November 16, 2005

Able Danger and the USS Cole Connection.

Representative Curt Weldon has apparently uncovered evidence that the Able Danger team uncovered evidence that a terrorist incident was going to happen at the Yemen port specific to the day the attack on the USS Cole actually occurred.

Frankly I am sickened by the lack of coverage of this story. We all of these Democrats screaming about WMD's, when there is plenty of evidence of the existence of a WMD program in Iraq.

Everyone wants to know, why did we not have the intelligence? Then we learn Able Danger had the intelligence and they were not allowed to act upon it.

The people who were involved in Able Danger have not been allowed to come forward and tell their story. Apparently Congressman Weldon has 202 signatures from Congressmen (80 are Democrats) demanding an open hearing on who knew what, when and why this intelligence was not allowed to be shared.

The Commander of the Cole has said if he had this intelligence he would not of docked in Yemen, but refueled at sea. Did you get that????? If he had been at sea those 17 sailors would be alive today.

Why is Able Danger being blocked? Simple, it will hurt the Clinton Legacy, it will also damage the Bush Presidency and even more, career type non-partisans who failed to do their jobs will be exposed as the complete and utter failures they are.

Left, right and middle we should all be outraged about this story. We knew about an attack in Yemen, we knew about the terror cell that pulled off 9-11, and we were not allowed to act on that information. This is an outrage for everyone in this country.


RoseIndigo said...

Just seems like government as usual, with all the bureaucrats covering their behinds. I don't really blame them, but I sure as heck blame the news media once again for letting something this important just slide by. Seems we don't have a free press anymore at all---just lazy reporters who print news according to convenient press releases---and we, the people, make no demands on anyone to get the REAL stories---so what do we expect???Frankly, I don't think a free society can survive much longer with no accountability, and once again, I'm so glad I'm on the way out because the handwriting is on the wall when traitors in our own government make no demands about getting at the truth.

realdebate said...

And Rose as explosive as this story is, yours was the first comment. 17 sailors died, 40 were wounded because of beaurocratic CYA. Outrageous.

No one seeming to care, even more outrageous. This is where the political debate has lead us. Democrats are so outrageous they are willing to to ignore anything and everything they see as being bad for themselves, even if those actions killed American Soldiers.

I think this is treasonous.

RoseIndigo said...

Fortune Cookie of the Year:

Those who stick head in sand leave ass uncovered.