June 17, 2005

A Father's Day Tribute.

Fathers are so important. Please, I do not mean this to denigrate any single mother out there doing the best she can, but there is so much children learn from their Mothers and Fathers.

My Dad is simply one of the finest human beings I have ever had the pleasure to meet. From him I learned to be a strong, fair and loving head of my household. I learned to treat people with respect. I learned the value of doing a hard days work with completely unwavering ethics. From Him I learned to love my neighbor as myself. From him I learned how to truly love my wife and put her needs above my own.

Without my Father in my life, I would not be half the man I am. The only real regret is that I have no children in my life to love and teach as my Dad has done for me. The older I get, the more I appreciate him.

I Love You Dad.

Please share your Father's Day comments.

June 16, 2005

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June 15, 2005

Pay at the pump....

So this morning I was out in Janesville and got all excited to gas at 2.12 per gallon. (excited to pay 2.12, that is sad on its own) So as I am getting the nozzle into the gas tank I notice there are 5 or 6 solicitation signs on the pump. The initial thought was jeesh that is abit excessive.

And then, a voice from the heavens. Actually it was a little speaker to the left of the pump. "Thank you for shopping with us today, try our ________________".

Yes a speaker on the side of the pump set to activate when the pump was engaged to give audio commercials while you are pumping your gas. Aghast I looked at the pad quickly and noticed the mute button. MUTE.

Is there no end to the solicitation? I'm a sales geek for cryin out loud and I am offended!

Anyone else seen this? Share your most ridiculous advertising story please.

Martyr Syndrome

A recent post on the Racine Journal Times from a teacher, Tigger:

"The average teacher makes about $44,000 and to get there they have $40,000 in loans to payback for degrees. Every 5 years teachers have to take 6 credits and pay additional money to the state"

Okey Dokey, here we go.

  1. Let us start with the average salary of $44,000. Pay attention class. To obtain your true cost to your employer add salary+benefits+tax incured by employer. The average is a shade over $75 K in RUSD. This is the important figure Tigger, this is the one we the lowly unimformed taxpayers have to pay.
  2. $40,000 in loans to payback. Cry me a freakin river. If you are not rich and go to college, everyone is going to have $40,000 in loans coming out of college for a professional degree. Why? Because college Profs are overpaid even more than public school teachers.
  3. Continuing Education. In my profession, I need continuing education every two years or I lose my license to do business (Oh and I have to give extra money to the state every two years). That is just a fact, and I do not get time off to see that it gets done. I'm not bitter about it, but when the martyr attitude comes up, it really frosts my cookies. Lots and lots of professionals have to do continuing education, but most of them DO NOT get automatic increases, or paid time off to see that it gets done.

Can we drop the martyr attitude really? Is it so bad you have the best benefits anywhere? Is it so bad you only work 3/4 time? Is it bad you have to get 6 whole credits every five years? Is it so bad you can retire at age 55?

Some, I repeat some, teachers have this oh we are so badly put upon attitude that is just completely unjustified and silly from those of us who if we had life to do over again would of become teachers early in life now that we see how great they do have things.

June 13, 2005

Downing Street Memo.

The Downing Street Memo, as of yet, I do not put much faith in it.

There has been so much out there that simply has had no credibility (Rathergate, Newsweek's Quran story, Amnesty International, Eason Jordan, etc.). I just can not put any belief into anything leaked to make the Bush administration look bad, when there are so many in the media who would do so without thought of checking their source or their bias at the door.

Does that mean I am closed minded to it? No. That means no burden of proof has been met. Quite simply those who are opposed to the Bush administration want to believe anything negative about that administration so badly that they jump on it immediately without any consideration to authenticity.

Take into case what happened in Iran yesterday. Women protested and demanded the right to vote for the first time. Where did they get that courage? I would say it was from watching their Iraqi Sisters casting their ballots. True freedom takes time, it is never easy, and it always takes a great amount of sacrifice. And you know what, it is worth that sacrifice.

I really will never understand this Country. WE WERE ATTACKED ON 9-11. GEORGE BUSH IS NOT THE ENEMY, ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALISTS TERRORISTS ARE THE ENEMY. Yes, this is where the Teddy Kennedy’s of the world will say Sadam had nothing to do with 9-11, they will also forget to mention he had supported terrorism for years. Sadam is the most evil SOB on this planet since Hitler, taking him out of power was the best thing we could of done for the middle east.

These people want to kill us just because we do not share their belief system. They will not fight war in a conventional sense because they are cowards. They would rather sneak around and blow up women and children. I say take the fight to them, do not let them bring it to us.
Why make George Bush the villain? It makes no sense at all. Let go. Channel the Bush-hate where it belongs, towards those who started this fight, not those who are trying to finish it.

California Here I Come.

I'm moving to California ASAP. It would appear you can do anything out there and get away with it.

Not even one guilty? Gimme a break.

I've been attacked. Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk

Your humble debate mediator has been besmurched in the Racine Journal Times by Rachel Campbell. I'm not sure if I am offended or amused.