June 25, 2005

Rove vs. Durbin.

MRC has some interesting facts and whatnot in regards to how the MSM treated the Durbin story, and their coverage of Rove.

Read here and start the debate.

For all who say the MSM does NOT have a liberal bias, I would love to hear your rationale for this.

The difference.....

I remember the day it was announced Bill Clinton had a heart problem and was being rushed to the hopsital. President Bush was speaking in Milwaukee and there was a huge ovation of well-wishes for the former President. (Then there was of course the false AP story of the over-whelming boos)

I am going to post some responses in regards to the report Dick Cheney saw an orthopedist for an old injury. I really do not understand the depths of the hate of "some" on the left. These people scare me and quite frankly they hurt their party.

I wish those on the left would point this out and admonish those who behave so badly.

The posts: (From The Huffington Post by the way)

Hasn't he had his "last throes" of chest pains yet?
Posted by: Anonymous at June 24, 2005 10:28 PM
I wonder how many regular readers to this pathetic, self-important blog are hoping that Cheney comes out with a sheet over his head...?
Posted by: Eric at June 24, 2005 10:32 PM
***His heart is listening to all the lies coming out of his mouth. It can't take much more of this drivel.
Posted by: Fred Colton at June 24, 2005 10:33 PM
I wish the evil zombie would stop leaving his underground bunker. Surely, there's a medical ward where he lurks below the surface, near Washington, D.C.
Posted by: Citizen Milenko at June 24, 2005 10:37 PM
You bet we losers want him dead. And I'm glad to be a loser. If I were a winner, I'd have to be around the kind of assholes who like Bush and Cheney.
Posted by: Medina at June 24, 2005 10:37 PM
"Last throes," does one suppose? Here's hoping.
Posted by: HopingAgainst"Hoffman" at June 24, 2005 10:37 PM
You're all assuming he actually still has a heart. I don't think so.
I think it was replaced by a teflon pump a long time ago. Therefore he can no longer feel any pain.
Posted by: Don P at June 24, 2005 10:42 PM
"I wonder how many regular readers to this pathetic, self-important blog are hoping that Cheney comes out with a sheet over his head...?"
Actually, Eric, I was thinking more along the lines of a stake through his heart.
Posted by: Chuck Feney at June 24, 2005 11:08 PM

How's the reception?

Over the next week, Mrs. Real Debate and I will be packing up the car and doing some traveling. I will be at the mercy of wireless service in the mountains in and around North Carolina. Going to stop in and spend a couple of days with Cyber Dad as well. I will check in, but will be much too busy soaking in the wonders of God's creation to spend a great deal of time blogging. (No comments needed on that one Scott!)

Have a great week and Happy 4th of July to you all! No blown off typing fingers while I am out of town.

June 24, 2005

CPB Leader Accuses PBS of Touting Agenda

By JENNIFER C. KERR, Associated Press Writer Fri Jun 24, 1:31 PM ET

WASHINGTON - It's home to Big Bird, Arthur, Bill Moyers and Jim Lehrer — and not normally a source of great controversy. But these days, PBS finds itself at the center of a political uproar over whether public television promotes a liberal agenda.

Rest of the article here.

Without a doubt this is one of the stupidest things I have ever seen. PBS has outstanding children's programming. Austin City Limits is one of my all time favorites. I discovered Monty Python and Doctor Who on PBS. Antiques road show is one of most interesting shows on TV.

And then there are the "opinion pieces" PBS is most assuredly left-leaning in this end of their broadcasting. Their little cousin at NPR is twice as left as they are.

The absurd piece of this is why are we debating at all if PBS leans left, everybody knows they do! Bill Moyers claims to be "objective". When was the last time he did a conservative friendly piece. Go ahead do your research, the answer will be never.

So go ask anyone in broadcasting who has the best facilities and equipment, it is without doubt Public TV Stations.

That is the debtae topic kiddies. Why are we even questioning if PBS and NPR lean left?

The second issue here is with the explosion of cable and satelite TV do you really need PBS anymore? Someone will pick up Big Bird, Barney and the Teletubbies.

Senate Dems want input on Supreme Court Pics.

Ok let us start our next flame thrower issue. I think this is completely outrageous!

A President, any President, has the right to appoint who they see fit, it is then up to the Senate to Advise and Consent on that nominee.

The issue truly is that simple. We all know some Supreme Court judges hang on because they do not like the judicial philosophy of the Chief Executive, and that is absolutely 100% fine. It is their way of hedging court balance and it is completely constitutional.

This is about the minority trying to do a power grab. I would be equally opposed to this is if Republicans were in the minority.


June 23, 2005


Ok folks, I have come to a decision. I would like a left-leaning partner on this blog. I will not accept a flame-thrower Howard-Dean type. I would like someone who can post and discuss issues without the insults. That is what this blog is all about. If you would like to be considered, please comment.

I would like to thank the academy.

Mke online Blog of the Week results are out. RDW won by a mere 2 votes over Scott D. Feldstein If you have never seen Scott's blog check it out. He is a leftie, but he has a sense of humor about things.

I'm glad to win this because I want all the exposure I can get. The whole reason I created this thing was to promote civil debate, I understand this will take time but am grateful for this small step forward.

See it listed here.

June 22, 2005

1/10th of a penny.

Read this at Wigderson Library & Pub. This guy is on the ball. Brilliant point

This is what our teachers are really like.

Ok so the referendum in Racine is over. I was so ticked off last night, I could not get to sleep until 2am. My outrage I think is justified. The April election was ignored, talk about your disenfranchisement.

Racine just showed the rest of the State how to use fear and children to exceed revenue caps. We should be so proud......

So why are we outraged? Attitude. Posted below are actual comments from teachers from the Journal Times Web Forum. Notice the common theme? Contempt. These people really think they have it bad, and those of us who would ask for a little fiscal restraint are out of our freakin minds.

I have been very active on the referendum issue here, I have been insulted more than a dozen times, why? Because I was making sense. Until the public sector employees figure out that they actually work for us, the lowly taxpayers, and give us some respect instead of contempt outrage will only continue to grow.


And without any further buildup, here are the people who are teaching our chilren:


I have been working non stop for months now. No rest for the weary.

What don't you understand, there is not enough money. Go ahead and keep your kids in schools with low level achieving teachers. For the most part teachers go to private schools, because they can't get into public shools. WHich means they weren't good enough, for RUSD. Yes, it is difficult to deal with the uninformed!

Chas, why didn't you become a teacher then, if it is so easy. Lousy pay, too stressful, or did it take to much education?

School choice is B*llsh*t!! Not ONE private school can educate our children as well as Unified can. You are comparing apples to oranges.

You guys think that teaching is so easy. The teaching profession has one of the biggest turnover rates of any career. The pay we receive currently is fair. That is not what the referendum was for. It was for saving schools, sports and the arts. But if you think cutting our salaries will make RUSD better, that is just confusing. Then all you will attract is lower level teachers. That's smart?

Racine is one of the lowest taxed educational cites around. The problem is, all you care about is yourself, and nobody else. You NO voters are just selfish, self absorbed people. Thank God the referendum passed. Because you NO voters, believe only the RICH should be able to play sports and instruments, and the Rich only deserve a good education. Chas you are a piece of work!

Becca, I could do your Job in my sleep. If you want a stressful job try teaching. Oh Yeah, then you wouldn't get your hour lunch break, and go back and relax in your office. Most of you whiners couldn't make it in teaching.


The real problem is parents like TLK, and SOLUTION, and THE REAL WORLD. Who I am sure unified has had to fix from your piss poor parenting….You NO voters are so short sited, you guys sound like Commie Pinkos!!

Thank you to all the people with a brain to see the whole picture instead of being short sighted.

The educationbal requirements for a teacher are extremely high when you look at the requirements for other professions, and then you compare to salaries of other professions? It's a joke.

You guys are the one throwing the piety party. Let the record show summer vacation is 10 weeks out of 52. My college buddies I helped through calculus their doing way better than me and they have a 401k with a company match, and most importantly they work a stright 40. I average 60.

in comparison to how much the board members give themselves and what teachers get for what they give people and children, fred, it is not what it should be. money has already been cut from their salaries. should some one be paid more for sitting on their butt or working and helping others?

The problem is some people are married to the almighty dollar...penny-wise and dollar foolish Fred that's a hard way to go through life.

Don't you think this was really a more valid election since the turn out was so much better?

Our mill rate is low so you can't pay for a Kia and complain that it doesn't perform like a Porsche. Racine voters and board members have shortchanged the youth in this district for a long time.

5,000 Teacher Cuts?

WEAC came out today saying how the Republican budget will cut 5,000 teacher jobs. Tell me people how can an 8.6% ($458 million) increase be considered a cut? Because our lovely Governor, not at all in the pocket of WEAC, wanted 900,000,000. Here we have an increase almost 3X inflation and education establishment is crying the blues and saying how cruel this is?

Do any of you really wonder where all the outrage comes from? We have 2 letters in the Milwaukee paper that actually have the gall to cry about State cuts? Oh and investigations showed these writes are both member of the educational community.

Do you people know that the 8.6% increase means an extra 15 million for Racine. Oh boo hoo we have no money. These spendocrats will ALWAYS cry no money. What they have none of is restraint.

I am ashamed of Racine for giving these Spendocrats more money.

June 21, 2005


Trust me on this and you heard it here first. Turnout will be at least twice the April ballot.

A million here a million there, are we talking real $?

Ok everyone, want to know just how much cashish your school district is getting? Click this.

We have been Racine heavy, so understanding that most people really have no idea how much money we are talking about. In the 03-04 school year Racine Unified got a sum total of $196,317,899. That my friends is some serious cash. There is only one reason a school dsitrict can not get by on that kind of money. They do not try to.

An interesting fact. Compare the percentage of support given by the State in relation to the total budget. Green Bay, Kenosha and Racine are all about the same size so we shall use them for comparrison.

Green Bay 68.3% State Support
Kenosha 70.78 State Support
Racine 74.21% State Support

How come Green Bay and Kenosha can get by and Racine can not?

Someone. Anyone?

June 20, 2005

Nuc-U-Lar III

Senate Democrats blocked John Bolton's confirmation as U.N. ambassador for the second time Monday and
President Bush left open the possibility of bypassing lawmakers and appointing the tough-talking former State Department official on his own.

So much for the compromise. Come on Billie Frist lets go nuclear on this.

Racine Referendum Prediction.

Yeah I know I have been Referendum happy lately.

What can I say, I am passionate about it.

For my first official prediction:

Turnout: 19%
Yes: 48%
No: 52%

Odds the Journal Times and Racine Unified School District will continue to ignore Brian Dey? 100%

Over/Under on the next referndum? 3.25 months.

Odds That property values will plummit and crime rates jump immediately as the doomsayers have predicted? 0%

Odds that the Dr. Hicks will throw up his hands and quit? 50/50 (you heard it here first)

Odds RealDebate will win Blog of the week? Uh 1 in 5. Vote here for RDW

Ban Update

My ban has been lifted.. Thank you Editor Rob.

I've been banned.

After reading the Racine Journal Times' latest prop-school board the taxpayers are idiots piece. I went to place my reply, what I got stunned me.

Error!Cannot perform action since you (ip range XX.XXX.XXX) are banned from doing so. The message was: 'This IP has been blocked because of spam. If you have been blocked in error, please contact mailto:dennis.chars@lee.net.

I never spammed anything in my whole life.

You can read the JT's latest puff piece here

My response below.

Where to start...

"The anti-taxers contend the public is overburdened by school district taxes. By almost any yardstick that is a lie."

I have made numerous comments on these boards about the oppressive tax burden on seniors. I work with them daily and let me say many of them are taxed right out of their homes. I have begged and pleaded for response to this issue and have been roundly ignored. WE ARE OVERBURDENED. Who made the JT Editorial board the final objective source?

This community needs to find ways to grow, to expand the tax base. All we hear is lets get some more from the existing tax base time and time again. Lets throw another band-aid on the problem and give the district more time to fix their problems (they never do).

There are larger issues here, but keeping status quo is NOT the way to make change.

We voted on this once, the answer was no. Now we can add The Racine Journal Times to the list of those making excuses

The JT said, "We have little doubt that many voters expected the referendum to pass without the aid of their vote and didn’t turn out for that spring ballot and we would hope they do not make that mistake again today. Take the time, get to the polls and cast your ballot.
Let’s get it right this time."

Ok so now voter apathy is an excuse to have a re-vote. Hey Elizabeth Burmaster you are out we are gonna do a re-vote.

The JT has completely taken the people who voted no and said you are just stupid so have to have a do-over. Guess what? Yours is not the only opinion out there.

Senator Please Resign

I have been struggling for days to say something about the completely inflammatory statements by Senator Dick Durbin (D), Illinois.

Senator, I find comparing treatment of US Detainees to the absolute worst atrocities of history is well, Democratic.

You and your cronies have proven time and again that rhetoric is more important than truth, ethics, or civility of any kind.

Your actions do real harm to this country by your increasingly speculative rhetoric. Fact of the matter is this country is running possibly the most ethical war in history. War is always ugly, the standard to which you are holding your own country is without parallel in the rest of the world. How many Gitmo prisoners have died? Oh yeah, 0.

Terrorist training manuals have been found saying the first thing to do is complain about your treatment if captured. I wish there had been 1/10th the outrage over these Islamic terrorists beheading non-military hostages as there was over mild interrogation techniques, NOT TORTURE. Today's Democratic leaders are completely lacking in any perspective other than bashing their sworn enemy, Republicans.

Though I do agree being forced to listen to some rap music, uh never mind.

I would call for the resignation of Dick Durbin, Harry Reid, Ted Kennedy, Howard Dean, and every other flame throwing Democratic hack, but frankly they are making themselves look completely unhinged. No one is going to elect someone out of their minds, so let's keep hiding the prozac.

June 19, 2005

Downing Debunked?

Interesting background on the Downing Street Memo. Ok all you lefties... ATTACK.

Read behind the curtain.

Shana over at Behind the Cheddar Curtain makes some excellent comments in regards to Tuesdays school referendum. Worth a read.

Racine's Rabble Rouser

Brian Dey, newly elected conservative flame thrower on the Racine Unified School Board has a new blog. Find him here.

This is guy is fighting the good fight! GOOD LUCK BRIAN!