May 21, 2005

Is it just me?

I hear Howard "Primal Scream" Dean is going to be on with Tim Russert Sunday morning. It seems like the loonie part of the left is getting even loonier than I thought possible lately. That being said here is my Top 10 list of things Howard Dean could say on Meet The Press this weekend.

10. Tom Delay secretly snuck the pictures of Saddam in his skivies to the British tabloids.

9. Rush Limbaugh is pushing the administrations policies through subliminal messages in his advertisements for Select Comfort.

8. Kofi Annan doesn't know anything about his son's oil for food kickbacks, but Dick Cheney's lesbian daughter is having a tryst with the Bush twins.

7. Bush lied Girl Scouts died.

6. You know Tim, if Iowa had gotten things the way they should of, gas would be 12 cents a gallon right now.

5. I really think we just ran the wrong Senator from Massachusetts.

4. Why yes I do think believe George Lucas meant for Darth Vader to portray President Bush when he created the character in the early 70's. After all, George Bush is the personification of evil.

3. Uh Tim, can I have a Rumsfeld and Coke please?

2. That Michelle Malkin would be hot if she were a leftie.

1. Under my leadership, our party will make significant gains in bi-partisan filibuster

May 20, 2005

Am I strange

I closed on a mortgage today. Did you ever think about how many times you sign or initial when you do that? I counted, 54. Mrs Realdebate had to sign some paperwork I had already done, so her total was a whopping 73. Weirdo that I am I kept a little running tab as we went through the paperwork. This has got to be a lawyer's fault entirely.

This thread shall be to bash the legal system for totally useless paperwork. Maybe we should sick some environmentalist tree huggers after the legal profession.

May 18, 2005

Teach your children.

An excellent editorial by Denis Navratil in today's Racine Journal Times.

Joke for today.

What is the most dangerous profession in the world?

Highlight the line below for answer.

Selling subscriptions to Newsweek in Afghanastan.

May 16, 2005

"Nuc-u-lar." It's pronounced "nuc-u-lar."

So push is coming to shove (maybe) this week over the ole nuc-u-lar option.

As Yoda might say, "Posturing much, politics more"

Here is the basis of the argument. The conservatives want to load up the courts with like minded judges, especially on the appellate level. The liberals understand that the only real power they have to get anything done lies within the judiciary, so they are decidedly trying to block each seat.

For some historical perspective on this, check out this link...

My perspective on this. I firmly believe that a President's nominees deserve an up or down vote, period. I don't really care who has the oval office or either House of Congress. The people vote in our leader and among his duties are filling court seats, cabinet members, ambassadors and I believe gardening staff for the White House Flower Garden.

The filibuster is for legislative issues, not to thwart nominees. So get on with it, vote. In my recollection that is why we send people to the Senate to vote, not to filibuster.

Do you think they use Millorganite in that rose garden?

I'm stunned.

In a state of mind I am not used to I am nearly speechless over Newsweek's latest gaff.

Editor Mark Whitaker said the magazine inaccurately reported that U.S. military investigators had confirmed that personnel at the detention facility in Cuba had flushed the Muslim holy book down the toilet.
The report sparked angry and violent protests across the Muslim world from Afghanistan, where 16 were killed and more than 100 injured, to Pakistan to Indonesia to Gaza. In the past week it was condemned in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Malaysia and by the Arab League.
On Sunday, Afghan Muslim clerics threatened to call for a holy war against the United States.
"We regret that we got any part of our story wrong, and extend our sympathies to victims of the violence and to the U.S. soldiers caught in its midst," Whitaker wrote in the magazine's latest issue, due to appear on U.S. newsstands on Monday.

Ok, Newsweek done bad. We can all admit to that. The issue I would like to discuss is the incredible rush to publish in the media these days. Fact check be damned, beat the competition to press.

I mentioned bias in an earlier post, it would seem bias is crowding judgment. It would seem the unfettered zeal to publish something inflammatory should now be published in red ink.

May 15, 2005

No means no! Unless you are a school.

Ok I really need some help on this one. I live in Racine. Some six weeks ago the voters here threw up their hands and said no more. Well the school board pulled out all their best propaganda, fired up the students and here we are having yet another referendum in June.

Here is the thing, if the referendum had passed, and 4,000 people showed up with signatures asking it to be turned away, would the school board of done anything but laugh? I think not.

I want to sum this up for all the people out there spending our tax money. We are not sure you have done everything you can do in order to not spend our money frivolously. The easiest answer to everything is always, hey let's get some more money! The rest of us out there have to, pay attention now, live within our means. Until such a time as we are convinced of that, the well is empty.

We all heard about the 42" plasma tv's, well now there is a rumor of a laptop purchase for every teacher in Germantown. I just bought a laptop, I needed it for my work, so I bought it. Ask any salesman and they will tell you all the government entities spend like crazy at the end of the fiscal year, God forbid they should have money left over or their budget might get cut.

Ok, I'm rambling, but I am passionate about this. Show me, the average taxpayer, you are being absolutely responsible with my money, and you just can not get buy on what you have, and then.... Only then.... Will this taxpayer consider letting you have any more.

Splain this to me AhChooooo

Ok, so you need all kinds of over the counter stuff to make Crystal Meth, right? Right. So our brilliant State government has now told us we need photo ID to buy Sudafed. Well if memory serves, you also need drain cleaner to make that crap as well. So is the next step hiding the Liquid Plumber behind the pharmacy counter as well?

So what do you need a photo ID for anyway?
  • Buy a pack of smokes.
  • Buy any booze.
  • Rent a video.
  • Cash a check.
  • Board a train.
  • Board a plane.
  • Obtain any kind of Government assistance.
  • Fix your allergies.
  • Get a library book.
  • Vote (wait a minute, scratch that one)