July 30, 2005

Fantasy Blog Football....

Ok fellow Bloggers....

Let's have some fun. I have created a 12 team Yahoo Fantasy Football League just for Wisconsin Bloggers...

The league ID is 288138
The password is blogmenow

Next 11 bloggers are in! Please use your blog name as your team name.

May the best Blogger win!

(Side bets and trash talking are highly encouraged)

Air America and the Boys & Girls Club.

If you have not been following this, there has been a controversy brewing at Air American over a $480,000 payment from a New York non-profit. I will not pretend to be an expert on this, I just find the story interesting. For more info see the equalizer.

July 29, 2005

Update to Belling Post below.

Belling signs contract to stay at WISN radio through 2011.

Friday Haiku

Let's have some fun today, gimme a Haiku (5,7,5 folks)

Racine School Spending
Is there enough money now?
I highly doubt it.

Beautiful Friday
Summertime in Wisconsin
Have a beer on me.

July 28, 2005

Miranda, Belling Sykes and Hate

In response to my post on Charlie Sykes in the Racine Journal Times forums, Russell from http://bvpoliticos.blogspot.com/ hit me with this in the comments section.

“I live in and grew up in Milwaukee, there are large and deep racial problems in this city. The last thing we need is someone on-air encouraging racial tensions and insensitivity. Unless you've lived here or a place like it, you might not understand.”

I responded, “I understand more than you could possibly know. The point is Mr. Miranda's outrage is always selective. I wonder how Mr. Miranda felt about Senator Durbin referring to American Servicemen as Nazi's??

Russell chimed back with, “If you understand then how can you support hate-mongers like Belling and Sykes?” In a later post he added, “If you can defend Sykes' and Belling's on-air demeanor of generally stirring up the hate pot in this city. Then, how do you claim to identify with discrimination and racial tension?”

Russell, I said I would respond and as I do so I am pretty sure of thing, you will not agree with this response. I ask you to read it with an open mind.

The first point is this, are Belling and Sykes hate-mongers? You obviously think they are, I disagree whole-heartedly.

In regards to Sykes the issue here is he falsely reported Mr. Miranda attended a rally that he apparently did not. His source was apparently mistaken. He apologized. Mr. Miranda saw fit to sue. He did this only for attention and to try and make Sykes look bad. This is easily discernable because he filed in small claims court (Max award of $5,000).

Belling used the word wetback on the air. In my opinion he took this lightly and issued only a half-hearted apology for the first week. After that he understood the seriousness of his act and issued a sincere apology. For his actions he was suspended.

Both of these men are highly opinionated, articulate, offer a great deal of original thought, have a sense of humor, are exceptionally popular and both have made mistakes. I listen to both of them now and again; certainly not every day, they do not spread hate. Both men have spent significant time dealing with racial issues specifically ineffective leadership within those communities. They would appear to sincerely care about these issues, just because they are not lock step with the leadership of the lefts positions does not make then haters.

I’ll provide an example from my personal life. I was becoming politically aware during the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings. I did my research on him. He came from nothing, worked his way through school and was about to reach the pinnacle of his career. The NAACP of all groups actually came out against him because they disagreed with his politics. I could never understand that, Clarence Thomas seemed exactly the type of person (self-actualized) that should be held up as a role model in the African American community. Does my support of Clarence Thomas make me anti-African-American? I hope not. Meanwhile Julian Bond recently wrote to the Journal Times proclaiming the NAACP’s nonpartisanship.? Right.

In response to Russell’s claims how could I possibly understand racial tension I tell you Russell you really do not know where I came from. I grew up in Central Georgia 40 years ago. If you do the math you will find out that was right in the middle of the civil rights movement. Russell you are too young to understand what it really was like. My parents agreed with school integration for example. No one, and I mean no one else in our neighborhood agreed with their stance. I could not bring home black friends to play for fear that they would be stoned. My parents were actually chastised in church for their position on the issue. While other whites were opening private schools to avoid the issue we went on to integrated schools. When I went to the Dr’s office, there were separate waiting rooms for whites and blacks. This always seemed draconian to me even as a youth. I grew up in the middle of the civil right movement and learned something, everyone can get ahead in this world if they worked hard and treated everyone with respect.

I listen to all types of radio; I spend a fair amount of time listening to Alan Colmes, Ed Schultz and even Air America when I can. Colmes and Schultz are good, if you really want to hear hate find a way to tune into Air America, their rhetoric is way over the top.

My point about Mr. Miranda is his outrage is very selective. We have Michael McGee Sr. on the radio all the time using the N word without any outcry from the community. He appears to just be against conservative speech. Publishing pictures of Belling, Sykes and Jeff Wagner in Nazi garb, come now that is WAYYYY over the top.

From my perspective (I again admit my right leaning bias) there is a lot more hate coming from the left than the right. Howard Dean has actually come out and said, “I hate all Republicans they are evil.” Come now if that is not hate what is, he uses the word for cryin’ out loud. Or is it just acceptable to hate the right? I think it is all over the top.

Russell, I respect you more than you probably know. You are opinionated, involved and you obviously do your research. I admire people who are passionate in their beliefs who can enter into real debate without flame throwing. I have good friends who are devout lefties, I respect them they respect me and we have wonderful spirited discussions. That is the whole premise of this blog. Does that mean I will not be critical? No, it means I will be polite and respectful. I would caution you to consider which sources you wish to believe though. Too often we latch onto anything that would bolster our opinion without considering the source. The entire left leaning side of the world was (and possibly still is) unhinged over the Downing Street Memo. Yet the reporter who released it said they destroyed the originals? What on Earth would possess any reporter with a half a brain to destroy that document if it was in their possession? It just makes no sense, especially considering the Rather memo mess.

That being said, we need voices like Sykes and Belling in this community. We also need voices like Robert Miranda and Joel McNally, and mine and Russell's

July 27, 2005

Help me understand Gretta Van Susteren

From Drudge:


Apparently on the strength of the Natalee Holloway story Gretta has taken the first place slot in cable news?

I just can't stand her, never could. Who likes her and why?

Sykes in Journal Times Forum?

I'm trying to figure out why the Racine Journal Times place the following on their web forum?

Sykes settles libel suit

My comments on the board:

What exactly is the point of placing this here?For people to bash Sykes? For people to point out Robert Miranda has taken it upon himself to silence powerful conservative voices in this market?

I heard Robert Miranda being interviewed on Sykes' program last year, the subject was Mark Bellings use of the word wetback on the air. Mr. Miranda was the leading community voice at the time, he was going on and on about Belling and how he should be fired. (No outrage at the same time over Mike McGee Jr's use of the word faggot, or Sr McGee's repeated use of the N word on the air)

In his rantings Mr. Miranda used the word retard to describe people who thought Belling should not be fired.Mr. Sykes pointed out some people would take offense at the word retard.Miranda quickly apologized adding that Belling should of apologized so quickly and that was the difference between the two of them. (Belling had issued his apology at this point and was under suspension)

Sykes quickly added, the difference between you and I is that I accept your apology.Truly one of the best moments of radio I have ever heard.

Charlie Sykes is and admitted right-winger who admits his bias up front. Mr. Miranda appears to be an opportunist who is ONLY offended by conservative speech.

July 26, 2005

ICE This makes sense.

ICE - In Case of Emergency A campaign encouraging people to enter an emergency contact number in their mobile phone's memory under the heading ICE (In Case of Emergency), has rapidly spread throughout the world as a particular consequence of last week's terrorist attacks in London.

Originally established as a nation-wide campaign in the UK, ICE allows paramedics or police to be able to contact a designated relative / next-of-kin in an emergency situation. The idea is the brainchild of East Anglian Ambulance Service paramedic Bob Brotchie and was launched in May this year. Bob, 41, who has been a paramedic for 13 years, said: "I was reflecting on some of the calls I've attended at the roadside where I had to look through the mobile phone contacts struggling for information on a shocked or injured person. Almost everyone carries a mobile phone now, and with ICE we'd know immediately who to contact and what number to ring. The person may even know of their medical history." By adopting the ICE advice, your mobile will help the rescue services quickly contact a friend or relative - which could be vital in a life or death situation.

It only takes a few seconds to do, and it could easily help save your life. Why not put ICE in your phone now? Simply select your person to contact in case of emergency, enter them under the word 'ICE' and the telephone number of the person you wish to be contacted. Please will you also email this to everybody in your address book, it won't take too many 'forwards' before everybody will know about this. It really could save your life, or put a loved one's mind at rest. For more than one contact name ICE1, ICE2, ICE3 etc