June 10, 2005

Brewer Trade

So the Brewers dumped the oh so over-hyped Junior Spivey for pitcher Tomo Ohka, and in the process get to call up Ricky Weeks.

On a scale of 1 to 10 I'd rate this trade a 17 & 2/3.

Now we finally get to see one of these oh so hyped prospects. I hope we can keep him for a while!

Come on Hop and Barley heads sound off!

June 9, 2005

Retire in Wisconsin

Bloomberg is out with their list of retirement friendly places. Guess where Wisconsin finished?

51st out of 51!

Makes ya proud doesn't it?

Racine Referenda salary increase information.

I can't take credit for this, someone named "Concerned" posted this on the Racine Journal Times site. All I have to say is BRILLIANT!

The question of weather or not the Racine Unified School District is spending their money wisely is best answered by just looking at the facts. The information below is the total compensation that Mr. Hick’s and the teachers received the past three years. These figures include salary and fringe benefits. This information is the latest that is available from the DPI.•
2002 - $154,081•
2003 - $174.998 an increase of 13.575% or $20,917•
2004 - $193,128 an increase of 10.360% or $18,130
Since 2002, Mr. Hick’s total compensation has increased 25.342% or $39,047.

Obliviously the teachers in the district followed his example. Their average total compensation is as follows:
• 2002 - $57,696•
2003 - $65,313 an increase of 13.202% or $7,617•
2004 - $72,055 an increase of 10.323% or $6742
Since 2002, Racine Unified Teachers had their total compensation increased by 24.887% or $14,359.

True is the fact that the teacher’s salaries have not increased that much. Since 2002, their average salary has increased a mere 0.390%. However, their fringe benefits have increased 112.376%. As for Mr. Hick’s his salary has increased 7.769% since 2002 and his fringe benefits have increased 120.207%.

For those who of us who got little or nothing of a raise, had their taxes and utilities increase, pay all or some of their benefits, and had their pension plans froze or eliminated altogether, who worry if they will have a job next month, they are asking us for more so they can maintain their own status quo. They do not care if you are retired and existing on a fixed income, they simply want more. If we say no again, they will close some schools, eliminate sports and eliminate a number of fulltime jobs. The students will be marching in the streets demanding another referendum. They will do everything but cut their own compensation, pay for a portion of their benefits or even consider freezing their salaries for a set duration. Why should they? It's not their money! (I'm sorry, I retract that comment! What they put in comes right back!...to them!)

June 8, 2005

Deaniculous and the Secular Left

Ok we all heard Howard "Primal Scream" Dean's latest comments. Now the Republican party is only inclusive to White Christians. Funny how the Republican party head is Jewish.

All you need to see about who is inclusive is to look at last summers national party conventions. The Righties put up Governor Ahhhhnod, Rudi Giulliani and Zel Miller as keynote speakers. What do they hold in common? They are all pro-choice. I dare anyone to name any pro-life Democrat who has spoken in the last three Democratic national conventions. Just who is inclusive?

And another thing. If it has become commonplace to speak of the Christian Right, I think from now on we should rename the Democrats the Secular Left.

Beat it Michael Jackson.

Well we are entering day 4 in the jury watch of the Kind of Pedophiles. I really do not know who to believe in all of this but the longer this drags out, the surer I become that the surgicly deranged one will walk.

Any parent dumb enough to leave their child alone with that freak should be the one locked up.

Racine referenda wars.

The Racine Journal Times might of done a good thing with their new comments sections on their webpage, debate is fast and furious. I must say I have joined in the fray on more than occasion. Check out this comment from Karenda.. She should start her own Blog!

Why am I voting no? Let me count that ways...
1. We have overspent and wasted valuable resources on consultants to implement a reform that has shown little or no improvement in reading and math scores.

2. Greed. Greed on behalf of administration for not giving back 2 days of their pay when the teachers gave back 2 days to solve last years budget crisis.

3. Greed, on the behalf on the REA for demanding that schools close to address the budget deficit. School closings will only save $500,000 per school; this clearly can be made up elsewhere as in reduced bussing and larger contributions to their healthcare premiums. Sacrificing younger, innnovative teachers to preserve the benefits of the aging, and sometimes angry, tenured teachers seems to be the REA's mission. Clearly this "union" does not look out for all its members, only the upper echelon of the REA "club". If it is truly all "about respect", I would hate see some disrespect.

4. We need change. Handing over money does not solve the enormous problems our district faces. I know it's difficult to walk away when so many valuable resources have been spent on change, but we need to cut our losses and find new leadership for our district.