week's truly inspired session over at Public Brewery. Paul did an outstanding job!

Email your submissions to badgercarnival at gmail dot com or use the carnival submit form.

I would like to get some posters new to the carnival so step right up and tell your friends about this, lefties, righties and middlies welcome!

September 22, 2005

New Look for Sykes Writes

Sykes Writes has apparently hired an interior decorator. There is a new look there, and I must say it is a huge improvement. Gosh I wish I had a budget for this!

Among my most favorite improvements is an updated Blogroll. I am honored to be included there.

Keep up the good work Charlie!

Here Comes Rita.

Well looks like Rita is going to tear up Texas. Fortunately the people there are taking things a lot more seriously than New Orleans residents did.

It looks like we could have another huge mess to clear up.

Hang in there Texas.....

Comments welcome.

Enquiring Minds do not want to know.

The National Enquirer has come out with their latest greatest journalist tour de force claiming George W Bush is on the sauce again. You can read the whole article here.

It will be interesting to hear how the loony side of the left latches onto this. I was driving home this afternoon listening to the Ed Schultz show. Jay Marvin was subbing and this was all anyone wanted to talk about. Roberts nomination just got through committee, another hurricane is zeroing in on Texas, Cindy Sheehan is crying police brutality and the President supposedly doing a shot was all anyone cared about.

You should of heard the people, they think he drinks a fifth every day from listening to them. Is the hate and mistrust of this man so much from the left that they will latch onto the National Enuirer as gospel without any vetting at all? It would appear so from that exporsure.

Well at least the President rated the cover over Chris Farley's love child.

Vote for Pedro

Still Unreal said he wanted to see my comments on Pedro Colon and his absent vote on the Nursing Home Overide. Well what can I say, Pedro blew it. That vote was really the only thing going on that day and he was absent from the chamber when the vote was gaveled closed.

Rep Colon then went balistic on the floor talking about how unfair it was to gavel the vote down without paging him. Two words Pedro, Chuckie Chvala. Like he never did things to work in his favor while running things in Madison.

It is kind of a non-issue anyway, Senate Dems will not vote to overide the veto so the issue is dead in the water anyway.

Colon wants Doyle's support in running against Carpenter. Now Carpenter does not always just tow the party line like Colon does, so Doyle has promised his support wanting another complete totie in the Senate. The last person Pedro wants to tick off is The Noid so that is the reason for his exposion. If you have not heard him going off, drop me an email I can send it to you. Trust me it is worth a listen.

What is lost in this is what The Noid is doing. Understand folks The Noid is cutting funding from nursing homes who take in the poor. This has the function of passing on those costs to other persons who use those facilities. Essentially in forcing these cuts he is making other old folks shoulder more of the burden. If you do not have long-term care insurance, get it. If you need it, email me I can help you with it.

Local Leadership, What a Difference

Quick Prediction.

The Democrats on the Judiciary committee are coming out. We Know this much...

Yea Votes: Leahy, Kohl.
Nea Votes: Kennedy, Biden, Feinstein.

That leaves in the unannounced category, Feingold, Schumer and Durbin as the mystery votes.

Kind of a chip shot here but all three will vote no. Schumer has been running around saying how undecided he is. What a load of bull-cookies. Schumer is the best politican of the bunch but he has known since before these meetings started he would not vote for Roberts. Durbin has turned into Ried-Lite so he will not stray from the reservation. Additionally, Feingold can not afford to tick off the base in his Presidential run so he will try to vote no three times to make up for Kohl and Leahy.

Hey Russ, don't pull a Pedro and be hanging out in the hall.

September 21, 2005

Hypocritic Oaf Award

This week's award is almost a no-brainer. Senator Joseph Biden (D-Del) was the principle voice telling Ruth Bader-Ginsberg she did not have to answer any questions before the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding any cases or issues she thought might come before her on the Supreme Court.

Senator Biden has announced he will not vote for Judge John Roberts on the committee. Last Wednesday Biden told nominee Roberts, "We're rolling the dice with you, judge because you won't share your views with us. You've told me nothing in this Kabuki dance. The public has a right to know what you think."

So, Senator Biden we have no right to hear what Ginsberg thought, but every right to hear what Roberts thinks? If he was so bad Senator why did you call Judge Roberts the best witness before the committe in the past 30 years? Oh, I forgot, ideology over judicial ethics.

Congratulations Senator Biden on your first Hypocritic Oaf Award. Perhaps the biggest no-brainer ever.

What shall Rita Bring?

Air Madison

I was curious how Air America was doing out in Madison.

So I did a quick search and found the most recent ratings. See them yourself here.

WXXM saw ratings drop to a 1.7 share. That is a 62% decline in ratings in Liberal Madison. If Err America is doing so badly in Madison, why do they think they would do well in Milwaukee? I saw bring em on, the more the merrier.

I also found it curious to discover WXXM is owned by Clear Channel. All I have heard about Clear Channel is how evil-conservative they are. If that is true why are they broadcasting Air America?

For comparisons sake in Milwaukee WTMJ had an 8.8 share, WISN a 4.2 share. I was stunned to find WMIL had the second highest rating in Milwaukee. I guess Cheeseheads do like Country.

A few other Err America Lowlights..

Philadelphia 0.5 share, dead last.
Baahston 0.8 share.
Detroit, uh 0.0 not enough people listening to generate a rating.
In New York a 1.0 share. (this is their backyard and they are in 24th place.)
Chicago, last place at 0.4

I could go on, but I will not. So go ahead beat me up for pointing out the bad performance. You know what kids, no one wants to listen to anyone whine and complain all day. Until Err America figures that out, nothing will change.

Changes made by the new German Pope

Stuck on Stupid.

Check out Genral Honore's latest here.

I love this guy!


September 19, 2005

Free New Orleans

I think we should pull all of our resources out of New Orleans. Why?

Cindy Sheehan told Bush to get out of Occupied New Orleans. and we can not question her now can we?

September 18, 2005

Who ya Gonna Call? Porkbusters

This is awesome, Porkbusters what a concept. I'll be in Chicago for a couple of days, but I'm going to work on this when I get back.

Same Coverage Different Country.

Check out this AP Report on the German elections:

BERLIN - Conservative challenger Angela Merkel's party won the most votes in German elections Sunday but fell short of a clear mandate to govern, according to official results. Chancellor Gerhard staged a dramatic comeback and proclaimed that he should head the next government.

The vote heralded the end of Schroeder's seven-year tenure but left in doubt who will follow. The inconclusive results make it likely that Germany's next government would be weakened because of the narrow vote margin and difficulties in forming a coalition.
The vote centered on different visions of Germany's role in the world and how to fix its sputtering economy. Schroeder touted the country's role as a European leader and counterbalance to America, while Merkel pledged to reform the economy and strengthen relations with Washington.

But Merkel's move to become Germany's first female chancellor puts those finance reform plans in doubt. She must now find a majority in a coalition that would likely force her to water them down.

So let me get this straight. Merkel wins, Schroeder claims victory and says she did not win by enough so I should keep my job. So a reform minded conservative wins the poular vote and gets dismissed by the AP?

I don't know much about Merkel but I would guess she is decidedly more pro-America than Schroeder. No wonder the AP hates her.

A quote from Schroeder "I do not understand how the (Christian Democratic) Union, which started off so confidently and arrogantly, takes a claim to political leadership from a disastrous election result," Schroeder said, adding defiantly that he could foresee four years of stable government "under my leadership."

Uh Gerhard, you lost why is her result disasterous? Because the polls showed her to have a bigger lead. Yeah, polls are real accurate. Understand here folks, the German parliament will now elect the new Chancellor. I guess old Gerhard figures if he tells enough people his party actually won, he can get the job. I wonder where he learned that?

This kind of smells like the Washington State Governor's race where they kept finding ballots behind file cabinets until the Dems won and declared all recounts over.

Hang onto your hats folks, things could be a changing over in Germany.