May 13, 2005

What's Your Favorite?

What is your favorite, (non-porn please) website? Could be quirky, could be fun, could just tick ya off! Fun for tailgates!

Walker Holdout, Hey Packer People!

Ok, so Javon Walker has one good season, and decides he needs to hold out. Is anyone else sick of this crap? I didn't see him giving anything back in previous years based on sub-par performace. He is a personable guy, and I think good in the community, but when I see these things I think of Michael Jordan. With all his talent, he always lived to up to his contracts.

So is Javon still worthy of Green and Gold Love?

What is worse?

It is time to discuss Bias. I am slightly to the right of just about everyone I know. THat being said, I want this Blog to be inclusive to those on the left and right, just be respectful of others opinions.

Here is the question du jour.... What is worse, Opinionated media-types who do disclose their bias (Belling/Sykes), or meida orgs who are clearly biased but claim not to be? I have a good friend (way leftie!) who insists the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is a Conservative paper, I fell off my chair when he came out with that little missive!

So what do you think, those who hide it or those who admit it?

May 12, 2005

How about them Brewers?

9 of 3 on the last homestand. Question Du Jour, are they for real? My best guess, maybe.

Vote Fraud

Yeah, it is a problem. What do we do? I suggest we go with Bill Richardson's lead.

Voter ID- Voters will be required to state their name and give the last four digits of their social security number, or show some form of physical identification prior to voting. The list of acceptable ID includes any photo ID, a utility bill, a bank statement, a government check or a paycheck. Any tribal government document is acceptable as well.

Thoughts please!

Marquette AU

Well I was never good at chemistry but I do know gold to be one of those things on periodic table, not really a sports nickname. Most of us would agree it was a good thing the Board at Marquette tossed this silly idea, any good ideas for a new name?


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