July 22, 2005

John Roberts, Evil Feder, uh oops.

And the media thundered, CNN, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, the Associated Press, The Boston Globe. Leftist groups, Moveon.org, The Alliance for Justice and Lord knows how many left-wing bloggers have all trumpeted the fact that John Roberts is a member of the Federalist Society.

Only one issue. In their zeal to attack Roberts for belonging to a completely legitimate social organization full of righties, he has never been a member.

That bears repeating.

(and if he had, so what?)

What, did all of these hacks go to the Dan Rather School of Journalism?

July 19, 2005

Yes, you can help. Sign a petition

Petitions here for the confirmation of Judge Roberts.

John G Roberts, Extremist

Well with the nomination of John Roberts the spin machines are whirring to life. Roberts is a staunch conservative, exactly what the lefties do not want. I am sure they will dig deep into his bacground and discover that once in 1st garde he picked his nose, thereby he should not be allowed this promotion.

I watched the whole of the Senate Democratic response and as usual Senator Schumer is on the attack. This guy is really starting to get on my nerves. Nominees tradtionally have refused to answer questions on specific questions, Schumer is not going to respect that.

This will all be about abortion, when asked in his 2003 confirmation hearing about Roe V Wade, he said, "Roe v. Wade is the settled law of the land. ... There's nothing in my personal views that would prevent me from fully and faithfully applying that precedent." That will not be enough for Schumer.

Among my more favorite rullings by this judge, was last weeks decision putting President Bush's military tribunals in the war on terror back on track, clearing the way for the Pentagon to resume trials for detainees held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Buckle up kiddies, this is going to be a very rocky road.


UWP Listening Session Thoughts.

I attended the Democratic listening session tonight at UW Parkside. It was a struggle to keep in my seat and not speak my mind on so many occasions. The session was to provide feedback on the budget, on the dais sat Senator Wirch, and Reps Lehman and Turner. I will only place comments and name names of public office holders.

Thoughts and comments:

From Racine Mayor Gary Becker: Mayor Becker spoke to unfunded mandates and asked the Governor to keep school funding at 2/3. Uh Mr. Mayor Racine gets 74% of its funding from the State. Most outrageous quote, "How do Republicans know better than us? It boggles the mind."

From UW Parkside Chancellor Jack Keating: The Chancellor started the session saying to day he was "only weeping today, yesterday I was balling" He was being melodramatic over 8 million in replaced financial aid to the budget. It is the Chancellor's opinion that the UW system is in crisis and is just a breeding ground for recruitment to Universities outside the state because we pay so poorly. He also added ever dollar of UWP spending adds 4.5 dollars to the local economy. Rep Turner chimed in we do not have enough Federal Education dollars due to the Iraq war.

From Kenosha School Board Member Gilbert Ossman: Mr. Ossman confirmed Kenosha will be putting out a referendum in November. He also pointed to 20% increases in Hispanic students and the need for Hispanic instruction. He also is concerned about class sizes, approaching 30. His parting shot, "The majority party must work with people who are supportive of education." Translation: HEY REPUBLICANS SEND MORE MONEY
Rep Lehman Response, "The Governor started the budget with k-12 education in mind with $938 million in new spending, now we don't have any money left in the budget for schools." Huh?

Robert T. Stepien, Assistant Superintendent of Business Racine Unified School District: (quite a title) Mr. Stepian spoke on behalf of Dr. Hicks whom was apparently too busy to attend. Mr. Stepian was very passionate and it appeared he was close to tears when he spoke as to how difficult it was to get referendums passed in Racine now. He spoke as to how teachers had not seen a salary increase in 18 months. He then said we were not far from being like Florence and just having to close our doors. Ok Mr. Stepian, salary + benefits = compensation. They always leave that out of the formula. Mr. Sepien clearly learned his rhetoric from Dr. Hicks.

Ron Frederick, Kenosha Alderman, had the laugh of the night from the sympathetic room when he called putting restriction on stem cell research the "Right to Suffer" Senator Wirch chimed in saying for every good job we lose we make three lousy ones out of it.

Your humble blogger did get a chance to speak. I spoke to rhetoric in the process and asked how Democrats could portray a $458 million increase as a cut. I added if you think the $458 million is not enough, just say so, but do no tell lies stating the amount suggested is a decrease when it is actually an 8.6% increase, 3 times the rate of inflation. All three on the dais agreed with me saying the rhetoric was too loud from both sides of the aisle, none of them though gave any indication they would temper their language. Rep Turner tried to tell me this does not catch up to prior cuts, I cut him off and said fine, then that is what you should be saying from the floor and in the press, not portraying this increase as a draconian cut. More interestingly all three were very serious for the whole presentation, until I spoke and announced myself as having a differing viewpoint. They were all giggly not really taking me seriously.

Comments, and thoughts on the budget please.

From Cathy Stepp...

July 19, 2005 (608) 266-1832

Statement from Senator Cathy Stepp Regarding the Democrat Budget Listening Session at UW-Parkside

The recent press release from legislative Democrats criticizing Republicans for the process used to pass the state budget is intellectually dishonest, and takes hypocrisy to a whole new level. Let’s look at the facts:

Fact: The Republican budget makes a historic investment in K-12 education, increasing money for schools by $458 million - despite the need to close a $1.6 billion budget deficit.

Fact: The nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau confirms that the Republican budget provides the Racine Unified School District with an allowable increase in funding of $11.3 million over the biennium. Despite the Democrats’ best efforts to obscure the truth with Madison Math, this is a funding increase.

Fact: Senate Republicans passed the 2003-2005 state budget at 8:31 a.m., which is hardly under the cover of night. Earlier this month, Republicans passed the 2005-2007 budget at 5:16 a.m. Because the official sunrise in Madison was 5:22 a.m. on July 1, 2005, I suppose the Democrats can argue that the Republican budget was shrouded in darkness for all of 6 minutes.

Fact: Under the Chvala regime, Senate Democrats habitually passed the state budget in the middle of the night. Where was the outrage from Senator Wirch, Representative Turner and Representative Lehman when Chuck Chvala led the Senate Democrats to pass the 1999-2001 state budget at 1:50 a.m. on July 1, 1999?

I wonder if Representatives Turner and Lehman were equally appalled when Chuck Chvala and Senator Wirch used the cover of night to pass a special amendment to the budget pertaining to the Black Point Estates project? Senate Democrats passed the budget containing this item, which made it’s way into a felony extortion charge against Senator Chvala, at 1:03 a.m. on June 20, 2001. Did they hold a listening session back then to decry that “late night session?”

The Democrats’ criticism of the Republican budget process is a case study in hypocrisy and selective outrage. Perhaps they are trying to distract voters from the fact that the Republican budget invests in education, reduces the gas tax, phases-out the Social Security Tax, and provides badly-needed tax relief through a hard freeze on property taxes. By contrast, the best the Democrats could offer was an income and sales tax increase of $700 million to pay for their unconstitutional “HOPE” proposal.

The Democrats’ plan to raise taxes on Wisconsin families by $700 million is a terrible idea at any time of the day.

I agree with Senator Stepp on every point, your comments please.

How is your county doing?

This link is brilliant. You may click on your county and see how much taxes were increased over the prior year in the county and your individual municipality.

July 17, 2005

Hypocritic Oaf Awards

We are proud to announce the creation of the weekly Hypocritic Oaf awards. This high honor will be handed out weekly to the public figure who has the worst case of hoof in mouth disease.

This weeks winner is.....

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid. Screaching from the Senate Floor about security leaks on the same day Karl Rove was vindicated on the front page of The New York Times of all people.
Having the moxie to call for Rove's security clearance to be lifted while ignoring such vaunted Dem's as John Kerry outing a CIA nominee in the Bolton hearings not once, but twice!

Senator Reid, it is fine to be partisan, it is not fine to attack everyone and everything just for the sake of obstructing your sworn enemy. Temper your leadership a bit and you might win another seat or two. Keep this up and your minority status may get even smaller.

Honorable mention this week to new NAACP head Julian Bond who wrote the Racine Journal Times and actually laid out the arguement that the NAACP is non-partisan. Come now Julian, we all know better than that.

SCOTUS Sillyness

Ok folks. Since GWB does not seem to able to make up his mind on a Supreme Court Nominee. Let us guide him along the way.

Add your nomination for Sandra D's seat on the court.

CyberDad says Judge Judy or Michael Moore.

I'm going with Kenneth Starr (would drive the left nuts), or Hillary Clinton (so much for the presumptive nominee)

Mrs Real Debate chimes in with Robert Byrd. (would finally get him out of the Senate)

Perhaps Ted Kennedy, he would get his own driver and there is not a moat around the court house.

Add your prediction below