July 16, 2005

Wilson is a Non-Partisan?

Are we done giving any relevance to what this guy says:


Recently, Joe Wilson Refused To Admit He Is A Registered Democrat. NBC’s Jamie Gangel: “You are a Democrat?” Joe Wilson: “I exercise my rights as a citizen of this country to participate in the selection of my leaders and I am proud to do so. I did so in the election in 2000 by contributing not just to Al Gore's campaign, but also to the Bush-Cheney campaign.” (NBC’s “Today Show,” 7/14/05)

“[Wilson] Insist[s] He Remained A Centrist At Heart.” (Scott Shane, “Private Spy And Public Spouse Live At Center Of Leak Case,” The New York Times, 7/5/05)
Joe Wilson Is A Registered Democrat. (District Of Columbia Voter Registrations, Accessed 7/14/05)

Joseph Wilson Has Donated Over $8,000 To Democrats Including $2,000 To John Kerry For President In 2003, $1,000 To Hillary Clinton’s (D-NY) HILLPAC In 2002 And $3,000 To Al Gore In 1999. (The Center For Responsive Politics Website, www.opensecrets.org, Accessed 7/12/05)

Wilson Endorsed John Kerry For President In October 2003 And Advised The Kerry Campaign. (David Tirrell-Wysocki, “Former Ambassador Wilson Endorses Kerry In Presidential Race,” The Associated Press, 10/23/03)

“[Wilson] Admits ‘It Will Be A Cold Day In Hell Before I Vote For A Republican, Even For Dog Catcher.’” (Scott Shane, “Private Spy And Public Spouse Live At Center Of Leak Case,” The New York Times, 7/5/05)

July 15, 2005

Rove Rove Rove your boat.

Now that the week long Rove fest should be coming to an end, can we get back to confimation hearings for Bolton?

July 11, 2005

Plame Wilson Rove Rather Jordan Woodward et. all

I've been thinking about this whole situation on confidential sources in the media, and judges subpoenas and such.

I'm in Peoria with Cyber Dad and Saturday night I heard someone on a late night talk show talking about the 1st amendment protections and how important a free press is in our society. The host (I apologize, I can not remember his name) was strongly in favor of a completely free press with no restrictions placed on it.

I got to thinking about the time the framers of our country placed this provision, and came to the conclusion they never had to consider an activist press.

There are considerable examples, I will list a few:
  • Dan Rather ignoring forged documents just to cast doubt on George Bush before the election.
  • Eason Jordan holding back true reporting on Iraq just to keep favor with the government.
  • Jason Blair and his little problem with stealing other people's work.
  • Reporting from everywhere that only tells one side of a story.

I have no issues with opinion based commentary, with one caveat. Admit your bias up front. That being said, everyone on the left ignores people like Limbaugh, while everyone on the right ignores people like Franken. I find this utterly stupid. People like these are big thinkers and often times come up with some great ideas, we should be more willing to listen on both sides of the spectrum.

So now things are leaking out about Rove and how he may be the source that leaked Valerie Plame's identity as an under-cover CIA operative. If this is true, he should be drummed out of his position and prosecuted. I am having a hard time believing this story. Why? Simple, I can not believe the New York Times or Time Magazine would have sat on Karl Rove if it could of hurt Bush in the last election. So-called objective reporting that comes from organizations that usually show as much bias as Time and the newspaper of record usually come with would of leaked Rove if they thought it would hurt Bush. I always think back to several years ago when Time came out and said they could no longer be objective when it came to the environment, they would no practice activist reporting. They only said that once though.

To summarize, the press in general has behaved so badly of late I do not think they should be able to hide behind the first amendment so easily. I can see an activist journalist putting out false information just to further their cause, heck it has already happened (Dan Rather).

There could be judicial protections put in place. How about a judicial panel that reviews materials when necessary, but puts a gag order on those materials?

In short, hey you pressies, you been bad, go to your room and consider the true meaning of objective.

July 10, 2005

Dennis Hits Land

So Cyber Dad and I were musing today about the big storm coming ashore. Here is the question, why are so many people buying very expensive real estate in these areas that get pounded year after year after year by these mammoth storms?

My guess is they would rather face a hurricane with 140 mph winds than pay their Wisconsin tax bills.

Your guesses?

Young Nationalist

I got an email today from www.youngnationalist.com, they were interested in excahnging links. I've looked around. It will make righties smile and lefties blood pressure boil. You may want to check it out.