June 3, 2005

Dean does it again

So Howard "Primal Scream" Dean has now come out and said a lot of Republicans, "have never made an honest living in their lives."

Howard Dean is out of his ever living mind! If the Democrats hope to ever win a national election again, they really need to send this guy out to the nut house. As a rightie myself I hope they keep him around forever.

Property Tax Outrage, I think not.

On the previous post I ranted a bit on taxes and the outrage over Racine pushing another referendum. Something needs to be said that really does not get out enough. In Wisconsin about the only time we the average taxpayers get a say in how our tax money is spent is when local school districts want to exceed state mandated revenue caps. In order to do this the school districts need the approval of us the lowly taxpayers.

The Racine Journal Times just updated their website and have put up a nifty feature where people share their opinions. The discussion there is somewhat animated (perhaps understated).

My point is this. Every time we fill up our gas tanks, we pay over $5 in taxes (much more for evil SUV owners). Every time we buy a pair of jeans add 5.1% more. $65, if memory serves, for license plates every year. Income tax, property tax, social security tax, medicare tax, taxes to drive on certain roads, title a new car pay an extra tax, don't forgot the sales tax on that car, want to hunt buy a license, pay your phone bill FCC tax, hotel tax, taxi tax, ticket tax, usage tax, make some money capital gains tax, cigarette tax, alcohol tax, little hidden import taxes we never heard of. Oh and if by some means after paying all those taxes you have a decent estate left when you die, tax whatever is left.

In a very small way I fell bad for the school boards who have to come crawling to the voters for more money. Those who think that people who oppose these types of school referenda are anti-education have it all wrong. Our taxometers are overfilled period and the school boards feel the full brunt.

There is a threshold that people are willing to pay, for many that threshold has passed. Please share your opinion.

May 31, 2005

Thank You Mary Lazich

Mary Lazich wrote a nice thing on Wis Opinion today. As a Racine resident, I am fed-up with this. Racine residents turned down a 2 year 8.9 million dollar school spending increase. Only in Racine could they come back with a one year 6.45 million dollar plan. For those of you who are math challenged that is 2 million more than half of the original plan per year. Yes, the second try they are going for even more funding, just on a shorter term! OUTRAGEOUS!

At the same time Dr. Hicks (the stuper of the district) just spent 50,000 to redecorate his office. I have said it before, until I am convinced the spendocrats in power are spending my money wisely, they can not have any more!

Mrs Realdebate and I can not wait to vote no on 6-21.

Senator Lazich has outraged me before, she is right on this one!

May 30, 2005

Indy 500 TV Ratings Jump 40 Percent

I was visiting DebateDad this weekend, and wouldn't you know it, just when i went out to put burnt offerings on the grill for the family BBQ, the 500 got interesting. I saw Danica Patrick stall, and I saw her spin, at that point I thought she was completely out of the picture. Long story short, I missed the last 40 laps or so.

To come back and lead some laps, and even finish 4th was a HUGE accomplishment. I have a funny feeling she is going to be the real thing.

So, for the debate... There is usually all kinds of outrage when boys and girls compete on an even playing field. Auto racing appears to be exempt from this though. Why? Do you care? All I have to say is if she can hang with the boys, get out of her way before she blows by you!