May 28, 2005

This Memorial Day, consider the sacrifice.

Too often people enter the Memorial Day weekend with entirely the wrong mindset. To most it seems this is just an excuse for a three-day weekend and the start of the summer season.

This year take the time to consider the sacrifice by so many for you and I. People past and present gave of themselves freely for the mantle of freedom we live under today.

I thank those who are really the best of all of us. I thank their families who suffer the most via their absence and those who make the ultimate sacrifice. May God Bless our troops past, present and future.

Have a Happy Memorial Day, but have it with the rememberance of those whom made and make this country the bastion of freedom that it is.

May 25, 2005

American Idol with societal issues thrown in.

I am not one of those people who will watch American idol week after week, I will admit to watching the last couple of shows though. Through this I have learned something. I can be an excellent barometer of public opinion. You see, I simply make a decision based on all logic and reason that I have, then go with the opposite. I was convinced Bo should win, but in that decision, I also knew he would lose.

I was also convinced a dozen or so weasel Senators could not thwart the majority by an even smaller minority than the minority that had previously been thwarting the majority. (If that made sense to you, take a news break)

So here is the debate topic. Are you completely out of phase with society like myself? By the way, Mrs Realdebate thought Bo would win too, I love that woman.

Is this comity or comedy?

This is astounding. Al Franken speaking on bias? I have made this point before. The point in the media is those who admit their bias vs those who claim objectivity but do not report in that manner. The people decide where they want their news and opinion from; TV, paper, internet, radio, even the good ole blogosphere (which I hope one day accepts me). The last thing we need is Congress poking around looking for right-wing bias. Perhaps they should nose around the NY Times, oh I forgot they are completely fair.

Copied here is a paragraph from a 5-23 Times article on Blogs:

To analyze Web log buzz, the study zeroed in on a few dozen political blogs, from left-leaning forums like Daily Kos and AmericaBlog to conservative ones like Instapundit and Power Line, as well as middle-of-the road sites like BuzzMachine and Wonkette. All were "filter blogs," or blogs that comment on - and link to - content found elsewhere on the Web, according to an emerging taxonomy of the form.

OK all I have to say about this is if the NY Times considers Wonkette middle-of-the-road, they have a screw that needs tightening. I love Wonkette, but she is very left. If the NYT considers her middle, that kind of tells you where they are doesn't it.

So much for bi-partisan cooperation.

Democrats seek to delay Senate vote on Bolton AFP - 20 minutes ago
WASHINGTON - Opposition Democrats launched a new campaign to block administration hawk John Bolton from becoming the new US ambassador to the United Nations, as the Senate began a debate on his confirmation.Democrats vowed to try to prevent a final confirmation vote unless the White House produces classified documents, first requested months ago, related to the Bolton, who has proved to be one of the most controversial presidential nominees of recent years.

Apparently they never heard how late he shows up!

Italian restaurant may sue after Clinton fails to honour booking

May 24, 2005

Nuc-U-Lar II

I've been thinking all day about what to say about the Senate Compromise on the nuc-u-lar option. Here is how I see it.

From the left. A win all the way around. They let 3 of 10 appellate judges through while keeping their filibuster in play for any Supreme Court nominees. They kept the vague language of extraordinary circumstance in play and they alone are the sole arbiters of who would fall within that parameter. On the whole the strengthened their argument of minority rights while weakening Presidential authority.

From the right. The hard thing to analyze here is what Majority Leader Frist will do. He did not agree to anything, but the moderates in the Republican party if they go against him give him a solid 48, close but so far from the 50 votes it really takes to get anything done. This was all about Presidential politics and McCain and Frist jockeying for position going into 2008. This is a bad deal for the right.

From the center. 7 Republican and 7 Democrat Senators came forward to protect millions of Americans who have no idea what we are talking about, but are most assuredly dialing furiously as I write this to chose Bo or Carrie on American Idol. Sad.

That's my simplified analysis, I will save my opinion for later. What do you think?

May 22, 2005

Leaving the left

This guy makes a pretty good point. You may want to read this.

Fla. Girl, 8, Found Alive After Kidnapping

Here is the story. What the heck is going on out there? So many completely depraved individuals who feel the need to prey upon the innocent. This poor girl was sexually assaulted thrown in a dumpster then had rocks covering her.

You know something, there is no punishment severe enough for these absolute dregs of society. And right here in Cheeseland they keep trying to put these people in our neighborhoods. I checked, there are 36 licensed sex offenders within my zipcode. If you would like to check out your neighborhood you may do so here.

I have a suggestion, you harm a kid, you go away. And you do not come back out.